Soulmate 16

A cold stare. A volcano that’s ready to explode any moment from now. Taeyeon was in the pit of beating the shit out of the man in front of her. His smirking face didn’t help to calm her down. “Why are you smirking? You just shocked the shit out of us! Do you think it’s funny?! We we’re so worried about the kid! Specially Tippani! You don’t know how stressed and depressed was she when that kid disappear!” 


“Mo-mommy was worried for me?” A lone tear fell down from the kid’s face then a little smile appears.

“Excuse me? Mommy? As far as I know, my crush is perfectly single and is ready to mingle to me and ONLY me. So cut this crap and go find another mother.” Taeyeon said coldly.

“I can call her whatever I want. You call her your crush and I did not say anything,” the kid counters.

“Why you!”

The man who was the reason of her misery speaks, “Are you seriously talking like that with a kid?”

“Are you seriously talking to me? You son of an impostor-“

“Okay. Okay. Sorry! I was just running away from someone because I stole the most valuable thing for him. I didn’t intend to scare you or anybody okay? I was just about to chat with this kid but when we came back, we can’t find you so I’ve researche-“

“You know how to use a computer?!” Taeyeon huffs. “I can’t believe it.”

“It doesn’t matter to me if you’ll believe it or not. We all have our own mind so go ahead. Back in the story, I’ve researched and found out that you guys are trying to solve a crime and is looking for miss Suzy.” The man sat down on the chair and puts his chin above his knuckles.

“You know her?”

“Nope. But her picture were posted in news so I recognized her face the moment I saw her. And as a form of sorry for what I did to you and your woman, I brought her with me.” The guy claps three times and a gorgeous lady came out from the kitchen part of the restaurant.

“Hello Taeyeon unnie. I am Bae Suzy. I saw you when I talked with Tiffany unnie the last time we met. I am willing to help you to free Yoona unnie. Just ask me whatever you need to know and I’ll give you the best explanation that I can give.” Suzy bows 90 degrees and smiled at her.

She was pretty. Minus the pale color of her skin and some scratches on some parts of her body. The saying is true, souls that haven’t reached their right place yet use the clothes that they wore before they died. Nonetheless, she was still decent than most of the living girls out there.

Taeyeon was shocked to finally see their key to solve the problem. A smile slowly reached her face. “Thank you Ms. Bae. I’m sure Tippani will be happy about the news,” she then looked at the man’s face. His toothy grin on display silently implying that he knows that he’s awesome. “I don’t know. You’ve helped us but that doesn’t mean that you are forgiven yet, so what did you stole, who’s looking after you and why are you dressed like that?”

The guy scratched his face, “First all, my name is Kibum. Key for short. And about that… hmmm… I was so bored up there doing the same shits everyday. I mean like every single day! So I decided to be a little sneaky and steal the reaper’s things and run away before I got here. See this suit? It’s pretty cool right? And the hat is awesome! I’ve wanted to look like this when I’m still alive though we can’t afford it. So now, I’m living my dream but I heard that a jealous fucker told Mr. Reaper that I stole some of his things. So yeah, he’s out there to get my head now and I’m trying my best not to get caught. Isn’t my life amazing?”

“You’re already dead.” Taeyeon huffs.

“We all are,” Key laughed and then stopped afterwards. “Hmmm… aren’t we?”

“Funny. So kid, why are you calling my crush your Mommy?” Taeyeon raised her left eyebrow. 

“Why are you calling her your crush then?” The kid answered back. “Being so brave when she’s not here eh?”

Taeyeon was out of words. She can’t think of anything to say. Her face turned red. This kid!

There was a cold staring battle between the kid and Taeyeon. Eyes glaring at each other. Brows furrowed. Hard breathings can be heard. No one’s giving up.

“Ehem,” Key breaks his silence. “Don’t you think we have important things to do than your immature staring battle?”

“THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER!” Both of them shouted at him.

“Okay. Okay. But don’t you think finding the reason of your argument is more important?” He carefully said, afraid that he’ll face the wrath of Taeyeon and the kid again. Seeing that the two became silent, he speaks again. “So, why don’t you tell us your name first? Like she’s Suzy and here’s Taeyeon. Isn’t it easier that way?” He asked the kid.

“That’s none of your business.”

Bitch kid. Taeyeon thought.

“Pretend I didn’t ask,” the man said.

