Soulmate 14

They run around the same area asking everyone if they saw a guy wearing a black cloak and blade at his back with a kid with him, but there’s none. Tiffany feels so bad about what happened. Thinking that if she didn’t open her tactless mouth, the kid wouldn’t walk away from them and the reaper won’t get the kid.

This is all my fault! Tiffany blamed herself. 

Yes, the kid is annoying most of the time but she learned to get used to her presence that she almost treat her like her own kid, sister or anything family related. The abscence of her presence is like a coffee without water. It’s just not the same anymore. She needs to find the kid and Baeji as fast as she can before it’s too late.

They walked. Asked. Looked around. Entered different restaurants in the vicinity. But they can’t find the kid.

“Ppani you should eat,” Taeyeon said as she tried to hold onto Tiffany’s hand and make her slow down. But the lawyer didn’t stopped. Her hands tried to hold her again and this time, she managed to hold her. But she tried to break free. There’s a few people around who doesn’t seem to mind the lawyer’s actions. “Ppani-“

Tiffany finally turned around and what Taeyeon saw made her shocked. There’s small line of tears flowing down through the latter’s face. “Taeyeon, if you will try to stop me now, they might go further and the chances of us getting the kid back will be slim! I won’t let that happen to that kid. You heard me? Never. So if you will stop me again, do not go with me tomorrow.” With that, Tiffany started walking again with Taeyeon trailing behind.

The search go on for an hour. Another one. And until it’s dark enough that there’s no more public transportations moving around the place.

All Tiffany could do is to blame herself for what happened. It was the exact thought that keeps running in her mind until they reach Sunny’s place.

Sunny could only look at them with her confused face. Tiffany walked inside the room to get herself clean, lifelessly. Taeyeon stayed inside the living room with Sunny.

“What happened? Where’s the kid?”

Taeyeon sat down and started telling their friend about what happened back there without leaving a single information left unsaid. Even the small tears coming from Tiffany’s eyes was told to their small friend.

Instead of sadness, Taeyeon saw a small but quick pull of the latter’s mouth upwards which intrigued her. Isn’t she supposed to be sad about this? If she didn’t paid attention, she won’t see it. She was about to ask about it but the lawyer already came back with her clean set of clothes and freshly washed hair.

Taeyeon set aside her thought and joined the two of them to eat. She managed to eat three spoons of food now and she’s already full. After washing and cleaning the plates, they camped inside the living room.

Tiffany called her sister about this sudden trip and ask about things back at Seoul. They continued talking for minutes while the other two women watched television.

After some time, Tiffany finally cut the call with a single bye, take care and I love you. After putting the phone down, the solemn look on the lawyer’s face makes a comeback.

“It’s all my fault. I failed. I’m sorry.”

Sunny walks to where she was sitting and held her hands. “Hey, it’s not your faul-“

“If i didn’t open my mo-“

Sunny grips Tiffany’s hand to make her stop. “Tiffany. Hey. Listen. If it happens, it happens. It’s already done so don’t dwell too much on yourself. Yes you were wrong. You need to accept that. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot make it right. Take it as a lesson for you to reflect so you won’t make the same mistake twice. First is a mistake, second is a choice. So learn from that to make yourself better. You get me?” Her hands cupped the lawyer’s face and make her look directly into her eyes.

Tiffany nods.

“Now, all we need to do is brainstorm together for the possible places that the kid might be. And we need to find the places where Baeji loved to go when she’s still alive. Have you called Yoona?”

Tiffany shakes her head. “Thanks for all your help Sunny,” she said and hugged her for a while then looked at where Taeyeon is and motions her to come closer. Taeyeon complied and was shocked when she was pulled into a tight hug. “Thanks a lot to you too. I’m sorry if i’m being unreasonable earlier. I’ll try to make myself better.”

The visible soul in the two pairs of eyes returned the hug and pats the lawyer’s back. “It’s okay. I understand. Let’s find them both as fast as we can before it’s too late.”

The heart-warming moment stopped in a matter of seconds as Tiffany dialed her sister’s number.

A few rings and Joohyun answers, “Hello? Unnie are you fine now to give me a different investigator? The one you refer is really annoying.”

Tiffany chuckled at her sister’s ramblings. “Hyunnie-yah, no. She’s the best that you can get in that field. And is Yoona still up?”

