Soulmate 16

A cold stare. A volcano that’s ready to explode any moment from now. Taeyeon was in the pit of beating the shit out of the man in front of her. His smirking face didn’t help to calm her down. “Why are you smirking? You just shocked the shit out of us! Do you think it’s funny?! We we’re so worried about the kid! Specially Tippani! You don’t know how stressed and depressed was she when that kid disappear!” 


“Mo-mommy was worried for me?” A lone tear fell down from the kid’s face then a little smile appears.

“Excuse me? Mommy? As far as I know, my crush is perfectly single and is ready to mingle to me and ONLY me. So cut this crap and go find another mother.” Taeyeon said coldly.

“I can call her whatever I want. You call her your crush and I did not say anything,” the kid counters.

“Why you!”

The man who was the reason of her misery speaks, “Are you seriously talking like that with a kid?”

“Are you seriously talking to me? You son of an impostor-“

“Okay. Okay. Sorry! I was just running away from someone because I stole the most valuable thing for him. I didn’t intend to scare you or anybody okay? I was just about to chat with this kid but when we came back, we can’t find you so I’ve researche-“

“You know how to use a computer?!” Taeyeon huffs. “I can’t believe it.”

“It doesn’t matter to me if you’ll believe it or not. We all have our own mind so go ahead. Back in the story, I’ve researched and found out that you guys are trying to solve a crime and is looking for miss Suzy.” The man sat down on the chair and puts his chin above his knuckles.

“You know her?”

“Nope. But her picture were posted in news so I recognized her face the moment I saw her. And as a form of sorry for what I did to you and your woman, I brought her with me.” The guy claps three times and a gorgeous lady came out from the kitchen part of the restaurant.

“Hello Taeyeon unnie. I am Bae Suzy. I saw you when I talked with Tiffany unnie the last time we met. I am willing to help you to free Yoona unnie. Just ask me whatever you need to know and I’ll give you the best explanation that I can give.” Suzy bows 90 degrees and smiled at her.

She was pretty. Minus the pale color of her skin and some scratches on some parts of her body. The saying is true, souls that haven’t reached their right place yet use the clothes that they wore before they died. Nonetheless, she was still decent than most of the living girls out there.

Taeyeon was shocked to finally see their key to solve the problem. A smile slowly reached her face. “Thank you Ms. Bae. I’m sure Tippani will be happy about the news,” she then looked at the man’s face. His toothy grin on display silently implying that he knows that he’s awesome. “I don’t know. You’ve helped us but that doesn’t mean that you are forgiven yet, so what did you stole, who’s looking after you and why are you dressed like that?”

The guy scratched his face, “First all, my name is Kibum. Key for short. And about that… hmmm… I was so bored up there doing the same shits everyday. I mean like every single day! So I decided to be a little sneaky and steal the reaper’s things and run away before I got here. See this suit? It’s pretty cool right? And the hat is awesome! I’ve wanted to look like this when I’m still alive though we can’t afford it. So now, I’m living my dream but I heard that a jealous fucker told Mr. Reaper that I stole some of his things. So yeah, he’s out there to get my head now and I’m trying my best not to get caught. Isn’t my life amazing?”

“You’re already dead.” Taeyeon huffs.

“We all are,” Key laughed and then stopped afterwards. “Hmmm… aren’t we?”

“Funny. So kid, why are you calling my crush your Mommy?” Taeyeon raised her left eyebrow. 

“Why are you calling her your crush then?” The kid answered back. “Being so brave when she’s not here eh?”

Taeyeon was out of words. She can’t think of anything to say. Her face turned red. This kid!

There was a cold staring battle between the kid and Taeyeon. Eyes glaring at each other. Brows furrowed. Hard breathings can be heard. No one’s giving up.

“Ehem,” Key breaks his silence. “Don’t you think we have important things to do than your immature staring battle?”

“THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER!” Both of them shouted at him.

“Okay. Okay. But don’t you think finding the reason of your argument is more important?” He carefully said, afraid that he’ll face the wrath of Taeyeon and the kid again. Seeing that the two became silent, he speaks again. “So, why don’t you tell us your name first? Like she’s Suzy and here’s Taeyeon. Isn’t it easier that way?” He asked the kid.

“That’s none of your business.”

Bitch kid. Taeyeon thought.

“Pretend I didn’t ask,” the man said.

“Can we find someone who can talk to us first? I am already staying here for long and I’m sure that someone is already sent to find me.” Suzy speaks and they all look at her.

“Uhm, yeah right. Let’s go to Ppani’s home first,” Taeyeon stated.”Let’s go?”



Sirens filled the bridge area where the car fell. The divers already swam down the lake to find them. There are also police officers that were scattered around the area. Ten guys were caught, unfortunately, Lee MinHo isn’t one of them. He managed to escape the cops with one of his right hand man Choi MinHo. 

Thirty minutes passed and a group of men comes out from the water. “Medic! Medic! Fast!” They all shouted as they lay down the lifeless body of two women on the ground. “Faster! Their pulse rates are dropping!” Two rescuers tried to give a cpr as a form of first aid but it’s not enough.

“Move! Move!” Three men and a woman in a suit with a cross sign cleared the way and immediately do their thing. “God… Hang in there Tiff… Let’s go!” The woman shouted and the ambulance starts to move.

It’s dawn so the traffic was not a problem. They’ve reached the hospital in no time. “This is an emergency! Out of the way!” The woman from the team shouted. Her voice cracking a little. The people at the aile gave way as they rush the two woman inside the emergency room. 

“Please stay here ma’am, you are not allowed to enter the emergency room.” A nurse told her before the door shuts close and the light above the room turns on.

Her legs gave up. Suddenly feeling the tiredness of being a volunteer. She folded her legs and laid down her head on her knees, not caring about her colleagues that were looking at her. Keep her safe please…

After a minute of calming her adrenaline rush, she finally stood up. “Call their relatives. Tell them the bad news and make sure they’re coming here. I need to do something important.”

“Where are you going? It’s not your end of shift yet!” One man from the team tried to stop her but she doesn’t care anymore. “You can get fired! Yah!”

“I don’t care! Just do what I told you to do!” That’s what she says before running outside the hospital.

“Ah really… she always do what she wants…” the man exclaimed.

“Perks of being the rich man’s daughter,” another guy answered. “Stay here. I need to make a phonecall.”

“Aish… Stubborn woman… Hm. But it’s the first time that I’ve seen her like that. Lover’s Quarrel perhaps? Yeah right, perks of being the rich man’s daughter.”


“Stop moving around Joohyun-ah, you’re making me dizzy. I’m sure Fany unnie’s fine. She’s a strong and cool woman. Don’t think too much.” Yoona tries to calm the young lawyer down by lightly pushing her down on the sofa. They’ve been anxious since the message arrived. 

The young lawyer sat on the sofa but her body wasn’t stopping from moving. Phone in hand. Prayers in mind. 


They both shouted in unison when a spoon from the kitchen hits the floor and breaks their silence. Joohyun runs to fix the utensil. When she’s getting back, her eyes caught some shadow but she can’t figure out what was it. “Did you let someone enter?” 

“No, I’m not moving from here since you go to the kitchen.”

“I think I’m that tired to see things,” she sighs.

“Let’s rest then. Fany unnie won’t be happy if she knows that you’re tiring yourself out.”

“Just another 10 minutes please.”

“Okay,” Yoona said as she opened the television, the midnight show is playing.


“I told you to be careful! Ugh guys! Really!” The midget hits her forehead in stress.

“Sorry…” the guy stated and bovs down.

“Your sorry won’t change anything so don’t bother.”

“Uhm, Miss Taeyeon, where is your crush? From the looks of it, those two are alone here.” Suzy asked.

Taeyeon thinks. The last time she saw her was earlier when they were inside Tiffany’s car with Yuri. Remembering the cop’s moves makes her irritated.

“Probably on a date with a serious lover. How sweet.” The kid said making the midget sulk more.

Key takes the kid with him dragging her away from the murderous looking Taeyeon. “You should really know when to shut up kiddo.” He whispered while looking at the midget that is currently thinking of ways to torture a certain charcoal with some bits of a satanic kid.

*ring ring ring*

“Hello?” Joohyun answered her phone as fast as she could. She didn’t even bother checking the name of the caller. The nervousness that she felt earlier never leave her body. “Hello?”

Yoona can only see her lawyer’s reaction. She lowers the volume of the television. The phonecall wasn’t set in loudspeaker mode so she can’t really hear what they are talking about.

Joohyun nods, “Yes I’m Joohyun Hwang. May I know who’s this?”

Yoona saw how her facial expression changed from clueless into a shocked one. “WHAT?! Where again? Stay there, I’m coming!” Like a thunderbolt, the lawyer jumps off from the sofa and runs inside her room. Even though the four unwanted visitors can’t be touched by them, they gaveway afraid of the sudden ruish. In less than a minute, she was already in her coat and keys in her hand.

“W-what’s happening?”

“Unnie got into an accident. Let’s go.”

“I’ll drive. You can’t drive in that state.” Yoona snatched the keys and drag the lawyer outside not forgetting to lock the door.


“Your tears won’t bring the woman back here so cut the crap and let’s go!” Key shouted and pushes them outside to run after the two girls that was about to enter the car. “Fast! We don’t know where your woman is, so don’t be stupid to let them leave us all here. Run! Run!”


There was a screeching sound. The engine of the car wasn’t off yet when Joohyun almost jump and runs inside the hospital. Yoona locks the door and runs after the lawyer. The four extra passengers slowly went out.


“That’s a long ass ride~” Key sang his favorite lyrics of a song while trying to help the poor Suzy. “You okay?”

A nod. 

The child runs inside leaving them standing at the carpark.

“That child doesn’t know teamwork at all. Let’s go!” Taeyeon exclaimed before running after the kid.

They walked and walked and see some souls roaming around. Some were kids, some were oldies but most of them are their age. The wild age bracket. Losing the kid in sight, they decided to look over the nurse station’s logs. 

Hopeless. There’s a bunch of files on the desk and a nurse is busily scribling something on some papers. A single movement wont be seen by her but that’s a problem. Taeyeon can’t hold anything anymore. It’s been so long before she had some nice moments with her crush that the charge she had has run out.

“It’s okay. We can check the rooms one by on-” Key was cut.


That voice! Taeyeon immediately looks at her back “P-ppani…” a huge smile appeared on the smaller girl’s face. But that joy was cut when she was dragged behind her favorite lawyer’s back together with Suzy. She held me?! I…I thought I’m not capable anymore… Oh yeah she’s my charger!

“I won’t let you get them under my watch! Not again!” Her voice loud. Losing the kid was enough. I will not let him drag my friends anymore…

“Uhmm… I’m not here to-“

“Tiffany unnie!” A loud shout from the back cut their little quarrel off. A little ball of energy comes running directly to the lawyer and engulfs her in a bone breaking hug. “I missed you!” 

Tiffany returned the hug and lifted the kid while glaring at the man at her front. “Y-you’re here…” she whispered while staring at the kid’s beaming eyes, “I thought we lost you, oh God…” Her heart swells. Too much joy. She thought she lost the kid. Tears nearly escaped her lids but it stopped when the man speaks. Her arms strongly encircled around the kid that she missed so much afraid to lose her again if she weakens her hold.

“Uhm… so… I’m not here to get them,” Key rubs the back of his neck as he looked apologetically towards the glaring lawyer.

“How can I be sure?” Tiffany’s words were like ice spikes burying deep into his soul.

Taeyeon decided to cut the scary aura around them and explain everything to Tiffany. It seems that the lawyer understands but there’s still  warning given to him. 

“Don’t do anything funny. I’m watching you.” Tiffany glared again at Key.

I never knew souls can experience goosebumps too.. so scary! Key thought.

“Ppani I’m happy that you survived from the accident.” Taeyeon smiled. Feeling thankful that her crush is finally out of misery. Out of danger.

The kid smiled too and buried her face on the crook of Tiffany’s neck, loving the warmth that her body produces. 

Tiffany looked at them. Her eyes express a lot of emotions that they cannot decode.

“I’m glad to see you Baej-Suzy,” the lawyer looks at the one they’ve been looking for and smiled warmly, “But I don’t think I’m capable of hel-“

“Ppani watch out!” Taeyeon shouted her lungs out when a crying man holding a woman’s hand in a stretcher covered with bloods together with the nurse attending her runs passed through them. She tried to drag the lawyer out from the way but there’s no time.

The stretcher runs through them without difficulties. And what shocked them more was when it passes through Tiffany’s body.

“Y-yyou…” Taeyeon doesn’t know if a soul can cry but she felt a lone tear fell from her eye.

“Unnie…” Suzy has her worried eyes too. While the kid continues to hug her like her soul depends on it.

Tiffany sadly smiled at them, “Uhm, yeah.. I can’t help them now since I’m just like all of you now.”



Soulmate 15

Two men wearing police suit, stand near the restaurant entrance. Another one in the rear part of it. One thing is for sure, the place is guarded by them due to the on-going murder case that happened there. The Bae Suzy Murder Case.

Yuri, even if she’s a cop, can’t really do much about it without making her license in line. They’ve been sitting inside Tiffany’s car with Yuri riding the shotgun seat and a sulking Taeyeon at the backseat.

“When will they go away?” Tiffany asked her cop friend.

“Most likely not, will they even leave this place without getting someone to take over?” Yuri answered.

Tiffany huffs. She leans in and looked near the shotgun seat’s window to take a look at the restaurant. The cop closed her eyes to sniff the intoxicating smell of the lawyer’s mixture of natural smell and perfume with her eyes closed.


“How dare this piece of unwanted charcoal!” Taeyeon exclaimed.

Tiffany leans closer to the window and tried to maximize her vision hoping to see a kid inside, when she heard something.


What the fudge? “Excuse me Yuri, did you just sniff my neck?”

“She did! That burnt charcoal did! I dare her to do it again and she’ll regret it!” Taeyeon burst out. Her face red.

Tiffany saw her expression.

“Hey what’s wrong? We did something more daring than sniffing,” Yuri said then wiggles her eyebrow. “Don’t make it a big deal hot ass.”

I’m not making it a big deal stupid Yuri. If you won’t stop, you’ll be in deep trouble soon. Tiffany thought as she looked sorry at her friend. She can see that the passenger at the backseat wasn’t liking any of it. Sorry Yuri-yah.

“When was the last time that you had someone touching you? Do you want me to help yo-OUCH! What the heck?!” Yuri holds her nape after the headrest of the seat bumped into her. “What was that?”

Tiffany glared at the sulking midget at the back when her friend was busy attending the source of her agony.

“She started it!” Taeyeon exclaimed. “How can she say that! I can only do that! Well, if you allow me.”

Sudden images of Sunny’s suggestion run inside the lawyer’s mind that made her cheeks look like it was punched by two bouncers. “Stop saying nonsense…” She feels hot all of a sudden.

“Nonsense? You call that nonsense and yet you are red?” Yuri said.

“Can we just forget about it and do our job here? I’ll promise to hook you up with some of my lawyers if you will just shut up now Yuri-yah. I can assure you that they have class and pretty. Oh! and they are clean unlike those sluts that you pay a fortune just to get an unsatisfying sex with. Deal?” The lawyer’s instinct kick in and Yuri can’t reject that interesting idea.

“Deal. But are you sure you don’t wanna get tou-OUCH!”

Tiffany shakes her head. She can’t blame Taeyeon for kicking her seat. That small woman already endured a lot of words for today. Her heart suddenly flutters at the thought of Taeyeon being over protective over her. But her thought was stopped when the reality slaps her hard. We can’t. She will leave me soon, I’m sure of it. I can’t let that ruin me. You are smart Tiffany. Don’t give the others the key to finally enter and destroy you.

Taeyeon looked outside. The cops are still there looking so much alive with a cup of hot something. If I will be the one to enter, they can’t possibly see me right? Taeyeon was about to get out without opening the door when a hand stopped her. Pani-ah… She saw the lawyer shook her head slightly with her eyes full of concern. She tried to get away from the grip but her crush didn’t let her escape.

I can’t manage to lose another one Taeyeon-ah… Tiffany thought and a sudden flash of images rush into her mind. She winced in pain and let go of Taeyeon’s hand to hold her head.

“Yah what’s wrong?” Yuri asked and cupped her friend’s face to see her clearly. She got worried when she saw her painful expression.

Taeyeon was stunned. She doesn’t know what happened. Her mind wanted to help Tiffany but she don’t know how to. Her heart ached seeing her crush in someone else’s arms instead of her own. Should I stop here? The passenger at the backseat sighs and went out. I need to find the kid… for Tiffany…

Minutes passed and her headache finally stopped. It was like her head was being hit with something hard on different sides. Too painful that she didn’t notice that Taeyeon wasn’t there anymore. “Ttae… no…” her eyes automatically looked at the restaurant. Her instinct says that the midget went there. Is she that stupid or something?! She knows she can’t get away from me! What if the reaper find her there? Oh God no…

“Tiffany are you ok-“

Tiffany immediately unbuckled her seatbelt and went out running to the restaurant leaving Yuri in the car.

“-ay? That was rude Miss Hwang. Aish!” Yuri run after her friend who was now trying to get inside with the two cops trying to stop her. Her vision caught the unethical act of the two guys’ hands landing somewhere that’s not even accessible for them. She hugs her friend and lifted her up to stop the contact between them. These pervert shits!

