Soulmate 13

“What happened?” Tiffany asked silently when the passengers inside the plane that they are currently in start grunting in displeasure.

The kid is sitting on Taeyeon’s lap near the plane’s window while looking outside, doesn’t giving a care what was happening inside. Taeyeon on the other hand, looks around and tries to know what was happening even though she’s stucked on her seat. This feels like her first plane trip with Tiffany when they still don’t understand each other. But here they are now looking like a complete family with a kid that they still don’t know what to address. Thinking about the family thing makes her smile like an idiot. And when Tiffany glanced at her, she looked at the window to hide her grinning face.

A tap makes her look back, “Why are you smiling?”

Taeyeon just shrugged and looked back at the window with her smile not fading away.

Tiffany shook her head and ask a passenger near her seat about the little chaos.

“Excuse me Ma’am, but do you mind if I ask why are they being like that?” She asked pertaining to the other passengers who were grunting for unknown reasons.

The middle-aged woman smiled a little at her before answering, “Maybe because of the delay? If you did not notice, we are delayed by 10 minutes already. Some said there was a crazy man trying to get inside. But it seems to be solved since we were moving now.” 

“Is that so? Thanks for the information Ma’am. Is that your kid?” She asked when she saw the little girl looking at her while holding her PSP.

“Oh, she’s my granddaughter and we’re going to her mother at her workplace,” the lady explained as she looked a little at the little girl and Tiffany just nod. “What about them?”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean what about them,” the lady pursed her lips at her sides direction. “Are they your family too?”

Tiffany felt cold sweats running down her spine. How did the lady saw Taeyeon and the kid? Is she having the sixth sense that she has too? Or it was another part of Taeyeon’s changing process? Her mind can’t process this things now. “Uhm.. No?”

“No? You don’t know them?”

“It’s not like that. It’s…”

“Ah, nevermind. You look wonderful together like a family. May I take a picture?”

Tiffany can’t say no to the look that the lady was giving her, “S-sure. But I want a copy.”

Her hands tapped Taeyeon’s shoulder and asks her to pose for the camera not minding the questioning look from the latter. The kid smiled when she saw the camera lense that was directed at them and puts up a peace sign. It takes three shots before the lady stopped and thanked them.

When the lady looked at the picture, her brows furrowed, “Can I take another one? They were faded a little here.” The ajhumma asked politely. “Am I asking too much?”

Tiffany looked at Taeyeon again. Their eyes sending invisible messages. With a little raise of eyebrow, movements of closed mouth, tongue flicking and eyes widening, they had their communication. Tiffany smiled back at the lady and pose for another one.

“They are still faded,” the lady said.

“O-oh, maybe because of the sunlight from the window?” The lawyer said.

“Yeah, I guess.”

After some small chats, the lady started attending her granddaughter’s needs and finally stopped talking to Tiffany.

It felt silent again not until the lawyer felt a nudge on her side, it was Taeyeon. “What was that?”

“I don’t know so don’t ask me. Just be thankful that she didn’t ask why the kid doesn’t have her own seat.”

Taeyeon didn’t ask anymore. Tiffany can be a handful at time. If she said no, it’s definitely a no. Her guts told her not to annoy the lawyer anymore. When they land at Jeju, she’ll soon start to unvail her curiousness and no one can stop her.

“Can I sleep?” The kid suddenly asks cutting her mind battle.

“Of course. We’ll just wake you up when we get there,” Taeyeon answers.

“Can I?”

“Can I what?” Taeyeon asked.

Tiffany looked at them and she saw the kid looking at her with her puppy look. Without saying anything and a sigh, she opens her crossed arms and the kid immediately went on her lap leaving Taeyeon’s before getting a better position with her ears placed on top of the lawyer’s chest where her heart is located. Within the times that they’ve been living with each other, her instinct catched up fast and kept it printed in her mind the different types of the kid’s habits. 

“Sleep. You’ll both be tired the first second we land at Jeju,” the lawyer said and held the kid on her lap securely before closing her own set of eyes.

Taeyeon didn’t say anything and closed her eyes too. The consciousness that was keeping her up finally left her for good and it was scary when she thinks about it. This was not supposed to happen. A soul shouldn’t be resting. A soul should always be awake but here they are having their mind and soul shut.