“Is that so? Then I guess I don’t have a choice. You wanna talk to her?”

“Yeah if she’s still up.”

“Okay. Wait,” there’s some noisy sound from the other line and after a few seconds she heard Yoona. “Hello unnie?”

“Yoona is it okay to ask you some questions about Ba-Suzy? Just a few questions only,” Tiffany asked her then bite her fingers while waiting for the latter’s asnwer.

This habbit was not left unnoticed by the hawk-like eyes of a certain midget near the said lawyer. Sexy.

“It’s okay unnie. What is it?”


“Noona there will be a big mission later. I need you to be there. For a mission success in advance.” A young guy whispered through his phone.

There was a hum on the other line, “Is that so? Thanks for inviting me. I’ll help you for sure. Is boss going too?”

“Yeah. He want to kill him by himself and just want us for look out.”

“Okay. I’ll make sure to be there. Send me the address and time.”

“Thanks noona. You’re the best. I’ll hung up now,” the young man said before dropping the call. He walked near his bed and pulled out something. When it was finally out, the object was revealed. Shinning brightly in the dark. The blade at the end of it was sharp enough to slice a human flesh with just a single hit. It was his possession. His axe.

“Minho!” He heard his boss’ loud voice. “Yah Choi Minho! Get down her fast! We need to get going! This will be a fun night!” A series of laughter was heard and he shakes his head while grinning. This will be a fun night. Bloody Mary.

“I’m going down hyung!”


“Keep shouting. Do you think someone will hear a ghost like you?” The man laughed psychotically and it scared the girl that shouted earlier a little.

She glared at him, “What do you need from me.”

“From you?” He laughed again. “I just need to suck your soul with my blade and send you where you should be. That simple.”

“What are you waiting for then? Why do you keep me here for hours. You are such a coward. What? You can’t fight a kid like me? Ha! Such a weak reaper you are.”

The man in his cloak grins and removed his hood. He walks close to where the kid was and smirked at her, “Such a tackless mouth you got there young soul. Well, I’m generous when I want to. So why not? Give the young soul’s wish,” he walks to his blade and lift it up. “Bye naughty one. Go to the place where you should be,” he said before swinging his blade to the terrified soul’s direction.

It’s been two days since the search. They have visited the places that Yoona told her. All of them. And even the nearby structures around the place that Baeji loved to visit.

It feels sad to fail like this. But failure is not in the lawyer’s vocabulary.

“We’re going back to Seoul. Let’s go.”

“But what about the ki-“

“Taeyeon the reaper gets her. We roamed this place around looking at every corner but she’s not here. Same goes to the reaper. It’s sad yes, but maybe that was her time to get back to her mother don’t you think? Now, if she’s still here, we need to find that cunt first and give him a lesson. And we need to find Baeji before he does.”

“What if the kid is still here?”

“I doubt that. We almost turned this place upside down but still nothing.”

Taeyeon looked at Tiffany as if she had grown another head. Thinking it’s better not to object, she complied immediately and walked-run beside the latter on their way back to Sunny’s house. She has a point anyway.

Tiffany stopped a taxi and immediately gets in. She waited for Taeyeon to sit beside her before shutting the door.

Too many things running inside her mind. Just like the other souls that she had helped before, some of them wanders around their favourite places. But most not all stays where they were killed. So their next stop, Yoona’s restaurant.

I just hope I’m right with my decision this time.

Her mind stopped from her self-sustained conversation when she saw Sunny’s house. They have already arrived. It was a fast ride.

Sunny is not home yet when they entered the place. Tiffany packed their things and texted Sunny that they’ll fly back to Seoul now without forgetting to thank the midget friend for their stay. When she’s done packing, her hand pulls out her wallet and leave a cash on the table. They make sure that the door was locked before leaving.

Getting a ticket is not a problem when you are Tiffany Hwang. With all her connections as a lawyer and her authoritive nature, she got two tickets. Yes, two because she do not want to carry Taeyeon on her lap again.

Excuses. Another part of her mind said.

Not again.

Yes again.

Ugh! I’ll sleep to shut you off! She exclaimed inside her mind and rests her back at her seat. 

Same positions. Taeyeon beside the window. Tiffany close to the aile.