The cops were about to say something when she raised her badge and the two cops immediately bow down in shame. She was a senior after all. New recruits eh? It’s easier than I expected. She walked near the two of them without releasing her friend from her. Then she whispered at them, “If I see you two again touching somewhere inappropriate regardless of who it is, I’ll make sure you won’t manage to pursue your degree any longer.”

“Yuri I need to get inside! Please!”

“Fany-ah, listen to me. We can’t get in for now,” Yuri purposely whispered the last part. They can’t get in now but there’s still tomorrow. Never lose hope. 

She dragged her friend back to the car with a little difficulty due to her limbs flying everywhere. After making sure that the lawyer is seated, she started the car and drove away from the place.

Tiffany tried opening the door of her car and jump out but Yuri is fast enough to lock the door.

“I won’t forgive you if something happens Kwon Yuri…”

“What’s going to happen is you losing your license for barging in there without any warrant if you will continue this Fany.”

Right. How can you be so careless. Please be okay Taeyeon-ah. Wait for me. Tiffany said inside her mind. She can’t calm down knowing that Taeyeon might be in danger without her.


A gush of cold air walks pass through the two cops near the entrance and made them shiver. Feeling the coldness enters their skin to their bones and even up to their souls. Hairs on their bodies started to stand up and they can only hug themselves to ease the coldness of the night.


The taller man felt pain on his nape, “Yah! Why did you hit me?!”

“What are you saying?”

“Acting dumb huh? Take this!” The tall man launch his fist on the other cop’s head trying to hurt him too.

The shorter shields himself from the attacks that sent them rolling on the floor, “Yah! I didn’t hit you! Really!”

Their fist fight continue and the real culprit just stood there at the entrance of the restaurant laughing her ass out. “If I know this would happen I would’ve told Pani to wait.” She laughs out loud again and enters the place without opening the door.

“I don’t think you should be laughing right now missing soul.”

Taeyeon froze on her spot and almost wanted to teleport back to Tiffany. Uh oh


Yuri halts the car. If the seat-belt wasn’t there, they would be a magical creature flying their way outside the car from the wind shield.

“Yah!” Tiffany shouted out of shock.

Yuri covers her mouth and silently told her to be silent. The car’s engine was off and they were under a huge tree that makes them invisible to someone who wouldn’t pay attention to them.

“Yuri-yah, I told you I’m don’t need your tou-” Yuri stops her again from speaking. When the cop points outside, she finally understand why they are hiding under the shade of a huge tree.

A group of men in black suit are circling around two guys who are kneeling at the middle. Their faces full of bruises and blood dripping from their heads. From the looks of it, they seem to have suffered a huge amount of torture. Huge big bikes parked at the side of the road with some of the men seated on it.

Tiffany immediately opens her camera phone and record what’s happening outside knowing that they can’t fight them if anything goes wrong. Yuri sent a message to her colleagues for help and back up.

“Zoom it,” the driver said and the lawyer immediately complied. When the camera focused on the guys, they noticed who the guy was.


“I knew it! That bastard set Yoona up!” Yuri was about to go out and beat the shit out of him but Tiffany stopped her.

“We need a valid proof for that case but now we-holy shit! They saw us! Drive now!!!” The lawyer panicked when she saw the lights from the big bikes are directed to them. Oh God I didn’t plan to die like this!

Yuri hits the pedal up and drive as fast as she could in reverse motion, when she’s a little far from them, she drifted around and drove fast. The two men who were kneeling earlier were not there anymore. 

“When is your back up coming?! We’ll be dead before they come to get us with their turtle-like speed!”

“Yah! Don’t insult my team! Open the GPRS of my phone and be quiet!”

Tiffany didn’t fight back anymore and do as what she said. She also fished her phone and texted the two young woman in her home.

To: Juhyun; Yoona;

Lock the door and windows. Don’t get out. Stay in one room if you can. Put my bat near you. Take care.

Juhyun-ah, I love you ❤

Sent: 08/05/2017 18:37:55

After making sure that it was sent, she dialed someone’s number. The first ring was dropped. “What the…” She dialed again and again but it was all dropped. What’s wrong with you…

She bites her thumb thinking of some ways that will get them out of the situation fast.

Her depressed state was cut when her phone rang. She checked the caller but it was her sister.

“What’s up Hyunnie-yah?”

“Unnie are you okay? We’re worried. What was that message all about?” Her sister’s tone is noticeably worried. Tiffany felt sad about it.

“It’s just a reminder Hyunnie-yah, don’t get worried okay? I’ll be back tomorrow, sleep tight hmm? I’m gonna hung-up now. I love you, bye!” Tiffany almost pressed the read button but someone bumped the side of her car. Her phone dropped and the impact managed to break a part of it. The call ended.

“Aish!!! Fany-ah are you okay?!” Yuri shouted as she tries to get the wheel on the road. The hit wasn’t that hard but the impact was huge.

“I think I am!” Tiffany answered back. She saw the big guy with his huge axe in his left muscular hand. He was about to hit again when Yuri swerves the car which made the lawyer’s head bump at her door side.

Everything’s spinning. That’s the first thing that Tiffany noticed when she managed to look outside. Her vision was kinda blur. A series of flashing lights soon reached her line of sight followed by the blaring sirens. The police.

“Finally Yuri!” 

“I told you! We’re safe! WE’RE SAF-” Yuri was cut when a gunshot fires through their back tire and sends them moving from side to side until she lost control of the wheels at the middle of the bridge which made them hit the concrete barrier. Half of the car was up in the air while the other was resting on the road. A single move can make them fall at the lake with more or less 15 meters deep depth. 

Tiffany was unconscious at her seat. Bloods flowing from her head down to her face. There’s no single movement coming from the lawyer. Just her shallow breathing.

On the other hand, the cop was conscious but still blur about what’s happening around her. 

There was a loud sound from the rear part of their car that made it move forward sending them straight to the lake.

Both of the passengers didn’t know what happened.

A motorcycle halts in an abrupt stop in exact moment that the car fell down. “NO! Fany-ah!!!”


It’s been so long.. I was super busy with school works and a program that we made as a project. But it’s fine since I am on a break now. Semester’s finished and will be back at uni in August! Hope you didn’t forget about this yet 🙂 Lemme know watcha think!

Soulmate 14

They run around the same area asking everyone if they saw a guy wearing a black cloak and blade at his back with a kid with him, but there’s none. Tiffany feels so bad about what happened. Thinking that if she didn’t open her tactless mouth, the kid wouldn’t walk away from them and the reaper won’t get the kid.

This is all my fault! Tiffany blamed herself. 

Yes, the kid is annoying most of the time but she learned to get used to her presence that she almost treat her like her own kid, sister or anything family related. The abscence of her presence is like a coffee without water. It’s just not the same anymore. She needs to find the kid and Baeji as fast as she can before it’s too late.

They walked. Asked. Looked around. Entered different restaurants in the vicinity. But they can’t find the kid.

“Ppani you should eat,” Taeyeon said as she tried to hold onto Tiffany’s hand and make her slow down. But the lawyer didn’t stopped. Her hands tried to hold her again and this time, she managed to hold her. But she tried to break free. There’s a few people around who doesn’t seem to mind the lawyer’s actions. “Ppani-“

Tiffany finally turned around and what Taeyeon saw made her shocked. There’s small line of tears flowing down through the latter’s face. “Taeyeon, if you will try to stop me now, they might go further and the chances of us getting the kid back will be slim! I won’t let that happen to that kid. You heard me? Never. So if you will stop me again, do not go with me tomorrow.” With that, Tiffany started walking again with Taeyeon trailing behind.

The search go on for an hour. Another one. And until it’s dark enough that there’s no more public transportations moving around the place.

All Tiffany could do is to blame herself for what happened. It was the exact thought that keeps running in her mind until they reach Sunny’s place.

Sunny could only look at them with her confused face. Tiffany walked inside the room to get herself clean, lifelessly. Taeyeon stayed inside the living room with Sunny.

“What happened? Where’s the kid?”

Taeyeon sat down and started telling their friend about what happened back there without leaving a single information left unsaid. Even the small tears coming from Tiffany’s eyes was told to their small friend.

Instead of sadness, Taeyeon saw a small but quick pull of the latter’s mouth upwards which intrigued her. Isn’t she supposed to be sad about this? If she didn’t paid attention, she won’t see it. She was about to ask about it but the lawyer already came back with her clean set of clothes and freshly washed hair.

Taeyeon set aside her thought and joined the two of them to eat. She managed to eat three spoons of food now and she’s already full. After washing and cleaning the plates, they camped inside the living room.

Tiffany called her sister about this sudden trip and ask about things back at Seoul. They continued talking for minutes while the other two women watched television.

After some time, Tiffany finally cut the call with a single bye, take care and I love you. After putting the phone down, the solemn look on the lawyer’s face makes a comeback.

“It’s all my fault. I failed. I’m sorry.”

Sunny walks to where she was sitting and held her hands. “Hey, it’s not your faul-“

“If i didn’t open my mo-“

Sunny grips Tiffany’s hand to make her stop. “Tiffany. Hey. Listen. If it happens, it happens. It’s already done so don’t dwell too much on yourself. Yes you were wrong. You need to accept that. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot make it right. Take it as a lesson for you to reflect so you won’t make the same mistake twice. First is a mistake, second is a choice. So learn from that to make yourself better. You get me?” Her hands cupped the lawyer’s face and make her look directly into her eyes.

Tiffany nods.

“Now, all we need to do is brainstorm together for the possible places that the kid might be. And we need to find the places where Baeji loved to go when she’s still alive. Have you called Yoona?”

Tiffany shakes her head. “Thanks for all your help Sunny,” she said and hugged her for a while then looked at where Taeyeon is and motions her to come closer. Taeyeon complied and was shocked when she was pulled into a tight hug. “Thanks a lot to you too. I’m sorry if i’m being unreasonable earlier. I’ll try to make myself better.”

The visible soul in the two pairs of eyes returned the hug and pats the lawyer’s back. “It’s okay. I understand. Let’s find them both as fast as we can before it’s too late.”

The heart-warming moment stopped in a matter of seconds as Tiffany dialed her sister’s number.

A few rings and Joohyun answers, “Hello? Unnie are you fine now to give me a different investigator? The one you refer is really annoying.”

Tiffany chuckled at her sister’s ramblings. “Hyunnie-yah, no. She’s the best that you can get in that field. And is Yoona still up?”

“Is that so? Then I guess I don’t have a choice. You wanna talk to her?”

“Yeah if she’s still up.”

“Okay. Wait,” there’s some noisy sound from the other line and after a few seconds she heard Yoona. “Hello unnie?”

“Yoona is it okay to ask you some questions about Ba-Suzy? Just a few questions only,” Tiffany asked her then bite her fingers while waiting for the latter’s asnwer.

This habbit was not left unnoticed by the hawk-like eyes of a certain midget near the said lawyer. Sexy.

“It’s okay unnie. What is it?”


“Noona there will be a big mission later. I need you to be there. For a mission success in advance.” A young guy whispered through his phone.

There was a hum on the other line, “Is that so? Thanks for inviting me. I’ll help you for sure. Is boss going too?”

“Yeah. He want to kill him by himself and just want us for look out.”

“Okay. I’ll make sure to be there. Send me the address and time.”

“Thanks noona. You’re the best. I’ll hung up now,” the young man said before dropping the call. He walked near his bed and pulled out something. When it was finally out, the object was revealed. Shinning brightly in the dark. The blade at the end of it was sharp enough to slice a human flesh with just a single hit. It was his possession. His axe.

“Minho!” He heard his boss’ loud voice. “Yah Choi Minho! Get down her fast! We need to get going! This will be a fun night!” A series of laughter was heard and he shakes his head while grinning. This will be a fun night. Bloody Mary.

“I’m going down hyung!”


“Keep shouting. Do you think someone will hear a ghost like you?” The man laughed psychotically and it scared the girl that shouted earlier a little.

She glared at him, “What do you need from me.”

“From you?” He laughed again. “I just need to suck your soul with my blade and send you where you should be. That simple.”

“What are you waiting for then? Why do you keep me here for hours. You are such a coward. What? You can’t fight a kid like me? Ha! Such a weak reaper you are.”

The man in his cloak grins and removed his hood. He walks close to where the kid was and smirked at her, “Such a tackless mouth you got there young soul. Well, I’m generous when I want to. So why not? Give the young soul’s wish,” he walks to his blade and lift it up. “Bye naughty one. Go to the place where you should be,” he said before swinging his blade to the terrified soul’s direction.

It’s been two days since the search. They have visited the places that Yoona told her. All of them. And even the nearby structures around the place that Baeji loved to visit.

It feels sad to fail like this. But failure is not in the lawyer’s vocabulary.

“We’re going back to Seoul. Let’s go.”

“But what about the ki-“

“Taeyeon the reaper gets her. We roamed this place around looking at every corner but she’s not here. Same goes to the reaper. It’s sad yes, but maybe that was her time to get back to her mother don’t you think? Now, if she’s still here, we need to find that cunt first and give him a lesson. And we need to find Baeji before he does.”

“What if the kid is still here?”

“I doubt that. We almost turned this place upside down but still nothing.”

Taeyeon looked at Tiffany as if she had grown another head. Thinking it’s better not to object, she complied immediately and walked-run beside the latter on their way back to Sunny’s house. She has a point anyway.

Tiffany stopped a taxi and immediately gets in. She waited for Taeyeon to sit beside her before shutting the door.

Too many things running inside her mind. Just like the other souls that she had helped before, some of them wanders around their favourite places. But most not all stays where they were killed. So their next stop, Yoona’s restaurant.

I just hope I’m right with my decision this time.

Her mind stopped from her self-sustained conversation when she saw Sunny’s house. They have already arrived. It was a fast ride.

Sunny is not home yet when they entered the place. Tiffany packed their things and texted Sunny that they’ll fly back to Seoul now without forgetting to thank the midget friend for their stay. When she’s done packing, her hand pulls out her wallet and leave a cash on the table. They make sure that the door was locked before leaving.

Getting a ticket is not a problem when you are Tiffany Hwang. With all her connections as a lawyer and her authoritive nature, she got two tickets. Yes, two because she do not want to carry Taeyeon on her lap again.

Excuses. Another part of her mind said.

Not again.

Yes again.

Ugh! I’ll sleep to shut you off! She exclaimed inside her mind and rests her back at her seat. 

Same positions. Taeyeon beside the window. Tiffany close to the aile.

Her eyelids closed. Her mind shuts off. Finally, she can rest her mind even for a while.

“Okay I’ll see you tomorrow. Remember what I told you okay?”

“I will Dr. Choi,” the last patient for the day said before going out of her clinic.

Sooyoung rests her head on her swivel chair and tries to rest her mind for a bit. It was one of her ways to calm her mind after a lot of painful sessions with her clients. She usually thinks about places, birds chipping, tree leaves falling down, wind whistling, and most importantly, her main moodbooster, food. Thinking about food makes her hungry. She was in the middle of turning around again and again on her chair when she heard the chyme. “Did you forget something Ms. So-oh Fany what are you doing here?” Sooyoung stopped her chair from moving and looked at her friend with her left eyebrow raised.”And who is she? I haven’t seen her before. New friend? Or lover?”

“I’m sorry?” Tiffany asked because she might heard her wrong. She looked at Taeyeon and the latter shrugs.

What the hell is happening? If Taeyeon is visible for normal human’s eyes, the guard should’ve let her log in the visitor’s book. But there’s none. So is it possible that Sooyoung had her third eye opened? But she’s a scaredy cat so she won’t let that happen.

The poor lawyer has a lot of things running inside her precious mind. How did it happened? How can her friend see Taeyeon? Why can’t others see her but her friend did? 

Taeyeon is thinking for the possible answers too. She was looking at Tiffany’s giant friend with her eyes not blinking even a single bit. She was not talking. Just observing.

Their thoughts was stopped when they heard the giant laughed.

“Oh my gosh! You should have seen your face Hwang! It was so epic!” The psychiatrist laughed out loud at her friend. “I’m just kidding. How I wish you’ll find someone to bring to us soon. But it’s still funny to see you with that serious expression,” the giant laughed out loud again.

They are both fooled. They noticed that truth.

“Do you think it’s funny?” Tiffany asked with her sinister smile plastered on her smooth face as she looked directly at her friend.

Sooyoung stopped laughing and calm down a bit. The look on Tiffany’s face was not funny at all. It was rather scary for her liking. “N-no? Look, I am trully sorry oka-OH MY GOD WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!”She jumped on her seat when a huge sound was produced by the chair that dropped back inside her office. She runs closer to where Tiffany was and hugged the latter’s arm while trembling badly.

Tiffany tried her best not to laugh at her friend’s antics with her face that was currently buried on her shoulder. “I guess that was the girl that you are talking about? Ooh… Or she was mad at you for disturbing her? Tsk tsk tsk. Shall we take a look? Hello? Anybody there?” Tiffany tried dragging the giant but with the height difference, a single grip from Sooyoung stopped her on her tracks. “Why? We’ll just take a look. Let’s go?”


Taeyeon on the other side was laughing her ass out. It’s nice to see the giant being vulnerable for a small woman like her. And Tiffany is smiling now. At least she can let that stressful thoughts aside for a moment. Her naughty hands pushed the chair a little that made it bump at the table. A discoverable noice was heard again by the three of them.