It’s been a while since Tiffany closed her eyes. She felt a feather-like touch on her face. The eyes that was comfortably closed then started opening slowly. Her vision was blurry. The hands that was resting on the kid’s back tried clearing her vision by cleaning her eyelids but the image of someone touching her face is still blurry. One thing is for sure, the culprit has a short hair. 

“I’ll get them if you wont get up soon,” the voice of a man said.

Tiffany’s mind tells her that she needs to get up no matter who this guy was talking about.

And so she did. She sat up straight and her vision got clearer. But what her eyes saw made her shocked. 

Standing on front of her looking awesomely handsome with his hands touching her cheeks was the one they were running away from. A gleaming and sharp-looking metal blade on his back. The reaper. 



“Hello.” The person on the other line said. A woman. It was not a question. It was more of a demanding tone silently asking who is calling her.

Joohyun took a deep breath before talking, “My sister told me to call you.”

“Name your sister.”

“Hwang. Tiffany Hwang.”

It takes a second before the woman on the other line talk again. “Joohyun Hwang?”

“Yes I am. So I ask my sister to hel—”

“I have the files that you needed about Lee MinHo. Meet you in 30 minutes. I’ll send you the place. Delete this call from your phone. Bye.”

The call was dropped.

Joohyun looked at her phone’s screen. Disbelief written on her face. Who was that? A big question running now inside her mind. How did her sister had known such rude and annoying woman? That’s another one. How did she know what she’s about to ask? Probably because her sister briefed her but that isn’t a solid proof. Does her sister had that girl looking for the background of her client’s suspect way before she asked for help? Another question. 

She was standing near her office’s window looking outside. Her eyes saw a black motorcycle parked just a building away from their firm. The man covered in all black suit was looking around. He was suspicious. She was about to call the guards when her phone lits up. A message was received. She opens it and the address that she knew well was displayed on her screen. 

She decided to drop her hunch and just leave the man alone for now. Client first before others. And with that, she gets her purse and locks her office’s door leaving her assistant outside at the table.


A sudden bolt made Taeyeon and the kid awake. Tiffany literally jolted up. Her breathings uneven. When they look outside, the plane was about to stop. They safely landed on Jeju. A confused and worried face was etched on their faces.

“Are you okay?” Taeyeon asked.

Tiffany looks around before answering, “Do I look like I’m okay?”

“Hey don’t answer my question with another question,” the blonde countered.

“I’m sorry. Let’s go. I’ll just tell you later.”

They walked out from the airport. Her right foot was about to enter the taxi when her peripheral vision caught an image of a guy who was looking after them but suddenly vanished on the sea of people going out from the airport. It was the same man from her nightmare. The man with the huge blade. The reaper. The nightmare of souls find them for real.

She moved fast and asked the driver to drive fast. Her mind is wondering how can she find Baeji and at the same time hide Taeyeon and the kid from the reaper.

There should be a way. There is always a way on everything. I just need to find it and discover it myself. Fighting Stepho. Fighting—wait what? Ugh. Nevermind.

In no time, they have reached Sunny’s place leaving her shocked and happy to see her friend back at the same time.

“Heol,” Sunny said when the kid and Taeyeon was out of sight.


“When I said make out with her and you wouldn’t get pregnant by a ghost, I’m just kidding. But look at you now, you guys even have a kid. Aww, a complete family. What a nice view,” the small friend clasped her hands together and stared dreamily above. “You didn’t stop did you?” Sunny raised her eyebrows continuously that annoys the shit out of Tiffany.

“First, I did not make out or do any further things with her. Second, fix your time frame. The kid is older than the time I know Taeyeon. Third, I’m still a virgin so fuck off—”

“What a waste,” Sunny cut her off.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing. I said you are such a role model.”


Sunny grins. It was so entertaining to annoy the blushing lawyer. “Go rest a bit Ms. V.”

Tiffany raised her middle finger at Sunny before going to the room where Taeyeon and the kid was located.

An hour passed and they all gathered inside the kitchen.

“I saw the reaper.”

The utensils stopped clanking and making any noise after Tiffany said that. Even the kid was listening now.

“When?” Sunny asked.