“Can we find someone who can talk to us first? I am already staying here for long and I’m sure that someone is already sent to find me.” Suzy speaks and they all look at her.

“Uhm, yeah right. Let’s go to Ppani’s home first,” Taeyeon stated.”Let’s go?”



Sirens filled the bridge area where the car fell. The divers already swam down the lake to find them. There are also police officers that were scattered around the area. Ten guys were caught, unfortunately, Lee MinHo isn’t one of them. He managed to escape the cops with one of his right hand man Choi MinHo. 

Thirty minutes passed and a group of men comes out from the water. “Medic! Medic! Fast!” They all shouted as they lay down the lifeless body of two women on the ground. “Faster! Their pulse rates are dropping!” Two rescuers tried to give a cpr as a form of first aid but it’s not enough.

“Move! Move!” Three men and a woman in a suit with a cross sign cleared the way and immediately do their thing. “God… Hang in there Tiff… Let’s go!” The woman shouted and the ambulance starts to move.

It’s dawn so the traffic was not a problem. They’ve reached the hospital in no time. “This is an emergency! Out of the way!” The woman from the team shouted. Her voice cracking a little. The people at the aile gave way as they rush the two woman inside the emergency room. 

“Please stay here ma’am, you are not allowed to enter the emergency room.” A nurse told her before the door shuts close and the light above the room turns on.

Her legs gave up. Suddenly feeling the tiredness of being a volunteer. She folded her legs and laid down her head on her knees, not caring about her colleagues that were looking at her. Keep her safe please…

After a minute of calming her adrenaline rush, she finally stood up. “Call their relatives. Tell them the bad news and make sure they’re coming here. I need to do something important.”

“Where are you going? It’s not your end of shift yet!” One man from the team tried to stop her but she doesn’t care anymore. “You can get fired! Yah!”

“I don’t care! Just do what I told you to do!” That’s what she says before running outside the hospital.

“Ah really… she always do what she wants…” the man exclaimed.

“Perks of being the rich man’s daughter,” another guy answered. “Stay here. I need to make a phonecall.”

“Aish… Stubborn woman… Hm. But it’s the first time that I’ve seen her like that. Lover’s Quarrel perhaps? Yeah right, perks of being the rich man’s daughter.”


“Stop moving around Joohyun-ah, you’re making me dizzy. I’m sure Fany unnie’s fine. She’s a strong and cool woman. Don’t think too much.” Yoona tries to calm the young lawyer down by lightly pushing her down on the sofa. They’ve been anxious since the message arrived. 

The young lawyer sat on the sofa but her body wasn’t stopping from moving. Phone in hand. Prayers in mind. 


They both shouted in unison when a spoon from the kitchen hits the floor and breaks their silence. Joohyun runs to fix the utensil. When she’s getting back, her eyes caught some shadow but she can’t figure out what was it. “Did you let someone enter?” 

“No, I’m not moving from here since you go to the kitchen.”

“I think I’m that tired to see things,” she sighs.

“Let’s rest then. Fany unnie won’t be happy if she knows that you’re tiring yourself out.”

“Just another 10 minutes please.”

“Okay,” Yoona said as she opened the television, the midnight show is playing.


“I told you to be careful! Ugh guys! Really!” The midget hits her forehead in stress.

“Sorry…” the guy stated and bovs down.

“Your sorry won’t change anything so don’t bother.”

“Uhm, Miss Taeyeon, where is your crush? From the looks of it, those two are alone here.” Suzy asked.

Taeyeon thinks. The last time she saw her was earlier when they were inside Tiffany’s car with Yuri. Remembering the cop’s moves makes her irritated.

“Probably on a date with a serious lover. How sweet.” The kid said making the midget sulk more.

Key takes the kid with him dragging her away from the murderous looking Taeyeon. “You should really know when to shut up kiddo.” He whispered while looking at the midget that is currently thinking of ways to torture a certain charcoal with some bits of a satanic kid.

*ring ring ring*

“Hello?” Joohyun answered her phone as fast as she could. She didn’t even bother checking the name of the caller. The nervousness that she felt earlier never leave her body. “Hello?”

Yoona can only see her lawyer’s reaction. She lowers the volume of the television. The phonecall wasn’t set in loudspeaker mode so she can’t really hear what they are talking about.

Joohyun nods, “Yes I’m Joohyun Hwang. May I know who’s this?”