“AAH! I SWEAR I WON’T JOKE ABOUT IT ANYMORE!” Sooyoung shouted at the top of her lungs. With that loud shout, Tiffany was so sure that her colleagues have heard her. 

The giant runs on her table and gets her bag before dragging the lawyer outside with force.

“Syoung-ah let’s take a loo-“


Tiffany asked her again and again just to tease the poor psychiatrist and she was always being cut with a loud NO! answer. They leave her office with Sooyoung still trembling and Taeyeon at her side grinning proudly at her work.

The smallest of the three was so thankful for this moment. The moment that she can see the smile on her lawyer’s face again. They have entered the car when her eyes saw the man in black cloak at the other side of the road with his right hand waving and a smirk plastered on his face. She was terrified but choose not to break the short-term happiness that Tiffany was feeling right now. They will deal with him later. As long as she’s close to Tiffany, everything will be alright.

The hand holding her hand tightens its hold and the eyes of the owner looked at her own. Through their eye communication, she know that the lawyer is asking her if she was alright. Her mind wants to say no. She’s not okay. That she’s terrified. That she was afraid. But it was hard to explain everything when they have another company who unfortunately can’t see her so she just mouthed I’m okay with a small smile on her face and a tighter grip on Tiffany’s hand.

Tiffany first before my own purpose here.

Soulmate 13

“What happened?” Tiffany asked silently when the passengers inside the plane that they are currently in start grunting in displeasure.

The kid is sitting on Taeyeon’s lap near the plane’s window while looking outside, doesn’t giving a care what was happening inside. Taeyeon on the other hand, looks around and tries to know what was happening even though she’s stucked on her seat. This feels like her first plane trip with Tiffany when they still don’t understand each other. But here they are now looking like a complete family with a kid that they still don’t know what to address. Thinking about the family thing makes her smile like an idiot. And when Tiffany glanced at her, she looked at the window to hide her grinning face.

A tap makes her look back, “Why are you smiling?”

Taeyeon just shrugged and looked back at the window with her smile not fading away.

Tiffany shook her head and ask a passenger near her seat about the little chaos.

“Excuse me Ma’am, but do you mind if I ask why are they being like that?” She asked pertaining to the other passengers who were grunting for unknown reasons.

The middle-aged woman smiled a little at her before answering, “Maybe because of the delay? If you did not notice, we are delayed by 10 minutes already. Some said there was a crazy man trying to get inside. But it seems to be solved since we were moving now.” 

“Is that so? Thanks for the information Ma’am. Is that your kid?” She asked when she saw the little girl looking at her while holding her PSP.

“Oh, she’s my granddaughter and we’re going to her mother at her workplace,” the lady explained as she looked a little at the little girl and Tiffany just nod. “What about them?”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean what about them,” the lady pursed her lips at her sides direction. “Are they your family too?”

Tiffany felt cold sweats running down her spine. How did the lady saw Taeyeon and the kid? Is she having the sixth sense that she has too? Or it was another part of Taeyeon’s changing process? Her mind can’t process this things now. “Uhm.. No?”

“No? You don’t know them?”

“It’s not like that. It’s…”

“Ah, nevermind. You look wonderful together like a family. May I take a picture?”

Tiffany can’t say no to the look that the lady was giving her, “S-sure. But I want a copy.”

Her hands tapped Taeyeon’s shoulder and asks her to pose for the camera not minding the questioning look from the latter. The kid smiled when she saw the camera lense that was directed at them and puts up a peace sign. It takes three shots before the lady stopped and thanked them.

When the lady looked at the picture, her brows furrowed, “Can I take another one? They were faded a little here.” The ajhumma asked politely. “Am I asking too much?”

Tiffany looked at Taeyeon again. Their eyes sending invisible messages. With a little raise of eyebrow, movements of closed mouth, tongue flicking and eyes widening, they had their communication. Tiffany smiled back at the lady and pose for another one.

“They are still faded,” the lady said.

“O-oh, maybe because of the sunlight from the window?” The lawyer said.

“Yeah, I guess.”

After some small chats, the lady started attending her granddaughter’s needs and finally stopped talking to Tiffany.

It felt silent again not until the lawyer felt a nudge on her side, it was Taeyeon. “What was that?”

“I don’t know so don’t ask me. Just be thankful that she didn’t ask why the kid doesn’t have her own seat.”

Taeyeon didn’t ask anymore. Tiffany can be a handful at time. If she said no, it’s definitely a no. Her guts told her not to annoy the lawyer anymore. When they land at Jeju, she’ll soon start to unvail her curiousness and no one can stop her.

“Can I sleep?” The kid suddenly asks cutting her mind battle.

“Of course. We’ll just wake you up when we get there,” Taeyeon answers.

“Can I?”

“Can I what?” Taeyeon asked.

Tiffany looked at them and she saw the kid looking at her with her puppy look. Without saying anything and a sigh, she opens her crossed arms and the kid immediately went on her lap leaving Taeyeon’s before getting a better position with her ears placed on top of the lawyer’s chest where her heart is located. Within the times that they’ve been living with each other, her instinct catched up fast and kept it printed in her mind the different types of the kid’s habits. 

“Sleep. You’ll both be tired the first second we land at Jeju,” the lawyer said and held the kid on her lap securely before closing her own set of eyes.

Taeyeon didn’t say anything and closed her eyes too. The consciousness that was keeping her up finally left her for good and it was scary when she thinks about it. This was not supposed to happen. A soul shouldn’t be resting. A soul should always be awake but here they are having their mind and soul shut.

It’s been a while since Tiffany closed her eyes. She felt a feather-like touch on her face. The eyes that was comfortably closed then started opening slowly. Her vision was blurry. The hands that was resting on the kid’s back tried clearing her vision by cleaning her eyelids but the image of someone touching her face is still blurry. One thing is for sure, the culprit has a short hair. 

“I’ll get them if you wont get up soon,” the voice of a man said.

Tiffany’s mind tells her that she needs to get up no matter who this guy was talking about.

And so she did. She sat up straight and her vision got clearer. But what her eyes saw made her shocked. 

Standing on front of her looking awesomely handsome with his hands touching her cheeks was the one they were running away from. A gleaming and sharp-looking metal blade on his back. The reaper. 



“Hello.” The person on the other line said. A woman. It was not a question. It was more of a demanding tone silently asking who is calling her.

Joohyun took a deep breath before talking, “My sister told me to call you.”

“Name your sister.”

“Hwang. Tiffany Hwang.”

It takes a second before the woman on the other line talk again. “Joohyun Hwang?”

“Yes I am. So I ask my sister to hel—”

“I have the files that you needed about Lee MinHo. Meet you in 30 minutes. I’ll send you the place. Delete this call from your phone. Bye.”

The call was dropped.

Joohyun looked at her phone’s screen. Disbelief written on her face. Who was that? A big question running now inside her mind. How did her sister had known such rude and annoying woman? That’s another one. How did she know what she’s about to ask? Probably because her sister briefed her but that isn’t a solid proof. Does her sister had that girl looking for the background of her client’s suspect way before she asked for help? Another question. 

She was standing near her office’s window looking outside. Her eyes saw a black motorcycle parked just a building away from their firm. The man covered in all black suit was looking around. He was suspicious. She was about to call the guards when her phone lits up. A message was received. She opens it and the address that she knew well was displayed on her screen. 

She decided to drop her hunch and just leave the man alone for now. Client first before others. And with that, she gets her purse and locks her office’s door leaving her assistant outside at the table.


A sudden bolt made Taeyeon and the kid awake. Tiffany literally jolted up. Her breathings uneven. When they look outside, the plane was about to stop. They safely landed on Jeju. A confused and worried face was etched on their faces.

“Are you okay?” Taeyeon asked.

Tiffany looks around before answering, “Do I look like I’m okay?”

“Hey don’t answer my question with another question,” the blonde countered.

“I’m sorry. Let’s go. I’ll just tell you later.”

They walked out from the airport. Her right foot was about to enter the taxi when her peripheral vision caught an image of a guy who was looking after them but suddenly vanished on the sea of people going out from the airport. It was the same man from her nightmare. The man with the huge blade. The reaper. The nightmare of souls find them for real.

She moved fast and asked the driver to drive fast. Her mind is wondering how can she find Baeji and at the same time hide Taeyeon and the kid from the reaper.

There should be a way. There is always a way on everything. I just need to find it and discover it myself. Fighting Stepho. Fighting—wait what? Ugh. Nevermind.

In no time, they have reached Sunny’s place leaving her shocked and happy to see her friend back at the same time.

“Heol,” Sunny said when the kid and Taeyeon was out of sight.


“When I said make out with her and you wouldn’t get pregnant by a ghost, I’m just kidding. But look at you now, you guys even have a kid. Aww, a complete family. What a nice view,” the small friend clasped her hands together and stared dreamily above. “You didn’t stop did you?” Sunny raised her eyebrows continuously that annoys the shit out of Tiffany.

“First, I did not make out or do any further things with her. Second, fix your time frame. The kid is older than the time I know Taeyeon. Third, I’m still a virgin so fuck off—”

“What a waste,” Sunny cut her off.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing. I said you are such a role model.”


Sunny grins. It was so entertaining to annoy the blushing lawyer. “Go rest a bit Ms. V.”

Tiffany raised her middle finger at Sunny before going to the room where Taeyeon and the kid was located.

An hour passed and they all gathered inside the kitchen.

“I saw the reaper.”

The utensils stopped clanking and making any noise after Tiffany said that. Even the kid was listening now.

“When?” Sunny asked.

“Today. I dreamed of him. He warned me that he’ll get the both of them if I wouldn’t wake up when I was sleeping in the plane. I jolted up but he wasn’t there. Then when we were about to ride the taxi. I’ve seen him looking at us but he vanished.” Tiffany pressed her thumbs and index fingers on her temple. “We just need to avoid him and get Baeji before him.”

Taeyeon puts down her spoon, “Help your sister’s case first before us. She matters more.”

“Nonsense. I am not the type to backout when things get hard for me. We’ll work on this altogether. No one will be left out. Just hold on, things will be better if we fight for them.” Tiffany said.

“But sometimes it’s better to give up the things that will not do any good. It’s better to think about yourself once. I don’t want to be a hindrance with your sister’s case,” Taeyeon said back.

“Don’t think of yourself as a hindrance. I’m good at multi-tasking. And besides, we’ve made it this far. I wouldn’t waste all of the efforts that was wasted here. You have a progress. You can rest. Can eat. Can communicate. Can touch. Can feel. And just earlier, you was seen by a lady aside from me. Just hang on a little will you? If I know that you are weak like this, I shouldn’t have accepted the guts to help you. Don’t make me regret my decision please.” The lawyer said while looking at Taeyeon.

“Psst,” Sunny whispered at the kid beside her. “Are we watching a drama series? What’s the genre?” She snickered.

The kid looked at her, “Romance, mystery-thriller.”

“O-kay? I get the romance but why mystery-thriller?”

“There’s still a lot to unveil and secrets to be known. And the thriller thing is who to get that mystery solved first. Will the good side wins or the bad ones? That’s the mystery-thriller part. And add horror,” the kid stated softly while looking at Sunny directly in the eyes.

“Woah. Are you sure you are a kid?”

“I’m sure I am.”

“You know something that we don’t.”

“No. WE know something that they don’t.”

Sunny pursed her lips, “I don’t know what you’re saying kid.”

“Sure. But one thing is for sure, we are both looking for the good side to win. I missed the old times and I wanted to feel it again soon.”

“Hm…” Sunny nods and didn’t reply back. “Hey is this a tv series?” She said louder in order for the two individuals to hear.

“Fuck off!” They both said.

“Nice teamwork fuckers,” Sunny laughed and continue eating not after giving a wink to the kid.

The kid can only shake her small head.

“Sunny help us,” Tiffany said. “How can we locate a wandering ghost around?”

“Look where she was when you last saw her. Or the places she loved to visit or stay when she’s still live. Research about it.”

“Okay thanks. Can the kid stay here while we’re out?”

“Yeah it’s fin—”

“I wanna go with you,” the kid cuts Sunny off.

“But it’s dangerous,” Tiffany said.

“Well, it doesn’t stop Taeyeon unnie to join you.”

“But she’s older.”

“Yeah, but is a kid at heart and tall like a kid.”

“Excuse me?!” Taeyeon exclaimed. “We aren’t friends anymore kid! Cut the agreement between us!”

“Okay. But that doesn’t change the fact that you are still a midget.”

“Tippani that kid is Satan’s child!” Taeyeon childishly said.

“I’m just the child and you can be Satan yourself. Who’s the more evil now? Taeyeon unnie?”

“You two can stay here if you will be both immature. Ugh,” Tiffany walked out from the kitchen and walked to their shared bedroom. She needs to move fast.

“That’s your fault kid!” Taeyeon said.

The kid stared at her befpre cleaning her face and continued eating without saying anything. 

Taeyeon grunted.

Sunny snickered, “Taeyeon, you do act like a kid.”



Joohyun enters the restaurant that she and her sister love to visit. The interior looks classy but eco-friendly at the same time. Cheap but quality food. Friendly staffs. Clean bathrooms. Fresh ambiance. Comfortable seats. What more can you ask for?

Her eyes wander around the place. There’s a few people considering the time. Some students who probably cut classes. An old couple eating happily. A family of four. And a mysterious woman dressed in a leather jacket covering her white plain shirt, pants, boots, and a cap. That must be her.

Silent steps. Joohyun walks her way to the said woman.


“Yes. May I know your na—”

“Take a seat.” The woman looks away from her and pulls out a pink folder from her bag. “All the informations about Lee Minho is inside that pink folder. His connection with the Axe Gang since his high school days up until now. All we need is a solid proof and he’ll be jailed for his whole life.” The woman took a sip on her drink until it was over. “Waiter! Can I have another coffee? Make it two please! Thanks!”

“What is Axe Gang?”

“Came from the word itself, gang. What would you expect?” The woman answered her sarcastically. “Are you sure you are a lawyer? Pretty slow for one.”

The nerve of this woman!

“Excuse me? Are you questioning my credibility?” Joohyun fires back.

“Chill down. Hold your tits woman. I am here to help,” the woman said in a calm tone. “Axe Gang, they call it AxeG then add another abbreviation after the name itself that depends on what place they were doing criminal things. For example, if the members were in Busan, it would be Axeg—BCO which stands for Busan Chapter Operations. If you heard some carnapping, holdup victims or even drug dealings and robberies, you can expect that those things were from their members.”

“So AxeG—SCO stands for the Seoul members? Ugh. Then he is really capable of killing people. Why didn’t I realise it sooner.” Joohyun massaged her temple.

“I’m wondering about that too.”

Joohyun glared at her. The insults are getting out of hand.

The woman raised both of her hands at head height in surrender, “You have your sister’s aura. Scary as fuck. But anyways, yeah he is capable of killing. How can I say so? Simple. He killed the leader of the gang to take over it and claim the superiority. Now, he controls the other chapters in which by the way was already took down by the Korean Police. The only gang chapter that was left operating was his group. He is manipulative. Very good at negotiating. So don’t be shocked if I say that you will lose this case if you can’t find a better and solid evidence.”

“How can you say so?” Joohyun interrupted her. “I’ve handled cases like this and I managed to win them. Who are you to tell what’s going to happen?

“Nice question little Hwang. Let me answer then one by one. First, you are in Seoul and the crime happened in Seoul so the case was filed here. That’s one problem.”

“Why is th—”

The woman raise her hands to stop the young lawyer, “You have your sister’s annoying characteristics too. Seriously, calm the fuck down woman.”

“Are you saying me and my sister are anno—”

“Shut up or I’ll leave.”

That made her silent. No matter how much this woman in front of her pisses her off, she can’t fight not until she gets what she needs.

“So since the case was filed here, automatically, the judge will be the one who’s residing here. You won’t win. Why? The officials here are corrupt. Not all but most. Lee Minho is a one rich guy. He pays them to side him. You can say bye to your motherfucking informant too. Jin Hanseok right? His family is on Minho’s hand. So even if he was reliable most of the time, he will lie for his family. So if you really wanna save that woman, all we you need is a very solid proof. And that is where you need my help.”

“What do we need to do?”

The woman smiled at her as she took another sip from her newly arrived coffee. “Hmm…”


“Excuse me ma’am, did you see this woman somewhere?” Tiffany asked the restaurant staff where they ate with Baeji.

The woman looked at the picture and shook her head afterwards before leaving them when a customer called her.

It has been like this since two hours ago. They walked and walked and walked but no one seems to know her. Taeyeon and the kid seems to be in fine conditions now. Looking friendly like before.

“Wait. I heard something,” the kid stopped them from their tracks. She massaged her right ear and her forehead crunched. “Someone’s looking for Miss Baeji too,” she said as her eyes closed tightly. There was an unbearing pain that was attacking her 

“You have that ability and you didn’t even tell me?” Tiffany asked in defeat. “So that’s why huh? That’s why you suddenly asked weird questions after that time. I can’t believe it. You lied.”

“You didn’t ask. You don’t even care. All I am to you was a kid’s soul that is lost,” the kid looked at her straight in her eyes. Tears forming but she stopped it from flowing down. “You give me food, yes. You give me shelter, yes. But I don’t need any of them. What I need is unfortunately unavailable right now. You don’t have an idea how hurtful it is to be called liar for no apparent reason, do you?” A single tear dropped.