“Today. I dreamed of him. He warned me that he’ll get the both of them if I wouldn’t wake up when I was sleeping in the plane. I jolted up but he wasn’t there. Then when we were about to ride the taxi. I’ve seen him looking at us but he vanished.” Tiffany pressed her thumbs and index fingers on her temple. “We just need to avoid him and get Baeji before him.”

Taeyeon puts down her spoon, “Help your sister’s case first before us. She matters more.”

“Nonsense. I am not the type to backout when things get hard for me. We’ll work on this altogether. No one will be left out. Just hold on, things will be better if we fight for them.” Tiffany said.

“But sometimes it’s better to give up the things that will not do any good. It’s better to think about yourself once. I don’t want to be a hindrance with your sister’s case,” Taeyeon said back.

“Don’t think of yourself as a hindrance. I’m good at multi-tasking. And besides, we’ve made it this far. I wouldn’t waste all of the efforts that was wasted here. You have a progress. You can rest. Can eat. Can communicate. Can touch. Can feel. And just earlier, you was seen by a lady aside from me. Just hang on a little will you? If I know that you are weak like this, I shouldn’t have accepted the guts to help you. Don’t make me regret my decision please.” The lawyer said while looking at Taeyeon.

“Psst,” Sunny whispered at the kid beside her. “Are we watching a drama series? What’s the genre?” She snickered.

The kid looked at her, “Romance, mystery-thriller.”

“O-kay? I get the romance but why mystery-thriller?”

“There’s still a lot to unveil and secrets to be known. And the thriller thing is who to get that mystery solved first. Will the good side wins or the bad ones? That’s the mystery-thriller part. And add horror,” the kid stated softly while looking at Sunny directly in the eyes.

“Woah. Are you sure you are a kid?”

“I’m sure I am.”

“You know something that we don’t.”

“No. WE know something that they don’t.”

Sunny pursed her lips, “I don’t know what you’re saying kid.”

“Sure. But one thing is for sure, we are both looking for the good side to win. I missed the old times and I wanted to feel it again soon.”

“Hm…” Sunny nods and didn’t reply back. “Hey is this a tv series?” She said louder in order for the two individuals to hear.

“Fuck off!” They both said.

“Nice teamwork fuckers,” Sunny laughed and continue eating not after giving a wink to the kid.

The kid can only shake her small head.

“Sunny help us,” Tiffany said. “How can we locate a wandering ghost around?”

“Look where she was when you last saw her. Or the places she loved to visit or stay when she’s still live. Research about it.”

“Okay thanks. Can the kid stay here while we’re out?”

“Yeah it’s fin—”

“I wanna go with you,” the kid cuts Sunny off.

“But it’s dangerous,” Tiffany said.

“Well, it doesn’t stop Taeyeon unnie to join you.”

“But she’s older.”

“Yeah, but is a kid at heart and tall like a kid.”

“Excuse me?!” Taeyeon exclaimed. “We aren’t friends anymore kid! Cut the agreement between us!”

“Okay. But that doesn’t change the fact that you are still a midget.”

“Tippani that kid is Satan’s child!” Taeyeon childishly said.

“I’m just the child and you can be Satan yourself. Who’s the more evil now? Taeyeon unnie?”

“You two can stay here if you will be both immature. Ugh,” Tiffany walked out from the kitchen and walked to their shared bedroom. She needs to move fast.

“That’s your fault kid!” Taeyeon said.

The kid stared at her befpre cleaning her face and continued eating without saying anything. 

Taeyeon grunted.

Sunny snickered, “Taeyeon, you do act like a kid.”



Joohyun enters the restaurant that she and her sister love to visit. The interior looks classy but eco-friendly at the same time. Cheap but quality food. Friendly staffs. Clean bathrooms. Fresh ambiance. Comfortable seats. What more can you ask for?

Her eyes wander around the place. There’s a few people considering the time. Some students who probably cut classes. An old couple eating happily. A family of four. And a mysterious woman dressed in a leather jacket covering her white plain shirt, pants, boots, and a cap. That must be her.

Silent steps. Joohyun walks her way to the said woman.


“Yes. May I know your na—”

“Take a seat.” The woman looks away from her and pulls out a pink folder from her bag. “All the informations about Lee Minho is inside that pink folder. His connection with the Axe Gang since his high school days up until now. All we need is a solid proof and he’ll be jailed for his whole life.” The woman took a sip on her drink until it was over. “Waiter! Can I have another coffee? Make it two please! Thanks!”

