Taetae’s Cooperation 


I am walking down the stairs when I saw my sisters in the kitchen with unnie preparing our breakfast and Irene looking stupid sitting on the table while fighting her sleepiness away. Why did she get down this early in the first place? Stupid kid. A drool forming on the side of her mouth. Yuck! I stand beside unnie and give her a morning kiss as she flips the pancake on the plate in her hands. Wow daebak! It was our daily routine. Walking slowly and silently at our youngest, I wake her up. The usual way.

“Boo!” Shouting my lungs out near her ear, Irene got shocked and fell off from the chair with her drool in sight. I can’t stop myself from laughing.

Irene got up and runs into me tackling me down on the floor as her hands automatically grip my blonde locks and stretched it in different places away from my head, “WHEN WILL YOU STOP DOING THAT!!!” She exclaimed in the most frustated way that she can.

I grunt in pain. The laugh in my face slowly changes into a hurtful expression. When did this kid got strong?! We continue fighting even though our unnie is cooking in the same room. Normally, she will stop the both of us and lecture us a book worth of dos and don’ts but now, there’s none. She doesn’t care about us anymore? Thinking about that made me sad and tears suddenly pool in the corner of my eyes. Don’t cry. You’re not a baby anymore! My mind chanted as I tried my best to remove my sister’s hands from my hair. “Yah Irene-ah! I’m sorry! Unnie is sorry okay! Hands off!”

“No! You always say that!” 

I managed to pry her hands off of my hair but her knee accidentally hit me right through my balls. Yeah. There’s a wood here. A massive destruction for bitches out there. “UNNIE!!!” I cried out loud as the dam finally breaks. I pushed Irene from me and hold my groin part as I curled myself trying to lessen the pain. “IT HURTS! UNNIE!!” I looked like a crybaby complete with liquified mucus running down my nose forming number 11 but I don’t care. It really hurts. I don’t know what to do.

“UNNIE!!” I looked at my back and saw Irene crying too. 

What an actress! I should be the only one crying here! I raised my voice competing with her. The pain on my groin lessens big time but still, I wont let Irene beat me. “UNNIE!!!” I cried louder.



Our cries got louder and louder ’til it turns into shouting with dried tears on my face. I heard the click of the stove which means unnie is done with the food. I glared at Irene. Wait here you bitch! You’ll be- a hard object smacked on my head making me shocked, “U-unnie… she kicked my balls why are you hitting me?!” I asked loudly and another smack landed on my head with Unnie’s eyes glraing at me coldly. Unfair! I was sulking hard when Irene smirked and grins at me.

“Why are you grining?” A smack lands on Irene’s head and I laughed t her. 

“Unnie! Taengoo started it!”

Another smack lands on her head.

“What did I tell you two? Stop acting like a kid for Pete’s sake! You’re both 16 Jesus Christ!” Unnie shouted at us while holding a clean spatula and her other hand on her waist. She looks scarier than our Mom to be honest!

I looked down and I believe Irene did too. No one wants to see our eldest sister’s satan mode. That’s too much for us. 

“Now say sorry to each other,” she said in her obey-me-or-you’re-dead tone.

“Sorry.” We both said at the same time though I know that Irene doesn’t mean it. Ha! You can’t fool me bitch! Sorry my ass!

“Be sincere!” 


What a scary woman we have here….

“Now hug.”

We both hug whispering to each other that we should not get our unnie angry anymore. There was a pregnant silence. I was about to stand up when I felt something wet on my knees. “Irene wait…” I tried moving away from her but she wouldn’t let go, “Hey let go.”

“T-taengoo… I peed,” she whispered then hide her face on my shoulders. What the actual fuck?

I only realized that Unnie’s not close to us and is currently preparing the table when I looked around. “Let go!” I whispered back.

“N-no. It’s embarrassing…” What should I do with you kid…

“Let go!” I said  little louder which caught our sister’s attention.

“Are you two fighting again?”

We both freeze. The stern voice of Unnie is sure scary. “N-no Unnie,” I heard Irene said although I can hear the shaking of her voice. 

There was a sudden heat soaking my pants. When I looked down, Irene was not the only one soaked for I have peed to. There goes my embarrassing early teenage life.


I reminisced about the past. I’m 18 now and still, I don’t know how adult things works. Asking my sister would be good, I don’t really feel ashamed with my sister, but she’s always busy with work. A fashion brand that my mom started and now Unnie’s the one managing together with her bestfriend slash girlfriend, Jessica. Jessica unnie is nice to both Irene and I, she treats us foods when we’re younger up until now. Bringing us to places and amusement parks, of course with my Unnie. 

Unnie isn’t that strict to us now that we’re at the legal age bracket. She lets us date but we must bring the person home first. A long talk and interrogation before our prospects can date us. Pretty strict right?  Her protection is the best, that’s why we love her so much. She’s a better mother to us than our own mother who’s barely home. Going back from places to places, country to another country, I don’t know what she wants. Our business here in Korea alone can support up until my grandchildren’s whole life but she decided to reside in America for her growing business. 

So yeah, I would like to ask someone how to relax myself. I don’t have an idea how to. I once heard my classmates talking about how good it felt when they reach their release. They even talked about who’s longer, who’s bigger or who released better. A question suddenly pops inside my mind that time, Why isn’t my taetae the same? Why can’t I feel what they felt? Is taetae not functioning well? It gets bigger in size but aside from that, nothing new really happens. I was so close to get inside the clinic to ask the doctor about my condition but I’m embarrassed. I wanna feel what they experience too but It just wont happen to me. I tried watching adult videos but nothing, taetae doesn’t react. I’ll make sure to ask Unnie about this matter. I’m sure she can help.