“Uh, guys. Can we no—” Taeyeon was cut.

Tiffany looked at the kid’s face. It’s hurting her to see the kid’s fluffy face at this condition.

“I think I’ll be going back home now. I will just ruin your search. And the voice stopped, if you are wondering,” the kid started walking away from them.

Taeyeon shook her head. Tiffany looked at the kid and was about to tell her to get back when the man in black cloak walks passed her and they both disappeared.




Soulmate 12


To call Sunny was the first thing that Tiffany did after reaching her office. She made sure that the incense were lighted up to make sure the safety of her two new  friends. A tall pile of papers can be found on top of her office table. It should be her number one priority at this time but here she is, calling her psychiatrist’s friend that is now her friend too to ask something about Taeyeon’s condition. If they were together, she can call herself whipped but the thing is, they’re not an item. Sad. All love.

The case of the kid was intriguing too. How can a ghost eat human food? How come the kid can hold onto her without charging like Taeyeon does? And! She noticed that Taeyeon has lessen her charging time but she can still hold her or touch anything that can be seen by human’s naked eye for long.

Could it be possible that Taeyeon is changing? Tiffany thought.

Nah, that is beyond impossible. Never had she heard about a soul coming into life. Well, there’s some cases if the soul is… having its body unconscious somewhere. “Holy shit… could it be?”

“What? Yah! Are you listening to me Tiffany?” A voice shouted on the other line.

Tiffany walks closer to where her full glass window was located. She looks behind the curtain and presses her fingers on her temple, “Yeah Sunny I am listening. Do you really think so?”

“Yeah, since she’s getting her touching ability with the use of adult magazine that can trigger her arousal, I guess I am right. Are you sure there is no physical contact happened between you two?” Sunny asked.

The lawyer looked at the other woman inside her office playing a game, that she doesn’t know what is the name, with the kid. She sighs, “Well, there is… a kiss.” In my cleavage.


“Sunny? Are you there? Hey?”

There’s a loud laugh on the other line, “Oh my God! I am laughing hard here Tiffany! You really kissed a ghost? Oh my gosh!” The laugh continued and it gets louder and louder every second.

Tiffany didn’t say a thing. She just remained silent for she was having her face burning from embarrassment. I knew it!  I should’ve not said it to her!

“Hey it’s okay,” the other girl said but she was still laughing a little.

“So that was it? Is that the only reason why her abilities changed?” Tiffany asked, her eyes looked at the two women and they were still playing. “All these long-term capabilities, rest, and even her voice being heard by my dad through phone. Do you think it was all because of that physical contact?”

“I can only guess Tiffany. I told you I am just practicing it. I’m not an expert. But while I look for anwers, you can experiment too.”

“Like for example?”

“Make-out with her,” Sunny said and she laughed out loud again.

“Fuck you.”

The laugh gets louder, “No thanks Tiffany, but kidding aside, you can try that and observe her the next second. Well, if you aren’t passed out yet.” The woman on the other line laughed like a mad woman after saying those things.

“It’s morning and you’re drunk already?”

“Correction. I’m not drunk, just not sleeping yet. I just got out from my shift,” she stopped laughing as she tries to calm herself down.

“Really? Then take a rest. I’m sorry for disturbing you. And Sunny, thanks for your help.”

“My pleasure. I’ll let you know if I learned something. Oh, and Tiffany!”


“You wouldn’t get pregnant by a ghost so it’s safe to try.”

“I’m hanging up. Bye!”

Tiffany didn’t wait up for Sunny’s answer as she immediately cut the call. “Crazy.” 

“Who’s crazy?”

Tiffany nearly got a heart attack at the sudden presence near her. When she turns around, she saw the reason of her nightmare and burning cheeks looking at her innocently.

“Nothing. Stay here. Don’t go out,” she said coldly and walked out of the room.

Taeyeon shrugged it off and walked closer to the table where they were playing. She looked at the kid who was looking at her without expression.

“What is make-out?” The kid asked.

Taeyeon got her eyes opened wide, “Where did you learn that?!”

“Nothing, just heard somewhere.”

“Don’t mind it. It’s nothing. Let’s just play.”


“This is my move,” Taeyeon said and ignored the remark from the kid.


Two weeks passed and another hearing happened inside the Seoul Judicial Trial Court. The subpoena that Yuri said has been sent, and now, the last ex-boyfriend of Bae Suzy before she died was sent here for questionings. 

Joohyun prepared a lot for this specific time of the hearing. Not only because she had a lot of time reviewing the case but because the lead in her eyes is here to be questioned. But her hardwork didn’t seem to pay off when the man came in with his so called story completed with a tall guy as his witness that he is actually with him when the crime happened.

The last hearing is in two weeks. The judge will give his judgement soon and all of this happened. They needed to step up their game if they want to clean Yoona’s name.

The innocent look on Mr. Lee Minho didn’t help at all. He seems trained with this kind of pressure.

Maybe he’s really innocent? Joohyun thought. 

Mr. Lee looked so calm during the hearing, it was the other way around when his so-called witness answered her questions. His jaw tightening didn’t go unnoticed by Joohyun’s hawk-like eyes. If Lee Minho is a pro with this kind of thing, they still have a chance to win by focusing on his witness. His witness that looks a little calm but the nervousness was still there. Next stop, know who Choi Minho really is.

“Will I be jailed for my whole life?” Yoona asked suddenly when they entered the law firm.

Joohyun scolded herself for not seeing that specific story before the hearing. Now, her client — Im Yoona, was losing hope. “No. Don’t think like that. We still have two weeks to prove them wrong about you.”

“But the only suspect that we have has a strong statement that he is out with his friend that time,” the chef said hopelessly. “And that friend said it’s true.”

“Two weeks is still long for new informations Yoona unnie. I’ll do the best that I can to help you. Just don’t lose hope. Please trust me in this. You wouldn’t go to jail,” Joohyun stated with determination to prove her point.


Joohyun can only look at her client—friend’s remorse.


Jang Taeyeon (123)

Han Taeyeon (378)

Jung Taeyeon (857)

Lee Taeyeon (1514)

Kim Taeyeon (1727)

Im Taeyeon (67)

Shin Taeyeon (224)

Jeon Taeyeon (166)

Tak Taeyeon (27)

Kwon Taeyeon (148)

Choi Taeyeon (432)

Taeyeon Cha (156)

Hwang Taeyeon (27)

Tiffany continues to search Taeyeon’s real identity. But the results that popped out has an almost indefinite number to start with. She will probably take forever just to see all of this profile named Taeyeon. 

If she wanted to know who Taeyeon really is and what happened to her body, she needs a unique keyword to add on her name.

“Hmm… Taeyeon small idiot,” the lawyer typed every word on her keyboard then she pressed enter. “I guess this will cut all those unnecessary Taeyeons on her screen.


There were 9, 627 search results for Taeyeon small idiot.

Facebook profiles of Taeyeon… ||…

…+(6,527) comments on people named Taeyeon… at small park near Seoul… then laugh at idiot dance during… gathered in a small hall for meeting… til’ dawn. 

Find Taeyeon at Linked In… || ref=…

June 2015 … (25, 679+) … Taeyeon cousin of… and living in small ville at Saint Pat… loves playing with idiots and jump… in small hobby.

Taeyeon ||…

267… words for the word Taeyeon small idiot… which means calm from romanized hangul… can’t be use as an idiot to make a … calm inside a small house.

And the search goes on. Tiffany tried everything that comes into her mind. But her hunting adventure didn’t result into what she was expecting. 

Taeyeon little cute. Taeyeon small white. Taeyeon annoying shit. Taeyeon puppy small. Taeyeon cute dimple. Taeyeon pervert ahjumma. Taeyeon whom I love. 

“The fuck?” Tiffany widened her eyes at the word that she had typed on the search bar. Her delicate fingers swiftly taps the combination of ctrl + A, and backspace that immediately deleted the words, her eyes roams around her office to see if anyone sees her but it’s all clear. She also make sure to clear all the history on her browser before shutting her computer off. “I need a drink,” she said to no one and left her table to get some reasonable drink in her fridge.

“You love Taeyeon?” A small voice made her choke on the water that she was drinking.

When she turned around, she saw the kid staring at her with her huge round eyes. It takes a lot of her will power not to glare at the kid. She was somehow feeling something weird when she’s talking or even looking at her. “How can you say so?”

“I saw what you were doing earlier,” the kid said in her normal tone.

“Are you saying that you are spying me when I’m at work?” Tiffany asked the kid as she crouched a little to make their face at the same level. This action caught Taeyeon’s attention from the couch.

“Work? I don’t know stalking on others is called work now.”

“I am not stalking kid. I was just searching for a profile to help a friend. That’s all. Do you know that spying on someone’s work is illegal?”

“A crush you mean? Taeyeon whom I love. Hm.”

Tiffany’s face blushed a little but the kid doesn’t seem to mind, “She is not my crush.” She said every word with fire.

“Whatever. If spying is illegal don’t you think that stalking is not?”

“For the nth time I am not stalking!” Tiffany hissed. For the first time in her entire life as a lawyer who is trained in every pressure, she was close on losing her shit. The nerve of this kid!

Taeyeon walks close to them in worry, “What’s happening?”

“I’m just asking for a certain food but Fany unnie doesn’t seem to stalk— I mean locate the number of the delivery hotline.”

“Oh okay,” Taeyeon said as she looks at the lawyer. “Ppani are you okay? Your face is re—”

“I’m gonna ask my secretary for food delivery. You stay here.” Tiffany cuts Taeyeon and immediately walks outside to calm herself down.

“Did I say something wr—”

“Nothing midget unnie.”



Inside a restaurant, an average size woman was sitting. Blonde locks, fit body, and dark orbs. She was in a huge looking hoody but her muscular arms can still be visualize through the layer of the said clothing. A cup of coffee latte and cookies and cream frost on top of the red velvet cake were placed on the table.

Minutes passed and the chyme of the restaurant’s door clings. A man with a cap dressed in a leather jacket and ragged pants enters and sat on the chair at the woman’s front.

“You’re late,” the woman said calmly as she takes a sip on her coffee.

“Sorry. I need to make sure no one saw me. Anyways, how long should I stay like this? I want justice.”

“Your justice will come soon. Just do what I say,” the woman looks at him in the eyes. “When the time is right, the cuffs are ready. Just hold on Minho.”

“How long should I wait? Noona it’s been so long,” the man named Minho said. “I need a fix date for this.”

“Soon Minho. Soon. I’ll be leaving now. My partner will kill me if I’m late.”

“Okay. And noona, say hi to Nicole noona for me.”

“You are hopeless Choi. But sure, I will.”

“Thanks! I’ll eat this cake.”

“Suit yourself.”


Tiffany is inside her room, pacing around. Her work is done, papers are signed and reviewed, the cases to hold were distributed to her lawyers but she still has a problem. Kim fucking Taeyeon. She feels that her case isn’t moving at all aside from the growing abilities. The sneaky and smart kid isn’t helping at all. 

She left the two inside the living room with the television open and some sweets for the kid. Joohyun is still out with Yoona, maybe they’re with Yuri or Bora for the case. 

Her clouded mind was cleared when her door opens, Taeyeon. 

“Are you okay?” The soul asked.

Tiffany didn’t answer but keep her eyes looking into Taeyeon’s ones. Her mind wanders to Sunny’s advice. Should I do it? 

“Hey. I know I’m hot but don’t stare like th-mp!” Taeyeon had her eyes wide open at the sudden kiss but that made her grin like a fool. A heat from deep within her soul started to come up. She feels high.

Oh my gosh… what did I do?! What did I fucking do?! Tiffany almost got her mind shut off with her actions. The stupid grin on Taeyeon’s face wasn’t helping too. 

“Do you feel anything changes?” She asked after composing herself. This is an experiment. Yeah, an experiment.

“Changes?” Taeyeon asked as her dreamy eyes and grin widens.

“Yeah. I mean.. uh.. you know? After the.. uhm.. experiment touching of lips?” 

“You mean the kiss?” Taeyeon bluntly asked.

Tiffany’s face blushed, “Y-yeah? You can say that. So how do you feel?”

Taeyeon pretends to think and looks at the lawyer upside down, “Hm… First, I felt energized, like double impact when I’m reading a magazine. Your lips is the sweetest Ppani. Second?” Taeyeon smirked, “I feel so high that I wanna do nasty things to you like rip your clothes apart until you are on your birthday suit and make you go crazy while you’re on your knees and gripping your headboard tight as you breathe hard. Third? I wanna eat you u— ouch! Yah! Ouch! Hey stop pinching me! You asked me how I feel!”

“You are a pervert! Fuck you! You crazy ghost! Fuck! You!” Tiffany shouted, her face red from embarrassment and madness. I knew it! It’s not a good idea to do Sunny’s suggestion! 

“B-but… I want to fuck you instead?”

“Ugh! Don’t go near me you crazy ghost!” Tiffany slammed her bedroom’s door and enters the living room leaving Taeyeon inside. Her face burning red.

She forcefully sat on their living room couch just a few inches away from the kid who is by the way watching some Sci-fi movie. Her hand reaches for some sweets to calm her mind but after tasting the sugary piece of candy, her mind wanders to Taeyeon’s luscious lips that in her opinion is sweeter. The fuck?

“Who’s going to fuck who?” The kid suddenly say out of nowhere.

“Are you talking to me?” Tiffany stupidly asked and the kid just looked at her with her bitch face as if saying ‘what do you think?’. “Nevermind. You’re still a kid to know that.”

“I’m mature,” the kid said.

“Yeah. Yeah. By the way how’s your day so far?”

“Tiring as fuck,” the kid said with a huff.

“Watch your word kiddo.”

“Sorry m— Miss Hwang.”

Tiffany chuckled at the sudden call of her professional name, “It’s okay. Just don’t do it again. Hey, can’t you really tell me what’s your name?”

The kid shook her head, “Figure that out yourself. I love mind games so it’s no fun if I will tell you.”

“It’s just a name.”

“Yeah. A name that my mother forget. Sad right?”

“It’s not suited for you. I mean this topic. So, I thought you are tired? Don’t you want to rest?” The lawyer asked trying to change the topic. It’s just sad to hear this story.

“Yeah I wanna rest. Good point unnie,” she said as she stands up and sat on Tiffany’s lap before opening her white polo’s button.

“Excuse me but what are you doing?”

“Be quiet. I’m goint to sleep unnie.”

“What? Sleep? You mean on my lap?” Tiffany heard nothing after that. The kid’s head rests just above her chest with her little arms hugging her waist. After a pregnant silence for a minute, the lawyer heard little snores. “You look like an angel when you’re asleep but look like satan’s child when awake kiddo,” she shook her head and chuckled before encircling her arms around the kid and continued watching the sci-fi movie.


“That’s sad. Bora unnie can’t access that AxeG-SCO site. It has some personal verification and a code to decrypt before accessing. There goes our hope,” Yoona was losing every hope in her body. First is the witness, next is this.

“Don’t lose hope. We still have Yuri unnie and my unnie’s help,” Joohyun said to encourage her client.

When they reach the main door, they can hear the television playing. It’s almost dinner time when they went home. Upon opening the main door, Yoona immediately shuts off her eyes again.

“Is Tiffany unnie fond of showing her assets?” Yoona asked as she locked the door, eyes still closed.

Joohyun walks to where her sister is and buttons up her clothes. “I don’t think so. You can open your eyes now,” she told Yoona then lightly shakes her unnie’s body. “Hey, wake up. We brought foods.”

“Where’s the kid?” Tiffany asked, her mind still loading as she looks around to find the little girl.

“Kid? You know what? You should change your clothes first and then we’ll eat. You’re halucinating unnie.” Joohyun pulled her sister up and pats her bum while pushing her to her room.

“Am I?”

“Yeah. And make it fast. I need your help with Yoona unnie’s case.”

“About what in particular?”

“Later. Go change and clean up.”

After 30 minutes, Tiffany entered the kitchen and get back inside her room with some foods. Apparently, Taeyeon wanted to eat too which is an answer to Sunny’s theory that their physical contact can really affect the latter’s capabilities. After putting the food inside, she came back to their dining area as they all eat.

When they finished eating, they all sat inside their living room while watching some tv series. Joohyun was with her folders with her sister sitting near her. Yoona was on the floor with her front resting on the bean bag. 

“So what type of help are you needing right now?” Tiffany asked when the tv series ends.

“Hm,” Joohyun looks up from her folders and looks at her sister, “I need a reliable investigator to investigate Lee Minho and his life. I need a reliable investigator to crack down every single part of AxeG—SCO.”

“What happened to your investigator?”

“I don’t know, but I have this gut feeling that he was bribed.”

“Okay. Don’t make him stop investigating so the other party, if your gut is right, will not notice. I’ll give your number to my friend.”

“I won’t. What is your friend’s name?”

“You will know soon. Anyways, your sweet potato is in the fridge. I bought them earlier.”

“Really?! Oh my gosh!” Joohyun exclaimed and drops her folders on the couch before running in the kitchen.

Yoona had her eyes wide when she saw her lawyer with that attitude. 

“Yoona close your mouth, and don’t worry, she’s still your lawyer,” Tiffany closes the latter’s mouth with her hand and then chuckled afterwards. “Shocked?”

“Y-yeah. Joohyun has a mysterious personality,” Yoona said.