“What is Axe Gang?”

“Came from the word itself, gang. What would you expect?” The woman answered her sarcastically. “Are you sure you are a lawyer? Pretty slow for one.”

The nerve of this woman!

“Excuse me? Are you questioning my credibility?” Joohyun fires back.

“Chill down. Hold your tits woman. I am here to help,” the woman said in a calm tone. “Axe Gang, they call it AxeG then add another abbreviation after the name itself that depends on what place they were doing criminal things. For example, if the members were in Busan, it would be Axeg—BCO which stands for Busan Chapter Operations. If you heard some carnapping, holdup victims or even drug dealings and robberies, you can expect that those things were from their members.”

“So AxeG—SCO stands for the Seoul members? Ugh. Then he is really capable of killing people. Why didn’t I realise it sooner.” Joohyun massaged her temple.

“I’m wondering about that too.”

Joohyun glared at her. The insults are getting out of hand.

The woman raised both of her hands at head height in surrender, “You have your sister’s aura. Scary as fuck. But anyways, yeah he is capable of killing. How can I say so? Simple. He killed the leader of the gang to take over it and claim the superiority. Now, he controls the other chapters in which by the way was already took down by the Korean Police. The only gang chapter that was left operating was his group. He is manipulative. Very good at negotiating. So don’t be shocked if I say that you will lose this case if you can’t find a better and solid evidence.”

“How can you say so?” Joohyun interrupted her. “I’ve handled cases like this and I managed to win them. Who are you to tell what’s going to happen?

“Nice question little Hwang. Let me answer then one by one. First, you are in Seoul and the crime happened in Seoul so the case was filed here. That’s one problem.”

“Why is th—”

The woman raise her hands to stop the young lawyer, “You have your sister’s annoying characteristics too. Seriously, calm the fuck down woman.”

“Are you saying me and my sister are anno—”

“Shut up or I’ll leave.”

That made her silent. No matter how much this woman in front of her pisses her off, she can’t fight not until she gets what she needs.

“So since the case was filed here, automatically, the judge will be the one who’s residing here. You won’t win. Why? The officials here are corrupt. Not all but most. Lee Minho is a one rich guy. He pays them to side him. You can say bye to your motherfucking informant too. Jin Hanseok right? His family is on Minho’s hand. So even if he was reliable most of the time, he will lie for his family. So if you really wanna save that woman, all we you need is a very solid proof. And that is where you need my help.”

“What do we need to do?”

The woman smiled at her as she took another sip from her newly arrived coffee. “Hmm…”


“Excuse me ma’am, did you see this woman somewhere?” Tiffany asked the restaurant staff where they ate with Baeji.

The woman looked at the picture and shook her head afterwards before leaving them when a customer called her.

It has been like this since two hours ago. They walked and walked and walked but no one seems to know her. Taeyeon and the kid seems to be in fine conditions now. Looking friendly like before.

“Wait. I heard something,” the kid stopped them from their tracks. She massaged her right ear and her forehead crunched. “Someone’s looking for Miss Baeji too,” she said as her eyes closed tightly. There was an unbearing pain that was attacking her 

“You have that ability and you didn’t even tell me?” Tiffany asked in defeat. “So that’s why huh? That’s why you suddenly asked weird questions after that time. I can’t believe it. You lied.”

“You didn’t ask. You don’t even care. All I am to you was a kid’s soul that is lost,” the kid looked at her straight in her eyes. Tears forming but she stopped it from flowing down. “You give me food, yes. You give me shelter, yes. But I don’t need any of them. What I need is unfortunately unavailable right now. You don’t have an idea how hurtful it is to be called liar for no apparent reason, do you?” A single tear dropped.

“Uh, guys. Can we no—” Taeyeon was cut.

Tiffany looked at the kid’s face. It’s hurting her to see the kid’s fluffy face at this condition.

“I think I’ll be going back home now. I will just ruin your search. And the voice stopped, if you are wondering,” the kid started walking away from them.

Taeyeon shook her head. Tiffany looked at the kid and was about to tell her to get back when the man in black cloak walks passed her and they both disappeared.





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