Yoona saw how her facial expression changed from clueless into a shocked one. “WHAT?! Where again? Stay there, I’m coming!” Like a thunderbolt, the lawyer jumps off from the sofa and runs inside her room. Even though the four unwanted visitors can’t be touched by them, they gaveway afraid of the sudden ruish. In less than a minute, she was already in her coat and keys in her hand.

“W-what’s happening?”

“Unnie got into an accident. Let’s go.”

“I’ll drive. You can’t drive in that state.” Yoona snatched the keys and drag the lawyer outside not forgetting to lock the door.


“Your tears won’t bring the woman back here so cut the crap and let’s go!” Key shouted and pushes them outside to run after the two girls that was about to enter the car. “Fast! We don’t know where your woman is, so don’t be stupid to let them leave us all here. Run! Run!”


There was a screeching sound. The engine of the car wasn’t off yet when Joohyun almost jump and runs inside the hospital. Yoona locks the door and runs after the lawyer. The four extra passengers slowly went out.


“That’s a long ass ride~” Key sang his favorite lyrics of a song while trying to help the poor Suzy. “You okay?”

A nod. 

The child runs inside leaving them standing at the carpark.

“That child doesn’t know teamwork at all. Let’s go!” Taeyeon exclaimed before running after the kid.

They walked and walked and see some souls roaming around. Some were kids, some were oldies but most of them are their age. The wild age bracket. Losing the kid in sight, they decided to look over the nurse station’s logs. 

Hopeless. There’s a bunch of files on the desk and a nurse is busily scribling something on some papers. A single movement wont be seen by her but that’s a problem. Taeyeon can’t hold anything anymore. It’s been so long before she had some nice moments with her crush that the charge she had has run out.

“It’s okay. We can check the rooms one by on-” Key was cut.


That voice! Taeyeon immediately looks at her back “P-ppani…” a huge smile appeared on the smaller girl’s face. But that joy was cut when she was dragged behind her favorite lawyer’s back together with Suzy. She held me?! I…I thought I’m not capable anymore… Oh yeah she’s my charger!

“I won’t let you get them under my watch! Not again!” Her voice loud. Losing the kid was enough. I will not let him drag my friends anymore…

“Uhmm… I’m not here to-“

“Tiffany unnie!” A loud shout from the back cut their little quarrel off. A little ball of energy comes running directly to the lawyer and engulfs her in a bone breaking hug. “I missed you!” 

Tiffany returned the hug and lifted the kid while glaring at the man at her front. “Y-you’re here…” she whispered while staring at the kid’s beaming eyes, “I thought we lost you, oh God…” Her heart swells. Too much joy. She thought she lost the kid. Tears nearly escaped her lids but it stopped when the man speaks. Her arms strongly encircled around the kid that she missed so much afraid to lose her again if she weakens her hold.

“Uhm… so… I’m not here to get them,” Key rubs the back of his neck as he looked apologetically towards the glaring lawyer.

“How can I be sure?” Tiffany’s words were like ice spikes burying deep into his soul.

Taeyeon decided to cut the scary aura around them and explain everything to Tiffany. It seems that the lawyer understands but there’s still  warning given to him. 

“Don’t do anything funny. I’m watching you.” Tiffany glared again at Key.

I never knew souls can experience goosebumps too.. so scary! Key thought.

“Ppani I’m happy that you survived from the accident.” Taeyeon smiled. Feeling thankful that her crush is finally out of misery. Out of danger.

The kid smiled too and buried her face on the crook of Tiffany’s neck, loving the warmth that her body produces. 

Tiffany looked at them. Her eyes express a lot of emotions that they cannot decode.

“I’m glad to see you Baej-Suzy,” the lawyer looks at the one they’ve been looking for and smiled warmly, “But I don’t think I’m capable of hel-“

“Ppani watch out!” Taeyeon shouted her lungs out when a crying man holding a woman’s hand in a stretcher covered with bloods together with the nurse attending her runs passed through them. She tried to drag the lawyer out from the way but there’s no time.

The stretcher runs through them without difficulties. And what shocked them more was when it passes through Tiffany’s body.

“Y-yyou…” Taeyeon doesn’t know if a soul can cry but she felt a lone tear fell from her eye.

“Unnie…” Suzy has her worried eyes too. While the kid continues to hug her like her soul depends on it.

Tiffany sadly smiled at them, “Uhm, yeah.. I can’t help them now since I’m just like all of you now.”



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