“Agree,” the older lawyer said. “So what happened in the court earlier?” She asked as she fixed her sister’s folders. While doing so, a picture fell down on the floor with its back in view.

“Disaster unnie,” Yoona grunts. “The ex of Suzy is a pro.”

Noticing that there’s an abundant silence afterwards, Yoona looked up at Tiffany only to find her staring intently at the picture. She decided to look at it by moving closer and what welcomes her vision is the picture of her bestfriend.

“She’s pretty isn’t she? She’s like a sister to me unnie. So the bl—”

“Where is she?” Tiffany asked, her eyes not leaving her bestfriend’s picture.

“Excuse me?”

“Where is she, Yoona?”

“I don’t know but I hope she’s up there,” Yoona stated as she looked above. “Her name is Bae Suzy but I call her Suzy or sometimes Baeji from her family name and her last name’s syllable in korean. She’s the one who was murdered at my restaurant. Why?”

“Yoong, tell my sister I’ll be in my room and the investigator will call her fist thing in the morning,” with that, she left Yoona inside the the living room without waiting for her answer. The photo of Suzy on top of the folders.

“I guess I know where Joohyun’s mysteriousness came from.”


Tiffany enters her room with her heart beating like crazy. In this last week, she had encoutered a ghost literally asking for help to reach her family, which she succeeded in doing so. There’s also a guy soul who asked for her help to say let her girlfriend read his last goodbye letter hidden under his bedroom’s bed. The girlfriend even raged at her thinking that she was his other woman but luckily after trashing too much, she stopped when the letter was seen and said thanks.

When she looks around, the kid is playing something from her iPad and Taeyeon is staring at the mirror trying to see her nonexistent reflection.

“Hey, are we going to fuck no—” Taeyeon was cut again.

“Prepare yourself, we’ll be flying to Jeju tomorrow. We’ll be looking for Baeji.


Html is life 🙂

Soulmate 11

[Typo-warning in advance…]


Here they are inside Tiffany’s office looking at each and everyone’s faces trying to trace anything that will trigger some certain memory but they found none.

When Tiffany’s soul left her human body with the small kid sleeping on her lap and her small face lying on the latter’s chest, Taeyeon doesn’t know what to do as she was stucked on her seat until Tiffany woke up. In short, she didn’t do anything when the lawyer was passed out.

Now they’re all on the office’s couch sitting silently. No one is talking. They are all waiting for anyone to speak first.

Tiffany is still looking as shocked as before while looking at the kid’s huge and round eyes that’s staring at her confused looking ones. 

The kid scratched her eyes trying to get a clearer vision for she just woke up. She scanned the room and when nothing excites her curious pair of eyes, she looked back at the two women sitting in front of her not after releasing a huge yawn.

They all started another intense staring battle.


“Okay let us stop this craziness. Who are you.” Tiffany broke the silence as she threw a demand rather then a question to the poor little kid.

The kid looked at her eyes seriously as if she was trying to get inside her, as if she was saying something but can’t tell it out loud. Her eyes display sadness but it disappeared fast.

“I am who I am.” The kid answered. Her eyes fighting with determination.

“I mean your name.” The lawyer fires again. Her nervousness is slowly fading now that the kid is looking more like a person and not a soul.

“It’s not important.”

“It is!” Tiffany exclaimed but not too loud. She was still a kid and she wouldn’t hurt a kid no matter what happen.

“How can we call you if you’re not going to tell us your name.” Taeyeon decided to butt in. She tried to ask her calmly.

The kid looked at her, “Nothing will change even if I tell you my name. My own mom forgot it and I’m sure you two will forget it too so why will I tell you? It will hurt more,” she said and looked down.

Taeyeon felt sad at the revelation.

They thought that the kid was just looking down but when they heard a small sob and saw her shoulders shivering, they knew she was crying.

Amidst the fear that she was feeling, Tiffany walks closer to where the kid was and scooped her in a motherly hug. “It’s okay if you wouldn’t tell us. But how can we help you?”

The hug tightened much to the lawyer’s shock. The kid was hugging her so tight. A sudden memory was flashed in her mind. She can see her sister in this kid when Joohyun was still on that street crying.

The sobs lessen as the kid talked, “Thank you, can I stay with you? I will go back to our place when my Mommy finally remembers me.”

A pair of huge and round eyes stared at Tiffany’s eyes. She just can’t say no to this poor little girl. I already accepted Taeyeon so an additional little one wouldn’t hurt right?

“Yes you can,” Taeyeon said right before the lawyer can open her mouth.

The kid cheered and Tiffany glared at the other woman. The little girl stopped cheering and looked at her silently asking if it’s fine with her too. And when she finally gave a single nod…

“Thank you!” The kid exclaimed as she hugs her on her neck and planted a kiss on her lips before resting her cute little head on her shoulders. A peck to be exact.

Tiffany was again shocked and Taeyeon was contemplating if her decision was right or wrong. Her onyx eyes making a deep huge hole on the back of the kid’s head. She just saw a kid beats her to taste those luscious lips with just a single move without Tiffany raging at her. How nice to be a kid. She can lay on her chest freely too. Life’s so unfair.

Silence filled the office. If not for the alarm clock that wakes them up from their trance.

Tiffany let go of the kid and walks to her table to get her things. After locking the decks, she motions the two souls to follow her. Her right foot touches the floor outside her office but then realized that there’s no one following her. She looked back at the two females whose eyes were glaring at each other, butts still sitting comfortably on her couch.

“If you won’t follow me, it’s fine. You two can stay here,” Tiffany was about to close the door and walk away when she heard some noises. When she looked back, her pair of dark brown orbs focused at the two souls elbowing each other while running close to her. These kids, really…

After some kicks, smacks, pricks, and some grunting noises that only Tiffany can hear, they all reached the car.

“No noises or you’re both out. Got me?” Tiffany sternly stated as she starts the car.

Like a deaf man whose ears were freed from the hearing aid, the noises and grunting sounds stopped much to Tiffany’s happiness. She grins and the car starts moving.


Yuri left Joohyun and Yoona inside the car that was parked under a huge blooming tree 2 meters away from the road as she started walking casually directly to a good looking house. They were inside the subdivision where her colleague said that Lee MinHo is staying at. She tried to coax the lawyer and her friend to stay at Tiffany’s place but they’re both stubborn to stop so Yuri has no choice but to bring them along. 

The place looks fine at a far view but weird when you get a closer look. There’s some axe decorations at the front door. The steel coffee table set has some mini axe sculptures too. That was what Yuri’s eyes can view from the gate. Not wasting any seconds to look, she pressed the doorbell.

She waited for a minute until there’s a middle-aged woman who opened the door to greet her.

“Hello miss?” The lady asked as she walks to where the gate was located, her suit a little soaked and there was a little cut on her thumb.

Yuri noticed that the wound is still new since there’s still fresh blood coming out. “Ah, hello ma’am, is Mr. Lee inside?”

The lady didn’t answer fast and looked at Yuri’s face first. The stare was so scrutinizing that Yuri almost felt that she haf melted a part of her.

It takes another minute of staring before the lady speaks, “What do you need? He’s not here. Go back another time.”

The lady was pushing Yuri away from the gate and her eyes was shouting stay away. It looks like she was warning the cop to go away and never ever come back again. Yuri has no choice but to turn her back and she was about to walk away when a nice looking car beeped at her. When her eyes looked back at the lady, she found her face looking shocked and scared when the tired eyes stared at her curious ones.

The lady opened the gate wide and Yuri moved aside to let the car in. When the car finally stopped, a good looking man comes out as he removes his shades and looked directly at her.

He grins, “Why are you letting such a gorgeous woman like her stand outside like this Mana?” He said as he walks closer to where Yuri was standing. “Come inside miss. A gorgeous lady like you shouldn’t be out here. Come inside for a moment?”

Yuri felt something pricking her back and she suddenly felt cold when the man asked her. Her eyes will be lying if she thinks that this man isn’t handsome. He looks like a good boy inside a classroom. A kid who can’t hurt anyone, kid who can’t even hurt a fly. But there’s a saying that don’t judge the book by it’s cover so here she is, walking together with the man inside his luxurious looking house.

Her trained mind told her that she needs to unveil the worst part of this man if she is plans to save Yoona from the case. His acting was an ace. Anyone would think that he’s such a nice guy by looking at him alone. But she’s different, she saw a lot of people in her field of work. And most of them were criminals, psychotics, and some unreasonable murderrers.

When they entered the house, Yuri immediately scanned the whole place. Indeed, it was full of axe decorations. “You love axes?” She decides to ask.

The man stopped in her tracks and turned around to look at her. He smiled and continues walking without answering. 

They were about to enter the kitchen but the man stopped all of a sudden and ask Yuri to stay in the living room. “You are a guest. I don’t want to trouble you. Can you stay at the living room while I personally make some juice?”

“Okay,” Yuri said as she turns around. She sat on the gilded sofa inside MinHo’s living room and after a minute, he came back with two glasses of orange juice.

The man sat in front of her and smiled. “So what’s your n—”

“Hyung what’s the update on Su— oh you have a visitor. I’ll talk to you later Hyung!” The young looking tall man runs upstairs again and a loud smack from the door was heard.

Yuri heard everything and now she was wondering what the young man was going to say with Su. “Who is he?” She asks not forgetting to look directly into MinHo’s eyes trying to see if he’ll lie or not.

“I asked you first Miss. What’s your name?” He fires back calmly. His breathtaking smile plastered on his handsome face.

If Yuri’s not into girls, she’ll probably like this man. “Call me Yuri, so who is he, Mr. Lee?”

“Why so formal Miss Yuri? And don’t you have a surname?”

“We just met today and I don’t go around saying my whole name, sorry. Maybe in our next meeting you will know my whole name.”

“Okay. So what brings you here?”

“Who is he first?”

The man chuckled, “Man, you’re annoyingly gorgeous you know that? He’s MinHo.”

Yuri waited some more to process the new information. Minho? What? They have the same name? What the hell. “You are MinHo too am I right?”

“Yup I am. Can we stop talking about him? What brings you here in the first place?” The man asked as he sips some juice from his glass. “Drink some.”

Yuri was about to sip too when she remembered something in her training, Never accept, eat, nor drink anything that comes from the enemy. Beware of everything. She swiftly puts down the glass and looked at the man, “I forgot I’m allergic to citrus drinks,” that’s a lie. “So I am here to ask something. Is that okay?”

Yuri saw the clench on his jaws before answering. “That’s sad. Ask away.”

“What is your relationship with Ms. Bae Suzy?” 

His jaws clenched some more before calming down. His aura slowly changed into an emotional one. “So I guess I am right. You are a cop.” Yuri smiled a little at him as he continues, “Are you here to investigate me?”

Yuri didn’t answer but she noticed the changing aura of the nice looking man that she had seen earlier. His aura changes into different emotions and it was scaring her a little. She doesn’t have her gun at the moment so if things get the other way, she would be doomed. “No. I think it’s getting late. I should go,” she stands up and was about to walk out and leave when his voice stopped her. 

“I loved her. But that love isn’t enough for her to stay by my side so I let her go. Then I heard what happened to her. It’s so sad. I should’ve stayed even if she doesn’t want me too so I may have saved her from that friend of hers. She’s a monster for killing her friend. I hope she rots in hel—”

“I need to go. Wait for the subpoena from the court. Any words that will come out from your mouth can be used against you so if I were you, I’ll call my lawyer regarding this issue. Goodbye Mr. Lee.” Yuri left as fast as she could.

She closed the car door with a loud bang as she starts the engine. The words from the man’s mouth irked her. How could someone be so judgemental when in fact, they didn’t see what really happened and who is the real suspect. They just talk as if they have seen and have heard it all. Human nature. Fuck human nature. Why do people always find someone to blame when they can’t find the true suspect? It’s like they will all die when there’s no one for them to point their fingers at. They should just use their fingers in good use rather than hunting others.

The two woman inside the car looked at each other’s eyes and shrugged. Silence filled the atmosphere until they reached Tiffany’s place. Joohyun and Yoona entered the house first. Yuri made sure that her car was locked properly before joining the two young ladies inside.

A smell of korean food entered their nostrils when they reached the heart of the nice looking house. When they entered the kitchen, they found Tiffany in her light pink apron looking really focused on the tablet that was placed on the countertop with some food being cooked in the pan. There’s some chicken, fried to perfection placed on their table too. She was so focused on cooking that she didn’t notice them close.

Joohyun walks closer and gave a small hug and kiss on her sister’s cheek, “Good evening unnie, what’s with all these foods? Are we having a party or something?” 

Tiffany turned around and saw the other two standing just beside the table. “Nope. I decided to cook something for all of us since we have been so stressed lately. I add some more so if ever Sooyoung drops by, she’ll be full. Just don’t make your expectations high for I am not a trained chef. Just a casual cook to keep us both alive,” she turned off the stove and started plating the foods.

Yoona walks closer to where Tiffany was and decided to help her. She was a chef so it’s easy for her. “Unnie, I can help you whenever you need me. I can give you some recipes if you want. Just tell me okay?”

“I’ll keep that in mind Yoona,” the lawyer smiled. “By the way, don’t you guys want to change your clothes?”

“I don’t have some clothes with me Fany,” Yuri said dejectedly. “This clothes are full of sweat. I feel dirty.”

“Get some shirt inside my room and just throw your clothes in my bin, just get them back after it was washed. Same old days Yul.” Tiffany said not keeping in mind that Taeyeon and the kid is inside her room.

“Okay! Thanks Fany! You’re the best!” Yuri runs away like a mad kid.

Tiffany shook her head, “What a kid.”

They were arranging the foods on the table when Yoona suddenly speaks, “Unnie… was it true?” 

“Hm?” Tiffany answered as she counts the plates, “What is true?” 

Yoona contemplated whether to ask or not. But since she started it, she needs to finish it, “That you, Bora unnie and Yuri unnie were playmates?” 

Tiffany stopped what she was doing and looked at Yoona, Joohyun looks at them and decided to continue what she is doing. “Define playmate?”

“Uhm… Nevermind unnie… Don’t mind me.. ha ha ha…” Yoona scooped some soup with her face still red. She was about to put the bowl of soup on the table when some of the liquid leaked and says hi to her delicate hands. “Ouch!”

The Hwang sisters rushed to her place as Joohyun immediately puts down the bowl and Tiffany dragged Yoona near the sink and let the cold water flow on her burned fingers. “Hyunnie can you kindly get the ointment inside my bag? Thanks.”

Joohyun immediately comply and leave the kitchen making Tiffany and Yoona the only people moving there.

“If you’re talking about that kind of playmate, then it’s a yes. I guess we’re just some hormonal and overly curious idiots that time. But since we’re professionals now, we stopped making out with each other. There was no penetration or whatsoever so it’s fun.” Tiffany explains as she continues massaging Yoona’s hand. “Does it bother you?”

“No!” Yoona accidentally shouted and the other woman winced. “Oops, sorry. I am just curious about it but nonetheless, I’m okay with it. What do you mean by no penetration and whatsoever though?”

“No penetration. Like no use of any toys, tongue or fingers to enter the vag—”

“Okay unnie. Too much information I get it that you’re still a virgin so no need to elaborate oh my god why…” Yoona looked up and her face was red.

Tiffany chuckled, “You are so innocent for your age. Anyways, does it still hurt?” She asked.

“It’s a lot better now, thanks.”

“You are very welcome.”

Tiffany turns off the faucet and asked Yoona to sit on the table as she gets some clean cloth to dry the latter’s hand. She was about to look fornher sister but that was not necessary anymore since Joohyun came inside the kitchen with an ointment and bandaid in her hands. Yuri was walking on her back with her loose grey shirt and black cotton pants.

“What took you so long?” She asked her sister.

“I waited for Yuri unnie to finish changing before I can enter your room and get these things,” she wails the objects in her hands before giving it to Tiffany.

After putting the bandaid on Yoona’s fingers, Tiffany set aside the kit and cleaned her hands before joining them on the table. 

The dinner was almost finished when her tall friend came in rushing like a tornado. “Fany, can I borrow your bathroom?” 

“Sure. But don’t you want to eat first?”


“Are you going to poop?” Yuri teased.

“No charcoal. I’ll be back!” 

With that, the psychiatrist runs away leaving them clueless.

Yuri grunts when she heard the name Sooyoung just called her. She was about to object but the tall woman already ran away.

Minutes passed and Sooyoung finally came back with different pants on.

“Wow. You changed pants. You peed?? Or you had some crazy adventure inside your car that ruined your pants?” Yuri teased, her eyebrows raising continuously up and down.

“The latter.” Sooyoung answered as she gets her own plate and sits next to the now coughing cop.

Sooyoung laughed out loud at her friend. Now they were even. “No silly. I went at the park and sat on the bench but I didn’t notice that it was drenched. You know how conscious I am when it comes to hygiene so, yeah.”

“Did you close the door Soo?” Tiffany asked.

“Yep. I locked it too.”

Tiffany nods and they all continue eating. After some time, all the food that Tiffany cooked vanished at all without a single grain of rice left, thanks to the shikshins with them.

Yoona volunteered to wash the plates with Joohyun helping her as the older women chill inside the living room while watching some sci-fi show.

This day was tiring for the most of them. Sooyoung and Yuri bid their goodbyes once the movie ends. They have work tomorrow so no time for a sleepover because they do not have their clean uniforms with them.

