Soulmate 15

Two men wearing police suit, stand near the restaurant entrance. Another one in the rear part of it. One thing is for sure, the place is guarded by them due to the on-going murder case that happened there. The Bae Suzy Murder Case.

Yuri, even if she’s a cop, can’t really do much about it without making her license in line. They’ve been sitting inside Tiffany’s car with Yuri riding the shotgun seat and a sulking Taeyeon at the backseat.

“When will they go away?” Tiffany asked her cop friend.

“Most likely not, will they even leave this place without getting someone to take over?” Yuri answered.

Tiffany huffs. She leans in and looked near the shotgun seat’s window to take a look at the restaurant. The cop closed her eyes to sniff the intoxicating smell of the lawyer’s mixture of natural smell and perfume with her eyes closed.


“How dare this piece of unwanted charcoal!” Taeyeon exclaimed.

Tiffany leans closer to the window and tried to maximize her vision hoping to see a kid inside, when she heard something.


What the fudge? “Excuse me Yuri, did you just sniff my neck?”

“She did! That burnt charcoal did! I dare her to do it again and she’ll regret it!” Taeyeon burst out. Her face red.

Tiffany saw her expression.

“Hey what’s wrong? We did something more daring than sniffing,” Yuri said then wiggles her eyebrow. “Don’t make it a big deal hot ass.”

I’m not making it a big deal stupid Yuri. If you won’t stop, you’ll be in deep trouble soon. Tiffany thought as she looked sorry at her friend. She can see that the passenger at the backseat wasn’t liking any of it. Sorry Yuri-yah.

“When was the last time that you had someone touching you? Do you want me to help yo-OUCH! What the heck?!” Yuri holds her nape after the headrest of the seat bumped into her. “What was that?”

Tiffany glared at the sulking midget at the back when her friend was busy attending the source of her agony.

“She started it!” Taeyeon exclaimed. “How can she say that! I can only do that! Well, if you allow me.”

Sudden images of Sunny’s suggestion run inside the lawyer’s mind that made her cheeks look like it was punched by two bouncers. “Stop saying nonsense…” She feels hot all of a sudden.

“Nonsense? You call that nonsense and yet you are red?” Yuri said.

“Can we just forget about it and do our job here? I’ll promise to hook you up with some of my lawyers if you will just shut up now Yuri-yah. I can assure you that they have class and pretty. Oh! and they are clean unlike those sluts that you pay a fortune just to get an unsatisfying sex with. Deal?” The lawyer’s instinct kick in and Yuri can’t reject that interesting idea.

“Deal. But are you sure you don’t wanna get tou-OUCH!”

Tiffany shakes her head. She can’t blame Taeyeon for kicking her seat. That small woman already endured a lot of words for today. Her heart suddenly flutters at the thought of Taeyeon being over protective over her. But her thought was stopped when the reality slaps her hard. We can’t. She will leave me soon, I’m sure of it. I can’t let that ruin me. You are smart Tiffany. Don’t give the others the key to finally enter and destroy you.

Taeyeon looked outside. The cops are still there looking so much alive with a cup of hot something. If I will be the one to enter, they can’t possibly see me right? Taeyeon was about to get out without opening the door when a hand stopped her. Pani-ah… She saw the lawyer shook her head slightly with her eyes full of concern. She tried to get away from the grip but her crush didn’t let her escape.

I can’t manage to lose another one Taeyeon-ah… Tiffany thought and a sudden flash of images rush into her mind. She winced in pain and let go of Taeyeon’s hand to hold her head.

“Yah what’s wrong?” Yuri asked and cupped her friend’s face to see her clearly. She got worried when she saw her painful expression.

Taeyeon was stunned. She doesn’t know what happened. Her mind wanted to help Tiffany but she don’t know how to. Her heart ached seeing her crush in someone else’s arms instead of her own. Should I stop here? The passenger at the backseat sighs and went out. I need to find the kid… for Tiffany…

Minutes passed and her headache finally stopped. It was like her head was being hit with something hard on different sides. Too painful that she didn’t notice that Taeyeon wasn’t there anymore. “Ttae… no…” her eyes automatically looked at the restaurant. Her instinct says that the midget went there. Is she that stupid or something?! She knows she can’t get away from me! What if the reaper find her there? Oh God no…

“Tiffany are you ok-“

Tiffany immediately unbuckled her seatbelt and went out running to the restaurant leaving Yuri in the car.

“-ay? That was rude Miss Hwang. Aish!” Yuri run after her friend who was now trying to get inside with the two cops trying to stop her. Her vision caught the unethical act of the two guys’ hands landing somewhere that’s not even accessible for them. She hugs her friend and lifted her up to stop the contact between them. These pervert shits!

The cops were about to say something when she raised her badge and the two cops immediately bow down in shame. She was a senior after all. New recruits eh? It’s easier than I expected. She walked near the two of them without releasing her friend from her. Then she whispered at them, “If I see you two again touching somewhere inappropriate regardless of who it is, I’ll make sure you won’t manage to pursue your degree any longer.”

“Yuri I need to get inside! Please!”

“Fany-ah, listen to me. We can’t get in for now,” Yuri purposely whispered the last part. They can’t get in now but there’s still tomorrow. Never lose hope. 

She dragged her friend back to the car with a little difficulty due to her limbs flying everywhere. After making sure that the lawyer is seated, she started the car and drove away from the place.

Tiffany tried opening the door of her car and jump out but Yuri is fast enough to lock the door.

“I won’t forgive you if something happens Kwon Yuri…”

“What’s going to happen is you losing your license for barging in there without any warrant if you will continue this Fany.”