“God! I managed to have a quick jerk in the bathroom and it feels great!” I heard one of my classmates whispered to his friends on my back.

“It really helps to relieve stress from school! I always do it before I sleep and I always feel refreshed when I woke up!”

“Aww man, I jerk mine while watching porn,” they all laughed.

I am envious of them. I want to release my stress too but taetae doesn’t cooperate. Taetae-ah are you dead? Why don’t you be like the normal ones? I hope you’ll wake up soon.

The bell rings so I stood up and walks inside the cafeteria. A hand makes its way around my shoulder. It startled me.

“Taengoo lets eat together!” 

“You should call me unnie you know,” I said, setting aside my taetae problems for the meantime.

“You’re just older by 20 minutes, don’t flatter your I am older than you title too much,” my sister said and flicked my forehead after saying, “The last one to get there will pay for our foods!” Then she runs her way to the cafeteria leaving me at the hallway.

That cheating monkey!

When I got there, she was already ordering her food while smirking at me. I don’t really mind. It’s Unnie’s money not mine. Ha!

We ate. We bickered. We ate. It’s a cycle but still, I love both of my sisters. Even if Irene is super annoying, she’s still my sister that I need to protect and cherish.

Class ended faster than expected, I’ve waited for Irene at the gate so we can go home together. When I saw her, she was with a friend that I think I’ve seen before.

“Taengoo!” Her hands waved and when she reached me, a hug was automatically given. It was our sisters’ thing. If not a hug, it’s a kiss. “This is Seulgi, the one I’m doing a project with.”

“Hello Taeyeon unnie,” Seulgi said as she bows.

“Hello nice to meet you,” I said. “Let’s go now?”

“Hm, We’ll finish our project at her place so I think you’ll go home alone today,” Irene said. It was fine for me after making sure that Unnie knows about it through a message because we don’t wanted her to be worried anymore. 

“Take care you two!” I waved at them before entering the car. I have a license now so I don’t need a driver anymore. Hitting the pedal, I’m ready to go home.

It was quiet when I got home. It’s still early so I believe Unnie’s not yet here. She usually gets home after five and it’s just three fourteen at the moment. I run upstairs to my room and changed into a comfortable clothes. A loose shorts, a loose white shirt and just a normal briefs without the compressor. I’m not a fan of wearing one cause it’s uncomfortable to wear. And since we’re the only ones here, I don’t really care. And they also don’t care since they both know my condition.

I’m about to go downstairs to get something to drink and watch my favorite series when I heard a groan. It’s like someone’s in pain and the matter of fact that the voice belongs to my Unnie made me walks closer to her room. I get the umbrella near Irene’s door just incase there was an intruder. Checking the doorknob, I sighed in relief when it’s not locked. Opening it slowly, my hand was holding the umbrella as tight as I could and was ready to attack anyone that’s not my Unnie when I got the full view of what’s happening inside. 

My jaw dropped. I got stucked in my place. I wanted to run away from her room but it’s like my feet was rooted on the ground. Holy mother of sexy cows…

“Oh… Jessi don’t leave a mark,” Unnie said and I’ve heard it clearly. I am not supposed to watch two gorgeous woman making out live but even my eyelids wont cooperate with me.

Jessica unnie was on top of my sister. She’s on her pants and bra and I believe my sister was topless because I can see her boobs in full view. Erected pinkish nipples, eyes half closed, mouth gasping for air. This is the first time that I’ve seen that facial expresson from my sister’s face. Will it be bad if I think it was totally hot? Suddenly I feel high, I don’t know what is this but this is something new. I can feel the heat radiating through my body, wanting to explode, wanting to melt anything that will comes close.

I assumed that the unnies doesn’t recognize my appearance yet because Jessica unnie moved lower as she engulf my sister’s erected nub. It was like the scenes from the adult movies that I’ve watched with the obvious difference that this one is a live action.

“Oh shit Jess! It hurts!” I heard Unnie screamed and that send a tingling sensation on my lower abdomen. That was like a scream saying It fucking hurts but don’t stop! and my first time hearing it from Unnie’s mouth. Sexy! 

From the looks of it, I am a hundred percent sure that she bit my unnie’s nubs. Thinking about that certain scene doubled the heat from my body. It was almost unbearable for me that I can almost feel my eyeballs rolling in the back of my head. And it did. I can’t feel about anything anymore. All in my mind was the replay of Jessica unnie and my sister’s reaction in repeat.

I didn’t know what happened next but I was awakened by a scream that I believe was Jessica unnie’s, “AH! STEPH! YOU SAID WE’RE ALONE HERE!”

When I looked at them, Jessica unnie was trying to wear her top as fast as she could, and my sister looking dumbfounded at me with the cover hidding her assets. Oh wait. She’s not looking at me?

I was standing near the door. My body doesn’t cooperate. I tried to run away but looks like I can’t control even my muscles

Great. First is Taetae, now my whole being. Life is good peasants.

I tried following her line of vision and what I saw made me feel a lot of emotions. Suddenly, I can feel something. I don’t know if I should be happy or embarrassed. Taetae is alive. And he’s creating a huge bump in my shorts. There’s even a darker spot near it. God. Did I pee again?!

I was so shocked to react with Taetae’s sudden movement when I mysteriously heard Irene’s voice singing Sam Smith’s song…

I know I’m not the only one~

Oh you don’t know how true was that…



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