Once all the doors were locked and lights off, Tiffany decided to get inside her room. Her eyes saw the two girls lounging on her bed. The plate with fried chicken that she brought for the kid was empty. It only means one thing. The kid liked it.

Taeyeon was on the left side of her bed, her eyes closed. That made her curious. From what she remembers, Taeyeon doesn’t eat nor rest so why is she resting now? Her guts tells her to ask Sunny now but it’s already late so she decided to ask her tomorrow.

Meanwhile on the other side of the bed is the kid was sprawled on her bed with both of her foot on Taeyeon’s tummy while hugging the stuffed toy that Joohyun loves to cuddle when she sleeps inside her room.

She walked inside the bathroom with her clean set of clothes not after putting the kid in a more comfortable position and raising the comforter up until their chests.

Once she’s done, she sat on the vanity table and dried her hair. She was about to sleep when her phone beeped.

MyPreciousOne: Unnie, I can’t sleep.

Tiffany knocked on her sister’s door before entering. Joohyun has her pouting face when she reached her bed. She chuckled at her problematic look before moving under the comforter.

“I can’t sleep. I have a lot of things running through my mind unnie,” she huffs as she hugged her unnie.

Tiffany moved Joohyun’s head just slightly above her chest where her heart is located. Joohyun’s hug then tightened as the latter started humming a lullaby song that always make her calm.

“Don’t think of anything. Just focus on my humming and heartbeat then you’ll sleep in no time.” Tiffany said. Her eyelids suddenly closes tightly when a severe pain attacked her head. The pain stopped after a good one minute. She tightened her hug on her sister and luckily, Joohyun didn’t notice it.

“Will you stay with me tonight?” Joohyun asked with her eyes closed. Her mind calming down with every beat of her sister’s heart.

“Of course I will. My big baby.”


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Soulmate 10


Quick steps. Time is important for Tiffany and Taeyeon at this moment. They needed to enter Tiffany’s office to be safe and be far from the reaper who seems to locate them wherever they go. The lawyer made an alibi to her friend in order for them to be able to leave the place in peace. With an invitation for Bora to visit her in their house, even if she wanted to catch up, she agreed. Bora can’t simply stop her if Tiffany is needed in her work specially if she have some appointment with a client. With a quick kiss on the cheeks and a tight hug, the lawyer finally bid her goodbye leaving her sister and Yoona with Bora. Yuri is in her way to be their driver after she called her.

Their butts should be comfortably sitting on her car’s soft leather seat if not for the scary fact that the reaper was standing near it earlier. They looked for another route when he started walking towards them. Walls against walls, rooms against rooms, from one corridor to another. It was like a maze created just for them. Some students looked at Tiffany in awe while she was walking down their hallway. With her skirt tight, white long sleeves polo with two buttons left open, and her 5-inch killer black stiletto, nobody can not turn to take a look. Some boys openly gawked as much to Taeyeon’s dismay. If looks could kill, they would be dead cold now. There’s this one guy who gave a scandalous whistle and the shorter woman almost lost her shit if not for the warning tone on Tiffany’s voice.

“Don’t start Boo. We need to get out of here fast. We can’t bear to waste time.”

Boo… Taeyeon grins like a fool at the sudden use of pet name. Her irritation set aside and happily walked closer to Tiffany whose feet doesn’t take a single stop from moving. 

Tiffany’s heart beats fast continuously. She was nervous. The thought of a reaper going after them makes her cold sweat slide down inside her polo.

With another turn to their left, they saw the car. The reaper is nowhere in sight so they didn’t waste their time and took the chance to enter the luxury car. With one swift move of the key inside the ignition, she starts the car and drives fast enough to leave the university before the reaper comes out of the registrar building.

They high-fived each other with smiles plastered on their faces. They’ve just tricked the reaper and now they’re safe. 

The car ride was comfortable. There was a long silence not until Tiffany’s phone rang.

*Dad calling*

She puts on her Bluetooth earpiece and pressed the answer button. “What do you want Dad?”

The man on the other line chuckled, “‘Yo my dear Stephanie. What’s with the tone? Aren’t you glad to hear my voice?”

“Cut the drama Dad. What is it?” She grunted. “If it’s about some random guy again then please stop. I don’t have time for this.”

Her father sighed on the other line, “Fine. But I’ll give you a certain time. If you didn’t find someone before your twenty-seventh birthday, I’ll pull you into an arranged marriage.” He smirked for he thought that he wins the argument this time but his celebration was cut short.

“Stop watching dramas. We’re in the 21st century now and not in the ice age era. And besides, I can make an annulment or divorce with just a single flick of my fingers. So suit yourself Dad.” Tiffany grins. She knows she wins again.

The man huffs, “Ugh. Just once Miyoung. Let me win. Please?”

“Not gonna happen,” she chuckled. “When are you visiting us? You’re missing out a lot. Joohyun’s growing fast.”

“I’m not sure yet but I’ll make sure to fly as fast as I could once the project was done. Anyways, I know that Joohyun’s growing super fast. I mean she’s taller than you so—”

“YAH! She’s taller than you too!”

Taeyeon chuckled even though she’s not supposed to be doing so since she is small herself. Her chuckles turned into a loud ahjumma laugh. It did not stop until the driver glared at her.

“Are you with someone?”

“What?” Tiffany asked as she throws a look at Taeyeon. Just how in the world did her father heard her?

Taeyeon shrugged while looking at the lawyer. She don’t have any idea too.

“I heard someone’s laugh.”

“O-oh… yeah. You h-heard?” 

“Of course. I’m not deaf woman. Okay let’s cut the chase. I’m just looking out if you two are okay and I guess you probably are. I have a meeting with the engineers in 30 minutes so I’ll need to drop the call honey.” Mr. Hwang sighed, “When I get there, let’s all go on a vacation okay? I miss spending time with my dragon and lion.”

“I’m your lion?”

“Of course…not. You’re the dragon honey.”

“I am not!”

“Suit yourself Ms. Hwang,” he laughed. “Hey, tell your sister to call me later okay? I can’t reach her. I’m hanging up now Steph. Take care of yourselves while I’m still here okay?”

“Okay Dad. Take care of yourself too. Bye!”

The call ended and the lawyer wear off the bluetooth device attached in her right ear. Her mind wonders. How did her father hear Taeyeon’s voice? Does he have some sixth sense too just like her? But never in her twenty-six years of existence had she witnessed or moreover known any abnormalities happening inside their households concerning her father. A lot of questions filled Tiffany’s mind. Was it Daddy being weird or there’s something happening on Taeyeon that we haven’t noticed yet? Should I be alarmed or not? The lawyer’s mind was a mess. One thing is for sure. Sunny’s gonna have her phone ringing with her name flashing on the screen.


“Oh. He’s a troublemaker since middle school? Hmm… Unnie do you know him personally?” Joohyun asked as she continues to scan the thick file of papers.

Bora fixed her hair before answering, “No I don’t. All I know is, he was kinda popular in his university days. I’ve researched about him and look what I’ve found.” She presented another file having a tag attached on its front, CONFIDENTIAL.

Joohyun opens the file and started reading it not forgetting to put a bookmark on the first file in her hands.

“Aren’t you against this whole idea Ms. Bora? You know that I’m a suspect in a crime and what we’re doing is prohibited right?” Yoona suddenly asked kicking out the silence presented in the atmosphere. Her conscience can’t digest the fact that what they are doing now can tamper both of the other women’s reputation and Tiffany’s too.

Bora smiled followed by Joohyun’s grin.

“It’s prohibited if someone other than us knows.” Bora faced Yoona and smiled again.

Yoona was lost. “So it’s legal as long as it’s a secret?”

“You can say that. But, I’m just letting Tiffany and Joohyun get these informations in an instant because I know that these sisters only defend the innocent ones. So I’m glad I can help. And besides, I only give the basic informations like school records, attitude, and so on, so it’s still about their presentation and confidence inside the Judicial Court that matters the most. Now I’m telling you, you have a high chance of being safe from the case because Joohyun and her sister didn’t get this high position from nothing. Friends help each other in good or in bad times so it’s fine.” Bora calmed her down because she doesn’t notice it but she’s slightly turning pale.

Joohyun keeps silent on the other side of the table trying to pretend that she didn’t hear the compliments from Bora even though her cheeks shows a slight tint of red.

“You believe I’m innocent? But you just saw me today.” Yoona asks.

The office lady laughed, “I told you. The Hwang sisters only defend the real innocent ones and I have a high respect and trust on their judgements. Now I’ll ask you. Are you really innocent?”

“I will bet my life. I am.” Yoona confidently stated.

“Then that’s it. I believe you. And besides, Yuri is your friend. She’s a respected agent and so I do have this feeling that if she finds you guilty, she wouldn’t cover it and will tell you to surrender. But in this case, she was the one who gave your case at SJH Law Firm so it means that Yuri knows that you’re innocent.”

Yoona was speechless. For the past days and weeks, she has been treated like a criminal. An animal or any kind of a psychotic bitch that killed someone. The most hurting fact, the people who are blaming her was once a part of her so-called family. Nothing beats the hurtful comments coming from the one you love.

“T-thank y—”

“Hello there gorgeous human being!” Yuri suddenly barged in. She walked near the table and shamelessly drank from Bora’s bottled juice drink after giving hugs to each and everyone of them.

“Don’t you know how to knock?” The office lady asked. “And excuse me Kwon. That’s my drink. Pay it for $8 and we are fine.”

Yuri gave her a look. “Sure Yoon. I know that this was from Tiffany so suit yourself,” she continues gulping the half-emptied bottle.

Bora grunted, “You’re shameless. Anyways, you visited Tiffany yesterday?”

“Uhuh. She texted me that Yoongie was there so I went there and stayed for the night. No sweat,” she said. “This tastes good!”

Bora nods, “So that’s why.”

“What are you talking about?” Yuri raised an eyebrow. Her mouth didn’t stop from drinking.

“That you’re the one who gave Tiffany that heart-shaped hickey. You’ve worked hard. It looks cool.”

Yuri coughed hard. Some of the juice came out from her nose, “Yah! What the heck?”

Yoona widened her eyes at the sudden information as she looked at Joohyun who doesn’t seem to be affected by it. The tidal wave of informations coming and splashing hard in her mind is too much for her poor innocent soul to take. What is this? Yul unnie’s… Tiffany unnie… black bra… hickey… oh dear goddesses of lingeries…

Bora gave the agent some tissues to clean herself up. She grins and throw an apologetic look at the coughing tanned woman. “I didn’t expect that reaction from you Yuri. It’s okay. And for the record, that’s a good sucking job!” She exclaimed loudly.

Yoona got her eyes opened wide. S-suck? H-how? Did she put a template first before diving into Tiffany unnie’s che— no… how did she lick it? With teeth? Tongue perhaps? B-but it was a perfect heart shape! That doesn’t make sense!

“I didn’t do it!” Yuri’s face turned red.

“Oh yeah sure Kwon. Then who did it? I’ve never been in their house yesterday and besides we’ve stopped being some hormonal teenagers with each other since god knows when so the only possible anwer is you.” Bora said.

Joohyun just shrugged when Yoona looked at her with a shock expression. She doesn’t really care since her sister is old and responsible enough to be experimental like this.

“It’s not me I swear. And besides, shouldn’t we talk about the case since it’s what matters the most right now?” The agent sat at the empty seat next to Bora.

“Smooth Kwon. Very smooth.” Bora teased and decided to let it pass when Yuri didn’t pay attention to what she was saying.

With Bora and Yuri at the front of the computer looking for some additional information, Joohyun and Yoona continue to read the files in a word-to-word basis analyzing each and every sentences determined to get any hidden clue.

Hours passed and they’re still immersed with the files in hand. They were about to give up with the basic informations that they got when Joohyun saw an unfamiliar word in the last page of the CONFIDENTIAL file. AxeG—SCO (trmntr)?

“Unnie can you search AxeG—SCO?”

Bora and Yuri didn’t asked for more questions and fastly clicked every letters on their keyboard in a cap-sensitive way. Meaning, with the exact uppercase and lowercase letters as the young lawyer said according to the file.

The electronic device that they used loads fast and in an instant, the page displayed tons of articles, blogs, thesaurus, and many more about the said word.

Scanning the whole first page which means, the most reliable informations regarding the said topic, they found nothing serious about it. Almost all the links were useless, not until the very last one that needs some account to view the page content. That intrigue them. The four women wanted to create an account just to see what’s inside that page when the school’s bell rings continuously loud.

“Oh… Working hours is done know guys. Which means that we need to leave this building soon. I’m very sorry.” Bora apologetically said. “But don’t worry I’ll make sure to find something about that string of letters by midnight. I’m gonna text you if I find something interesting okay?”

“Sure unnie. That’s a huge help. Thank you very much.” Joohyun said as she hugs Bora.

“Miss Yoon thank you for your willingness to help us.” Yoona added as she bows down.

Bora smiled, “It’s nothing. Really. You’re a friend now or must I say a dongsaeng?” They all laughed. “And cut the Miss Yoon, I feel old. Bora unnie is fine with me.”

“Thank you Bora unnie.”

“How many times did you say thank you today? If it can be in exchanged for a penny I’ll be having instant money now,” she joked and they all laughed.

Yuri bid her goodbye with a bone crushing hug. She just missed the old times when the three of them including Tiffany were just some wild and experimental teenagers that doesn’t have any serious problem to solve unlike now that they’re all professionals of different jobs. After the hug was done, her phone rings.

*HQ5 calling*

She excused herself and walked a little far from the three women. The sudden call from HQ was a surprise. They really don’t call her often specially on her rest.

The conversation goes on. After some time, she clicked the end button and the call got cut. When she look back at her friends, there’s a huge smile on her face. “I guess there’s no need for hunting. Mr. Lee MinHo visited our HQ today and my colleague just told me that he got his house address.”

That made them smile. They’re close to get the justice for Ms. Bae. In God’s time…


“I don’t know why did Dad hear you but he’s still the same old annoying man who loves to send me into blind dates.” Tiffany locked the door of her office when they entered. She lets her bum rest on her comfortable chair before lying back on its backrest.

Taeyeon looked at her and her eyes widened in shock. The two buttons that was left opened decided to invite the other one making them three buttons opened in total. The black bra is greeting her again and begging to be greeted back. How the hell did that opened? Tiffany doesn’t seem to know. She is just resting her back on her recliner chair with her eyes closed. Her self-control is slowly eating her alive. She needs some distractions.

“U-uh… Ppani, do you miss your parents?” She suddenly blurted out. What kind of stupid question is that?

“What? Of course. Don’t you miss yours?”

“I don’t know. I can’t remember,” she looked down. Not in sadness about the certain topic but about that black mean thing that’s flashing a huge hello on her face.

“Oh. Sorry about that. I miss my parents specially my Mom. She left me and decided to have a one-way trip to heaven when I was still a kid. So yeah, I really missed my Mom.” Tiffany emotionally said as she looks above to stop the tears that wanted to slip down from the barriers of her eyes. She suddenly felt a heavy feeling inside her heart by just thinking about her late mom.

“I miss my Mom too,” a sudden unfamiliar voice surprised them both.

Tiffany looked around but found nothing aside from Taeyeon looking at her — or at her chest rather. When she looked down, she saw the three buttons of her polo were left unbuttoned. How did this open again?! She was about to rage on Taeyeon when a kid suddenly appeared on her lap with her face resting on her chest and eyes closed.

“Hm… I miss Mommy too…”

That’s all Tiffany heard before all went black.


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Soulmate 9

“I told you it’s real! Some nonexistent thing hit me yesterday! Why don’t you believe me you black bean?!” Sooyoung exclaimed. Her frustrations visible on her smooth face. The white coat that covers her got some crumpled parts at the sleeves due to her tight grippings.

The other woman on the chair inside the spacious looking room with white painted walls looked at her like she had grown an additional head. It just doesn’t make sense. “Are you sure that Fany’s not pulling a joke on you? That’s her den so it’s possible that she’s just pulling some tricks on you.”

“Why would she even do that?”

“I don’t know. Probably because you always empty their fridge everytime you’re going at their place? Who knows.” The dark woman stated nonchalantly as she gave the psychiatrist a small shrug and a deadpanned expression.

“Are you saying that I’m glutt—”

“Yep. You sure are. Everybody knows that.”

“Kwon Yuri!”

“What? Don’t shout at me. You called me on my rest day saying shits about those ‘nonexistent thing that hit you on the head‘ which is I found absurd by the way. I should be taking my time looking after Yoona but because I’m a good friend, here I am inside your clinic because I thought something bad happened to you but it turns out that you need some psychiatric treatment. Did you hit your head somewhere?” Yuri said in one go leaving her tall friend’s jaw dropped.

“Absurd?! You find this absurd?! It’s real! I’m not imagining things and I’m sure that it’s not some kind of magic trick because first, Tiffany’s not that low and second, she’s a goddamn hot lawyer and not a fucking magician! And I don’t need a psychiatrist you black bean!” Sooyoung wailed her arms in frustration. She thought that having Yuri here would help her but it turns out the other way around.

“Stop insulting me and calm your tits woman. Oh sorry. I forgot that you don’t have tits.” Yuri said and smirked.