Right. How can you be so careless. Please be okay Taeyeon-ah. Wait for me. Tiffany said inside her mind. She can’t calm down knowing that Taeyeon might be in danger without her.


A gush of cold air walks pass through the two cops near the entrance and made them shiver. Feeling the coldness enters their skin to their bones and even up to their souls. Hairs on their bodies started to stand up and they can only hug themselves to ease the coldness of the night.


The taller man felt pain on his nape, “Yah! Why did you hit me?!”

“What are you saying?”

“Acting dumb huh? Take this!” The tall man launch his fist on the other cop’s head trying to hurt him too.

The shorter shields himself from the attacks that sent them rolling on the floor, “Yah! I didn’t hit you! Really!”

Their fist fight continue and the real culprit just stood there at the entrance of the restaurant laughing her ass out. “If I know this would happen I would’ve told Pani to wait.” She laughs out loud again and enters the place without opening the door.

“I don’t think you should be laughing right now missing soul.”

Taeyeon froze on her spot and almost wanted to teleport back to Tiffany. Uh oh


Yuri halts the car. If the seat-belt wasn’t there, they would be a magical creature flying their way outside the car from the wind shield.

“Yah!” Tiffany shouted out of shock.

Yuri covers her mouth and silently told her to be silent. The car’s engine was off and they were under a huge tree that makes them invisible to someone who wouldn’t pay attention to them.

“Yuri-yah, I told you I’m don’t need your tou-” Yuri stops her again from speaking. When the cop points outside, she finally understand why they are hiding under the shade of a huge tree.

A group of men in black suit are circling around two guys who are kneeling at the middle. Their faces full of bruises and blood dripping from their heads. From the looks of it, they seem to have suffered a huge amount of torture. Huge big bikes parked at the side of the road with some of the men seated on it.

Tiffany immediately opens her camera phone and record what’s happening outside knowing that they can’t fight them if anything goes wrong. Yuri sent a message to her colleagues for help and back up.

“Zoom it,” the driver said and the lawyer immediately complied. When the camera focused on the guys, they noticed who the guy was.


“I knew it! That bastard set Yoona up!” Yuri was about to go out and beat the shit out of him but Tiffany stopped her.

“We need a valid proof for that case but now we-holy shit! They saw us! Drive now!!!” The lawyer panicked when she saw the lights from the big bikes are directed to them. Oh God I didn’t plan to die like this!

Yuri hits the pedal up and drive as fast as she could in reverse motion, when she’s a little far from them, she drifted around and drove fast. The two men who were kneeling earlier were not there anymore. 

“When is your back up coming?! We’ll be dead before they come to get us with their turtle-like speed!”

“Yah! Don’t insult my team! Open the GPRS of my phone and be quiet!”

Tiffany didn’t fight back anymore and do as what she said. She also fished her phone and texted the two young woman in her home.

To: Juhyun; Yoona;

Lock the door and windows. Don’t get out. Stay in one room if you can. Put my bat near you. Take care.

Juhyun-ah, I love you โค

Sent: 08/05/2017 18:37:55

After making sure that it was sent, she dialed someone’s number. The first ring was dropped. “What the…” She dialed again and again but it was all dropped. What’s wrong with you…

She bites her thumb thinking of some ways that will get them out of the situation fast.

Her depressed state was cut when her phone rang. She checked the caller but it was her sister.

“What’s up Hyunnie-yah?”

“Unnie are you okay? We’re worried. What was that message all about?” Her sister’s tone is noticeably worried. Tiffany felt sad about it.

“It’s just a reminder Hyunnie-yah, don’t get worried okay? I’ll be back tomorrow, sleep tight hmm? I’m gonna hung-up now. I love you, bye!” Tiffany almost pressed the read button but someone bumped the side of her car. Her phone dropped and the impact managed to break a part of it. The call ended.

“Aish!!! Fany-ah are you okay?!” Yuri shouted as she tries to get the wheel on the road. The hit wasn’t that hard but the impact was huge.

“I think I am!” Tiffany answered back. She saw the big guy with his huge axe in his left muscular hand. He was about to hit again when Yuri swerves the car which made the lawyer’s head bump at her door side.

Everything’s spinning. That’s the first thing that Tiffany noticed when she managed to look outside. Her vision was kinda blur. A series of flashing lights soon reached her line of sight followed by the blaring sirens. The police.

“Finally Yuri!” 

“I told you! We’re safe! WE’RE SAF-” Yuri was cut when a gunshot fires through their back tire and sends them moving from side to side until she lost control of the wheels at the middle of the bridge which made them hit the concrete barrier. Half of the car was up in the air while the other was resting on the road. A single move can make them fall at the lake with more or less 15 meters deep depth. 

Tiffany was unconscious at her seat. Bloods flowing from her head down to her face. There’s no single movement coming from the lawyer. Just her shallow breathing.

On the other hand, the cop was conscious but still blur about what’s happening around her. 

There was a loud sound from the rear part of their car that made it move forward sending them straight to the lake.

Both of the passengers didn’t know what happened.

A motorcycle halts in an abrupt stop in exact moment that the car fell down. “NO! Fany-ah!!!”


It’s been so long.. I was super busy with school works and a program that we made as a project. But it’s fine since I am on a break now. Semester’s finished and will be back at uni in August! Hope you didn’t forget about this yet ๐Ÿ™‚ Lemme know watcha think!


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  1. Gosh. I’m waiting so long author-ssi.. And finally you’re comeback ToT
    I hope Taeyeon and Tiffany are okay~ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Update soon author-ssi. I’m waitinggg. ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ Fighting! This story is interesting! Cx

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