Her eyelids closed. Her mind shuts off. Finally, she can rest her mind even for a while.

“Okay I’ll see you tomorrow. Remember what I told you okay?”

“I will Dr. Choi,” the last patient for the day said before going out of her clinic.

Sooyoung rests her head on her swivel chair and tries to rest her mind for a bit. It was one of her ways to calm her mind after a lot of painful sessions with her clients. She usually thinks about places, birds chipping, tree leaves falling down, wind whistling, and most importantly, her main moodbooster, food. Thinking about food makes her hungry. She was in the middle of turning around again and again on her chair when she heard the chyme. “Did you forget something Ms. So-oh Fany what are you doing here?” Sooyoung stopped her chair from moving and looked at her friend with her left eyebrow raised.”And who is she? I haven’t seen her before. New friend? Or lover?”

“I’m sorry?” Tiffany asked because she might heard her wrong. She looked at Taeyeon and the latter shrugs.

What the hell is happening? If Taeyeon is visible for normal human’s eyes, the guard should’ve let her log in the visitor’s book. But there’s none. So is it possible that Sooyoung had her third eye opened? But she’s a scaredy cat so she won’t let that happen.

The poor lawyer has a lot of things running inside her precious mind. How did it happened? How can her friend see Taeyeon? Why can’t others see her but her friend did? 

Taeyeon is thinking for the possible answers too. She was looking at Tiffany’s giant friend with her eyes not blinking even a single bit. She was not talking. Just observing.

Their thoughts was stopped when they heard the giant laughed.

“Oh my gosh! You should have seen your face Hwang! It was so epic!” The psychiatrist laughed out loud at her friend. “I’m just kidding. How I wish you’ll find someone to bring to us soon. But it’s still funny to see you with that serious expression,” the giant laughed out loud again.

They are both fooled. They noticed that truth.

“Do you think it’s funny?” Tiffany asked with her sinister smile plastered on her smooth face as she looked directly at her friend.

Sooyoung stopped laughing and calm down a bit. The look on Tiffany’s face was not funny at all. It was rather scary for her liking. “N-no? Look, I am trully sorry oka-OH MY GOD WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!”She jumped on her seat when a huge sound was produced by the chair that dropped back inside her office. She runs closer to where Tiffany was and hugged the latter’s arm while trembling badly.

Tiffany tried her best not to laugh at her friend’s antics with her face that was currently buried on her shoulder. “I guess that was the girl that you are talking about? Ooh… Or she was mad at you for disturbing her? Tsk tsk tsk. Shall we take a look? Hello? Anybody there?” Tiffany tried dragging the giant but with the height difference, a single grip from Sooyoung stopped her on her tracks. “Why? We’ll just take a look. Let’s go?”


Taeyeon on the other side was laughing her ass out. It’s nice to see the giant being vulnerable for a small woman like her. And Tiffany is smiling now. At least she can let that stressful thoughts aside for a moment. Her naughty hands pushed the chair a little that made it bump at the table. A discoverable noice was heard again by the three of them.

“AAH! I SWEAR I WON’T JOKE ABOUT IT ANYMORE!” Sooyoung shouted at the top of her lungs. With that loud shout, Tiffany was so sure that her colleagues have heard her. 

The giant runs on her table and gets her bag before dragging the lawyer outside with force.

“Syoung-ah let’s take a loo-“


Tiffany asked her again and again just to tease the poor psychiatrist and she was always being cut with a loud NO! answer. They leave her office with Sooyoung still trembling and Taeyeon at her side grinning proudly at her work.

The smallest of the three was so thankful for this moment. The moment that she can see the smile on her lawyer’s face again. They have entered the car when her eyes saw the man in black cloak at the other side of the road with his right hand waving and a smirk plastered on his face. She was terrified but choose not to break the short-term happiness that Tiffany was feeling right now. They will deal with him later. As long as she’s close to Tiffany, everything will be alright.

The hand holding her hand tightens its hold and the eyes of the owner looked at her own. Through their eye communication, she know that the lawyer is asking her if she was alright. Her mind wants to say no. She’s not okay. That she’s terrified. That she was afraid. But it was hard to explain everything when they have another company who unfortunately can’t see her so she just mouthed I’m okay with a small smile on her face and a tighter grip on Tiffany’s hand.

Tiffany first before my own purpose here.


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