Sooyoung just looked at her. She looks like she’s about to explode. “I dare you to say that again satan’s chi—”

“What? That you don’t have tits? It’s real though. Look,” Yuri inched closer and put her right hand on Sooyoung’s chest and slides it down, “See? Flat like a wood. There’s nothing in there.” Yuri grins and slowly removes her hand after seeing Sooyoung’s face. She can almost see some smoke coming out from the latter’s nose.

“Yuri…” Sooyoung’s tone made Yuri’s body hairs stand up. It’s like a sinister one and the look on her face doesn’t even help. Oops, I think I get too far on teasing her.

Yuri started walking backwards slowly without looking back. Her eyes focused on the dark aura around her psychiatrist friend, “Hey my friend, I forgot that I have something to do today. You look fine to me so I think I’ll be heading home now.” She reached the doorknob and hurriedly runs outside with Sooyoung running after her.

“I’m gonna kill you Kwon Yuri!!!”

The high pitched voice from the psychiatrist made the other people inside the hall turn their heads at the two women running inside the corridor of the hospital.

When Yuri finally reached her car, she starts it immediately but not before shouting back at her friend, “I love you too my friend! Go have some rest! You’re not the only flat chested woman on earth so it’s fine! Bye bye!” And with that Yuri hits the gas and her car runs fast leaving a frustrated bamboo stick at the hospital’s glass door.



“That’s the problem Sunny. He’s in human form. How the hell did he even do that? What should we do?” Tiffany grunts.

Taeyeon watched her protector’s frustrated sounds. She’s currently sitting next to Tiffany on her office’s leather couch. A well-known type of magazine on her lap.

“I am not yet knowledgeable about that but I’ll look for some possible reasons okay. For now, just make sure that he can’t see you guys. Oh by the way, how did you know that he’s the reaper?” The other woman on the line asked.

Tiffany sighs, “He came from above out of nowhere covered in a dark cloak and he holds a long stick-like steel with a curvated blade on top. Then I was stunned when he suddenly changed his outfit and became a normal looking guy.”

There’s a long silence on the line before Sunny answered. “Hmm. That’s strange. In my knowledge, a reaper can’t change forms, specially his clothes. Anyways, thanks for informing me. Just be careful you two. Make sure that you’ll not cross path with him. I’ll call you if I found anything okay?”

“Okay. Thanks Sunny. And sorry for disturbing you.”

“Nonsense. You’re not disturbing me. In fact, you’re making my boring life exciting!” Sunny cheered on the other line.

Tiffany can only shook her head, finding it amusing that Sunny finds it exciting to be in this situation.”I’m gonna hang up now. Bye Sunny. Thank you again.”

“You’re welcome. Bye bye!”

And the call ended. The lawyer looks at her right only to find a very busy young looking woman. She would be happy to know someone’s being a wide reader only if the magazine that she is reading wasn’t an adults only type. Taeyeon looks so occupied with the magazine that she didn’t see Tiffany moving.


“AHH!!” Taeyeon jumped off from the couch when Tiffany’s voice suddenly rang in her ears. The sudden action made her tumble on the armrest and accidentally fell on top of Tiffany. 

Awkward. That’s how the atmosphere turns out. With Taeyeon’s face on her chest, Tiffany can’t bear to move. With one wrong move, she would surely feel Taeyeon’s lips on her cleavage and she can’t let that happen, even if she wanted to feel that toungue on her skin—no wait. What the fudge?! She was so lost in her thoughts not until she felt something sticky touched the space between her mounds. Okay that feels so good.

Another lick.

Oh… w-wait what?!

It only strikes her mind that the sticky feeling that’s touching her exposed skin under her white linen polo was actually Taeyeon’s tongue.

Once. Twice. Thrice. And so on.

The licks that turned to nips continued and when she finally get a grip of herself, she shouted, “Get off you pervert midget!!”

Taeyeon suddenly freezes when Tiffany shouted and pushed her. Her kid-like face doesn’t move. The blush is visible on her face and her mind just went black all of a sudden. All she can remember was how soft and sweet Tiffany’s skin feels and tastes like. Her mind and body want to badly get back on those soft spot that smells like strawberry but her instinct says the other way. She can’t make the hot lawyer pissed at this moment. Maybe next time?

Tiffany immediately fixed the two opened buttons on her long sleeves polo. All she can remember is that she buttoned it up before going out of her own room so her mind was a mess on thinking how did they got opened. Perhaps Taeyeon opened them to get a better access? She grunted and looked at her side where the responsible creature for all this mess is sitting. The reason on why she suddenly felt hot and bothered. 

When was the last time that she got laid? No. Scratch that. Make out was the right term for she’s still a virgin at the age of 26. Tiffany doesn’t know. All that she can remember was the fact that her last  make out experience was with Yuri probably months and months ago when they both got drunk after a successful case. They have this friends with benefits with no string attached relationship since their college years. An experience turned stress reliever. When they feel like it, then boom! The next morning they’ll wake up hugging each other, with their pants still on. She can go out with others and Yuri can screw others too. The only regulation is, they can’t touch or kiss or do anything lower than their waist so it’s safe to say that Yuri knows her upper proportion and so does she.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know what I’m doing. I-I…” Taeyeon was lost of words.

Tiffany, in a record, suddenly feels the urge to forgive the latter. All the hatred that she felt earlier suddenly vanished like a smoke from a smoker. At first it was thick but with the right amount of time, it will all vanish and will never be seen by our keen eyes.

Why am I being like this? Why can’t I stay mad at her? What is happening to me? Tiffany asked herself. There’s a big question on her mind right now. Just what did Taeyeon do to her that she can’t last long and stay mad even though what she did was unacceptable?

It’s not like you didn’t enjoy it. The other part of her mind suddenly said.

I did not!


I’m saying the truth!

Yeah and you almost moan woman. You’re whimpering like a sick puppy idiot.

Wha— did I?

See? Because you enjoyed it too much, you didn’t even know that. And! If you didn’t enjoy it you would have stopped her the first time she lay her tongue on your breast.

It’s my cleavage you dimwit! 

Ha! That’s still part of your boobs so shut up.


“UNNIE!!” Joohyun’s voice woke her up from her trance.

How long did she stayed like that? And where the heck is that little woman?

“Why are you here?”

Joohyun gave a duh? expression, “You said before lunch Unnie. I bought Bora unnie’s favorite food as you told me. Don’t tell me you forgot.”

“No. I did not forget. I’m just…”

“Just what?” Joohyun asked when she stopped. 

Tiffany looked around but she cannot find Taeyeon. “Where’s Taeyeon?” She suddenly blurted out in a whisper while looking around unaware that her sister heard her.

“Who’s Taeyeon? And why are you so red?” Joohyun asked her while Yoona sat on the other side of the couch.

“No one and my skin tone is natural.” She dodged the question swiftly.

“Hmm,” Joohyun just hummed and walk closely to her. Tiffany didn’t really paid attention because her eyes are wandering around to look for a certain midget. “Who gave that hickey Unnie?” Her sister suddenly asked as she hastily moved her polo aside leaving her cleavage and black bra in sight.

Yoona immediately looked away with her hands covering her eyes. She just can’t take how Joohyun, her assigned lawyer, was too blunt to ask and do that to her sister in front of her which is by the way a respected lawyer.

Tiffany covered her chest immediately and glared at her sister, “No one. Wait in your car. I’ll be going down in a bit. Shoo!” The flustered lawyer told her and smiled a little at Yoona before pushing them outside the door.

Joohyun didn’t mind the hickey but she loves to tease her sister so before totally going out, she whispered, “I won’t pry but whoever did that was an artist. The shape looks perfect!” She grins before being pushed outside.

Tiffany huffs after closing the door. She looked around but her eyes can’t find the blonde.

“Tae? Where are you?” Her voice was loud and clear. Nobody answers but her feet moved on its way to where she and Taeyeon had officially met for the first time. Her office’s bathroom. Slowly pushing the door, her heart sank when she saw the vulnerable sight. Taeyeon is so sad. And what shocked her more was the visible clear and watery-like stain on her face. She’s been crying and Tiffany doesn’t like seeing her cry.

Taeyeon looks at her, “Ppani… please don’t give up on me yet. I’m sorry. Don’t be mad at me please…d-don’t leave me…” she looked down.

The lawyer doesn’t know what happened but soon, she found herself hugging the crying blonde on her shoulder. “I won’t. I promised to help you, didn’t I? To make you feel better, I like the mark that you left. My sister loves it too.” Fuck my pride. After that, she felt the hug tightened then the blonde looked up.


“Yep. This,” Tiffany pulled her polo downwards and let the blonde see the perfectly heart shaped hickey. After seeing Taeyeon’s blushing face, she fixed her clothes and discarded herself from Taeyeon’s hold. “Let’s go now? Joohyun and Yoona’s waiting outside.”

“Where are we going?”

“Silly. At Seoul University of course. To find informations about that MinHo guy. Come on let’s go.” 

Taeyeon didn’t asked for more and just trail behind Tiffany. Her mind remembered that there was an incense lightened up earlier so she should be locked inside the office but when they passed by the door, nothing stopped her and that made her intrigued. Is the incense not working anymore? Hmm. The blonde decided to let that thought slide and continue walking behind the also clueless lawyer.


The ride to Seoul University was silent aside from the still blushing Yoona and some wicked grin plastered on Joohyun’s face. Tiffany can’t do anything about it since she cannot bear to pull her sister’s hair. She just loves her so much so here she is driving poker-faced to mask her emotions.

Soon enough, they’ve reached the entrance of the university and parked the car outside the registrar office building. With the fast movement of their feet, they have reached the registrar’s door where Bora is located at in just a minute. Tiffany was about to move the sliding door open when a man stopped her.

“Excuse me Miss! That’s a restricted staffs only area. You can’t get inside without any apointments with Miss Yoon.” The man that looks like a staff catches his breath at the front of them after sprinting.

Yoona prayed hard that they’ll be able to enter the place for the information that they needed. She catches Joohyun’s hands and gripped it tight silently asking for an assurance. Joohyun gripped her hands too and smiled a little, “Don’t worry. Trust my Unnie.” Yoona can only nod.

“Is Bora here?”

“I believe so Mi—”

Tiffany holds the door and is ready to enter but the man held her arms to stop her. “I’m really sorry Miss but you can’t enter.” The man tightened his grip when Tiffany didn’t let go.

Taeyeon looked at how the man touched Tiffany’s arm. She’s boiling. Her fist wanted to hurt him but she can’t move yet. Not until Tiffany says so.

“Get your hands off me.” Tiffany simply said and smiled slightly nodding her head at Taeyeon’s direction.

That’s all she needed to hear and Taeyeon kicked him on his shin.

“Ouch!” The man exclaimed as his hands finally let go of Tiffany’s arms. 

Tiffany took the opportunity and slides the door open. The others entered too.

“I told you, trust my Unnie.” Joohyun grins.

Yoona looked at the guy after her who’s crouching holding his shin. “What happened to him?” She whispered. 

“I don’t know. Don’t ask me.” Joohyun answered.

They only walked for good 2 meters when the same man came running after them.

“I told you you’re not allowed to enter!” He shouted. 

The shout made them look back. 

“I’m gonna call the guards if you—”

“What’s the noise all about?” An unfamiliar voice for the most of them suddenly asked out of nowhere. They looked around and they found an overly sexy woman in an office suit. Her skirt was tight and hugged her bust in all the right places. “Oh hey Fany!” Her pitched suddenly went two octaves higher. “You should have called me so I can wait for you outside!”

Tiffany gave her friend a hug. “My bad. You said before lunch so here we are. And sorry about the noise. Your staff here doesn’t want us to enter so… yeah.” She gave an apologetic smile.

“Is that so? Hey Jimin it’s fine. They have an appointment with me. Get out now.” The man, like a robot, walks outside without any complaint. “Sorry about him. Let’s sit over there so Joohyun can finally stop growing.”

“So mean.” Joohyun pouts.

“I’m kidding Hyunnie. So who’s this gorgeous lady over there?” The sexy woman asked.

“Oh she’s Yoona. Yuri’s friend.” Tiffany said before Joohyun can speak.

“Oh… I didn’t know Ms. Black bean has such a gorgeous friend out there. Anyways, I’m Bora.” She extended her handhand and Yoona gladly shook it.

“Im Yoona.”

“Nice meeting you,” Bora offered a sincere smile before turning to Tiffany. “Anyways, here’s the file about Lee MinHo that you texted me last night.”

Tiffany gets the folder and gave it to her sister. “Thanks you so much for this babe,” she smiled and then opened the box container that’s full of foods. “Eat up. I know you’re not yet taking your lunch by the way your eyes opened wide.” She teased.

“I’m gonna pretend that you’re not teasing me because I’m hungry.” Bora said as she started devouring the foods presented on her table. “Oh my God! This is so delicious!”

Joohyun chuckled at Bora’s exclamation, “You really are my sister’s friend Bora unnie. Thanks for this.” She lifted the file after.

“Welcome. How’d you say? Because we’re both hot?” Bora asked after munching the food inside her mouth.

“You can say that. And you’re both loud. As in LOUD.” 

“YAH!” Tiffany and Bora shouted in unison.

“See?” Joohyun pointed out.

“Whatever. I’m gonna ban your sweet potato for 1 week.” Tiffany glared and Bora laughs.

“Hey what’s that for? I’m just stating facts unnie!” The younger lawyer objects.

“You like sweet potato?” Yoona suddenly asked.

“Oh yes Yoona. She’s so addicted to it that’s why her fart sme—”

“UNNIE!!” Joohyun shouted too. “Enough with the details!”

Tiffany chuckled at her sister’s flushed face. The other girls laughed at the usually composed lawyer too. “Okay. I’ll stop now. Hyunnie’s turning into my favorite color.”

Joohyun huffed as she continued browsing the files. Yoona joined her afterwards while Tiffany and Bora catches up about their lives.

Taeyeon silently walked at the sliding door and looked outside while letting the women inside catch up. It was a transparent sliding door so no need for her little body to go outside. Her eyes observe the people — staffs, students, visitors, and a whole lot more walking down the area. One student accidentally trips and almost fell down if not for the guy who catched him. She was happily watching the sight in front of her when she saw something shiny object was covered in a dark coat on his back. Her eyes didn’t leave the object. The man finally stands up straight fixing his clothes as he talks with the woman that he just saved from a major embarrassment. That’s when Taeyeon’s eyes went wide. The coat on the man’s back slightly move aside when he fixed his clothes letting her see a very familiar object. She didn’t waste her time and immediately dashed inside the room where the four women including her favorite woman are laughing.

“Tippani! The reaper is here!”


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Soulmate 8

“Tell me. You’re the owner of that magazine aren’t you? We’re the only ones here and I’m a hundred percent sure that it’s not mine.” Sooyoung immediately drags Tiffany inside the kitchen after the younger girls walked away to look inside the guest room for Yoona.

Tiffany just looked at Sooyoung. Lips tight, eyebrows furrowed, she was in deep thinking while the reason of this situation she’s currently in just sat there looking very sorry. The footsteps and small murmurs at the guest room area give them an assurance that the two young women are still there.

“You know what? You’re lucky that I’ve been awake by the time that those two had arrived. If not, I don’t know what to do with your sister.” The psychologist sat on the nearby chair then looked at the lawyer looking for an answer.

“So you read it?”

“Wh-wha… of course not!” Sooyoung blushed. 

“Of course you did. By the way you have fast reflexes.” Tiffany teased as she drank a mouthful of water.

“It’s not about me Hwang! The real question here is why did you leave that magazine on a public place?” The giant grunted.

“My home isn’t a public place giant. This is a private property owned by yourstruly. So I think it’s fine. And no. That’s not—”

“Ouch!” Sooyoung shouted loudly. 

Tiffany looked at her seriously. Not really directly at the giant but at the grinning woman behind her who just flicked the psychiatrist’s right ear. There’s no other person other than them inside the room so the latter was shocked. The silence filled the kitchen not until the tall woman speaks.

“Di- yo- wha- ho- did you,” she motions her hands on her right ear lost of words.

Tiffany got an idea to stop the giant from questioning her, “Nope. Maybe there’s a ghost here who got annoyed by your voice so if I were you, I’ll just stay silent.” Tiffany grins at the shocked psychiatrist. 

“There’s no real ghost—ouch!” A shriek. Another hit was directed at Sooyoung, on her head this time. Tiffany just shrugged when her friend looked at her, eyes wide open, jaw hanging. 

Taeyeon surely is having fun. She was about to hit the poor giant again when Tiffany lifts up her lighter. That made the soul stop. Afraid of the consequences of her action if she wouldn’t stop right now. Staying with Tiffany for weeks made her knowledgeable about the lawyer’s thinking. If she said it, she’ll definitely do it.

“I-I…am I dreaming?” Sooyoung pinched her arms and cheeks but she was still inside the kitchen with her lawyer friend. One thing is for sure, it’s real. This is not a dream. The strands of hair on her arms and back suddenly stand at the realization that she was being played by a ghost. “Oh my God! Oh my God! No! This is not real! No… I’m just dreaming… Wake me up people! Wake me—” and then she collapsed. Good thing Tiffany’s reflexes is fast enough to catch the giant. She glared at Taeyeon before dragging her friend’s body on the couch.


“Stephanie Hwang. You can call me Tiffany.” The oldest woman inside the kitchen greeted their new guest and offered her hand for a handshake, “Feel at home. Yuri’s friend is my friend,” she smiled.

“T-thank you Tiffany… unnie. C-can I call you unnie? It’s just awkward because you’re older.” Yoona politely asked after shaking Tiffany’s hands.

“Oh sure. By the way Joohyunnie, how’s the case going?” Tiffany looked at her sister beside Yoona.

The young lawyer takes time before answering. After munching all the food inside her mouth, she finally answered. “It’s fine. But we need to find Ms. Bae’s ex-boyfriend for questioning. We have a new lead also.”

“Good to hear. Just tell me if you need anything.”

“I have a favor Unnie.” Tiffany looked at her while scooping another spoonful of her food. “We need to find information about Lee Min Ho. And I’m sure that the university wouldn’t let us have any information about him in an instant. Can you help us about that?” Yoona crossed her fingers while waiting for Tiffany’s answer. Joohyun just casually asked her sister like a kid asking for candy.

“Depends. What university?”

“Seoul University.”

Tiffany stopped munching her food and looked up while thinking. “Hmmm, I’ll try. Let’s just hope Bora’s still the head of the registrar office. When do you need the information?”

“As soon as possible. Do you think we can get it?”

Yoona was just silent while listening at the two lawyers’ conversation. 

“If Bora is there, I can get the information in a bit. But if she’s not there, we’ll take time. Pray that a straight man will be there if Bora’s on a vacation.” Tiffany said as she lights up her own phone and dial a number.

After a few rings, the person on the other line answered. 

“Hello there babe. Yes. Anytime just call me. I have a favor, are you by any chance the officer in charge at the registrar of Seoul University tomorrow? Yeah. Okay great. I’ll come over tomorrow what food do you want? The same? Oh, okay. Sure babe thanks! Okay. Love you too!” Tiffany puts the phone on the table as she grins at her sister, “We’ll be going tomorrow so be prepared.”

“You’re really the best Unnie.” Joohyun said flatly. 

“That sounds so forced Hyunnie.”

Joohyun showed her tongue and grins at her sister.

“So childish.” Tiffany mocks.

“Thank you very much for helping us Unnie.” Yoona suddenly joined the conversation. 

“It’s fine. You’re a friend so I’ll help. Oh and I texted Yuri. She is on her way here now.”

Yoona feel grateful. She can feel that the justice for her friend’s death is within her arm’s grip and all of that is thanks to the Hwang sisters. “I don’t know how to repay you for your kindness.” Yoona started sobbing silently. “Thank you so much.”

“Don’t mind it. I know that you’re innocent so I’m gonna help.” Tiffany smiled.

Yoona cried even more as the touching feeling of someone having the urge to help her without return and believing her without any so called judgement surrounds her.

“Hell— oh why is the kid crying?” Another voice entered the conversation, Yuri. 

“Did Sooyoung left the door open?” Tiffany asked the newly arrived woman covered in her black suit. Her common attire during work days.

“Nope. I have a spare key remember? I’m sleeping here when I’m too tired to drive and go home. Did you forget that you gave me the key? So why is my kid crying?” Yuri walks closer to Yoona and gave her a hug after getting a piece of hotdog on the plate.

“I’m just overwhelmed.” Yoona said.

“Stop crying you’re getting ugly.” Yuri teased.

“I hate you Yul unnie.”

They all laughed out loud. At least now, they have the lead to get the information about the missing piece on their puzzle. All of them with a huge smile on their faces, laughing, teasing and sending jokes to each other. All of them aside from the other person or soul rather, inside the room who is sulking.


Next morning came. Tiffany’s on her way to the firm with Taeyeon by her side. The meeting with Bora is before lunch so she can still visit her office and do some of her neglected paperworks during her vacation. Tiffany is the one driving and Taeyeon was at the passenger’s seat still looking grumpy and sulky just like yesterday. 

“Tae stop that. You’re ugly.” Tiffany teased as she stops the car due to the red light ahead.

Taeyeon didn’t answer. She just stayed poker face.

“Hey, what happened to you? Stop that, you really look ugly with that grumpy face.”

“Why do you care? I’m not your babe so don’t mind me.” Taeyeon grunted as she folds her arms across her chest.

Babe? What? Is she by any chance jealous?

Tiffany grins at her thought but set it aside. No way for us to be romantically connected. It will just hurt both of us so I better stop being delusional.

“Tae stop sulking. How about I’ll call you boo? I’m calling all of my friends babe. I can call you like that too if you want.” Tiffany persuades, even if she doesn’t want to, she can’t accept the fact of Taeyeon being sulky all day just because of a pet name.

“Boo? Isn’t that the word you say when you don’t like a person?” Taeyeon asked, her head turning sideways making her look cuter.

Tiffany chuckled, “No silly. It’s like babe too. You know what? I’ll just call you boo. So it’s unique.”

“Can I call you Booty then?”

Tiffany accidentally hit the break by force. Good thing that they wear the seat belt and there’s no car behind them. “Why are you so pervert?!” She shouted.

“I’m not! If you don’t want Booty I’ll just call you Boobie then.” Taeyeon reasoned. 


“W-what? Can you stop shouting? Ugh. You said unique so there. I give you unique pet names. What’s your problem? There’s boo in them so we’re paired!” Taeyeon exclaimed. “Be glad that I didn’t suggest Boobrator,” she said under her breath.

“Get out.” Tiffany had enough.

“What? We’re in the middle of the roa—”

“Get out.”

“Aish! Why are you so bipolar? One time you’re sweet then the next second you’re like a lion on her menopausal period.” Taeyeon exclaimed as she started to buckle her seat belt when Tiffany stopped her.

“Taeyeon… fasten your seat belt.”

“What now? You said get ou—”

“Just get the damn seat belt fasten if you don’t want to be thrown to other places!” Tiffany hissed.


Tiffany didn’t wait for Taeyeon to comply as she hit the gas and drive fast to get away from the vicinity. Her face looked pale and there were cold sweats flowing down from her temple.

The car ride was quiet. Nobody talked until they reached the parking lot of the firm. Tiffany immediately get out from the car and Taeyeon didn’t ask and she just walk close enough to Tiffany. She thought that she had somehow made the lawyer mad so she stayed silent. After they entered Tiffany’s office, the lawyer started lighting some incense near the door and windows. 

Okay. That’s odd. Is she gonna lock me up here? Taeyeon thought.

Taeyeon’s mind was wondering about the possible reason for Tiffany’s actions. Her self sustaining conversation was cut when Tiffany talked after locking the soundproofed office.

“Taeyeon. I’ll call Sunny. We need to be careful. I saw the reaper outside. I guess today is the start of the hunting cycle and he’s here to get all of the wandering souls including you.” Tiffany said seriously.

“Oh my God.” Taeyeon managed to say, “Ppani,” she called the standing woman who’s dialing someone probably Sunny on her phone.

Tiffany looks at Taeyeon, “Hm?”

“Thank you for saving me.” Taeyeon gave an appreciative smile as she walks closer to where Tiffany is and gave her a comfortable and grateful hug. “It means a lot to me.”

Tiffany stiffened at the sudden contact but soon enough, she returned the hug calming Taeyeon’s and her own body down before smiling a little. “I know. And I’ll promise you that I’ll do my best to help you. I’ll never leave you until you find your purpose here.”

“Thank you.” Taeyeon stated as she buried her face on the lawyer’s shoulder. The smell of Tiffany calms her down.

I hope that I’ll finish my goal here before the reaper finds me and bring me back to the place where I belong.



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Soulmate 7

The young lawyer lay on her house’s couch with a grunt and a sigh. The emotional turmoil that she felt inside the airplane made her exhausted. The colorful luggage bags full of souvenirs and local foods from Jejudo Island was placed just beside the main door. The tiredness—both physically and emotionally, really drained her usually energetic and bubbly self. No redbull can help her whenever the cause of the turmoil is close. Taeyeon makes her mind run in a different path. She makes her heart flutter with just a sudden gesture. And just like now, “I need to sleep. I’m tired, probably because of the flight. Don’t wander around. Just stay inside.”

I just really need to keep my mind off of her.

Taeyeon looked at the lawyer, “But what about the luggage bags?”

“Just let them there. It’s not gonna be lost. I’m going up. Don’t stroll.”

Tiffany didn’t wait for Taeyeon’s answer as she walks inside her room. When she locked the door and turns to her bed’s direction, she got shocked, “Ah! What the—what are you doing here? Will you stop giving me heart attacks?”

“I’m not allowed to stroll around so I’ll accompany you to sleep.” The smaller woman grins and jumps onto the bed leaving the owner frowning while looking at her. “I’ll just watch you sleeping. No funny business. I promise.”

“You’ve said that when we’re in Jeju too and yet, you dared to…”

“I swear! I was just looking on your face! You look beautiful when you’re asleep so… yeah.”

Tiffany blushed. She can’t remember when was the last time that she blushed because of a sudden feeling enveloping her wholly. A sudden race of the blood that was pumped furiously by the heart as it flows down in every little vein inside her body giving her a sudden adrenaline rush. “You’re creepy.”

“All spirits are creepy.”

“And pervert.”

“Yah! I object!”

“Yeah right.” Tiffany sarcastically said as she lets her body fall freely on her soft and comfortable bed.

“I’m not!”

“Taeyeon just shut up. I’m tired.” The taller one buries her head deeply on her pillow as she lets her body relax and be absorbed by the peaceful atmosphere. 




Tiffany secretly smiled inside her mind. Looking back at their stupid war over some stupid things, she was happy. Happy that there’s someone who can make her feel free. No offense, she loves her sister and friends. But it was very different when she’s with this lost spirit, soul or whatever. The companionship level that Taeyeon gives her was at its best. Whenever she’s wiyh Taeyeon, she tends to forget her problems. Because all she can think of is why the heck is her heart starts acting crazy whenever the smaller one was close.

“Won’t you change your clothes?”

“And let you see me naked? I don’t think so.” Tiffany murmured on the pillow.

“Really though. You have your sweats on that top. At least change into a comfy one. And do not fuss about that. It’s like I’ve never seen you naked before.” Taeyeon said nonchalantly.

“One more word Taeyeon. I’ll burn an incense here and keep you outside this room.”

“But—” Taeyeon immediately stopped what she intended to say when she saw the pissed lawyer walked out of the room directly to her luggage and get some sticks, a little like ruler-sized thin sticks. “No. Ppani I’m kidding. Go ahead and sleep. I’ll be quiet I promise!”

The plead didn’t make the lawyer stop her tracks. Her feet continued moving until she reaches the table and get something from it. A lighter. 

“Ppani don’t do this. I swear I’ll behave!” Taeyeon pleaded.

The slender fingers of the lawyer stays at the lighter. Her left hand holding the incense ready to be lit up. Taeyeon held her breath when Tiffany moved the tip of the incense  closer to the tip of the lighter. She tightly closed her eyes. It takes 3 seconds. No smell. 5, 6, 7, and so on. Nothing happened. Taeyeon slowly opens her eyes. She found no one. When she looked on the bed, Tiffany’s already there. Her top was changed in a loose grey cotton shirt. Her eyes closed and when she moves closer, Tiffany’s breathing was soft. Indicating that she was now in the other part of the world. Taeyeon smiled. “You still can’t resist me my Ppani.”


“Do you know where Mr. Lee stays?” Joohyun asked her client once they’re already inside their cell. The bail for Yoona’s case to be free until the final decision from the SJTC  was in the process. And by any luck, she will get her freedom today if the judge comes early. Although she can’t leave South Korea until the hearing hasn’t end yet, it’s a great one.

“No. All I knew was Suzy and him met in a grand alumni university gathering and that’s where it all started. The romantic part I mean.” Yoona said as she sat down on the same cell that they’ve been lounging on since then.

“The Seoul University am I right?”

“Yeah that’s it. We both graduated there. I’m her senior. By two years.” Yoona said.

“Okay. I’ll ask my sister for help since she has a lot of connection here in Seoul, I’m sure we’ll get some information about him faster. Since students’ informations were confidential, a little help form my sister will do.” Joohyun smiled at her client, “Don’t worry unnie, we’ll prove to them that you’re innocent.”

Yoona feels grateful towards Joohyun. Although it’s her job to defend her, it’s still heartwarming that a young lawyer like her wanted to help her in all extent just to prove that she’s innocent. Some would just give up and then let the innocent ones be trapped inside those huge bars and let the real suspect be free and continue on doing inhumane things. That’s not only her opinion. It’s a fact that almost all those poor ones had faced. Right now, it’s really all about money and influence. She’s very lucky that she had saved a good  amount of money and the lawyer that she got has a dignity. “Wouldn’t your sister mind?”

“Oh believe me. When it comes to me, she’ll do anything she can as long as it’s not illegal. She even asked me if I need some help with this case. But of course, as long as I can handle it, I’m not disturbing her.” Joohyun smiled after finishing her explanation. 

“I’m happy but at the same time, sad.” Yoona stated.


“I’m happy because of the tight bond between you and your sister. It’s a great treasure. I’m sad because I just lost the one that I’ve treated like that.” Yoona said sadly. 

“It’s fine. Just think of it as a way of God to finally let Ms. Bae be free from all the hurt, pain and more here in our place. At least now, you’ll know that she would be pain-free. And don’t worry about that, you still have Ms. Kwon. And if you like, you can treat me like one too.” Joohyun joked. But deep inside, she’s serious. She was an abandoned child and was lucky enough that her Dad and her unnie found her and gave her a better place. This experience made her become like this. Joohyun wanted to sincerely help. She can see herself in Yoona. The fate that they’ve faced. She’s just a little lucky though.

“Thanks. But Yuri unnie is an agent.  She was always out so I still feel lonely.” Yoona exclaimed her frustrations about her cool unnie. “Sometimes, I just wanna make her quit her job because that’s dangerous and I have a well managed restaurant. But she’s too stubborn. She loves the thrill in that job.”

“You know what? We have some similarities.”


“Stubborn unnies.” Joohyun said and they both laughed out loud forgetting that they were still inside the police headquarters. 

The celebration was suddenly cut by a knock on the door.

“Ms. Hwang? May I have a moment with you please?” The station’s warden—Jung Yonghwa, politely asked as he bowed a little to give some respect.

Joohyun looked at Yoona and they both had a silent eye communication. And as the latter nod, the young lawyer walked out and closed the door. Yoona just stays clam and patiently waits for Joohyun to be back.

“What is it?” Joohyun asked using a monotone voice once they had reached the warden’s official table.

“I think you will be happy to see this.” Yonghwa handed her a brown envelope. 

“What is this?”

“Look inside to know.”

Once she opened the envelope and saw the white paper inside, her eyes grew larger and her mouth wide open. In a matter of seconds, her expression changed. It becomes a happy one. “Thank you,” she told the man.

“Uh, can I ask you a favor—”

“I’m sorry sir. I’m not interested in men,” she immediately cuts the poor man. She is an expert in this field. Thanks to her sister’s experiences. 

“Uh… really? Uhm… okay.” The man said awkwardly while looking at her as if she grew another head.

“Okay. I’ll be leaving now.” Joohyun excitedly walks her way out. But she heard him murmured.

“B-bye Miss one that got away.”

Joohyun shook her head as she emerged inside her client’s room. “I have a good news.”

Yoona looked at her intently. “Good or bad?”


“How bad?”

“Just slightly bad. First, our bail for your case was granted so you will be free until further notice.”

“Really?!” Yoona raised on her seat immediately and jumped on the lawyer to give her a bone crushing hug.

“U-unie. You’re choking me.”

“Oh I’m so sorry. I’m just hyped. By the way, what’s the bad side?”

“You don’t have a place to stay since your place was under investigation. So it’s up to you if you wanted to stay at our place because Ms. Kwon’s home was far from here.”

“But your unnie…”

“She wouldn’t mind. My friends is her little sisters too. Plus she’s Yuri unnie’s friend so it’s fine.” Joohyun assured her. “Don’t worry. My unnie is cool!”

“Okay. But is it really fine with your unnie?”

“Ugh. Yoona unnie, just gather your things and we’ll talk to the warden for your legal release. Go. Go. Go!” The lawyer cheered and the young chef didn’t have an option but to comply.


A tap on her back made Tiffany jerk at the front of her laptop. With her front laid comfortably on her bed, it was very easy for anyone to touch her back. When she turns, she just saw the red faced spirit grinning stupidly on her. “What did I tell you Taeyeon!”

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to ask you what are you doing. You seem preoccupied by the laptop.” Taeyeon smiled apologetically. 

Tiffany finally turned around fully to face her new found friend.”I’m looking for some answers and solutions for your touching capabilities. Speaking of touching capabilities, where did you find a charger here? You did touch me. So I know that you just charged somewhere.”

“You wanted to get rid of it?”

“No. I want to find a way that it would stay permanently so you’ll no longer need to charge every time.”

“How sweet of you.”

“It will be easier if you do so no sweat.”

We can hold hands too, if ever.

“Thanks.” Taeyeon smiled. A very sincere one.

“So where did you?”

“I managed to get it from the luggage. Sunny let me have it. I was looking at it on the living room. I think I left it open though. I just checked on you so it’s fine.” Taeyeon explained. 


“Yeah. Oh! And I saw your giant friend lying on the couch. She looks so tired and then she suddenly laid on the couch then automatically fell asleep like a log.” Taeyeon told Tiffany animatedly that puts a smile on the lawyer’s face.

“Kid. What time is it by the way? It should be almost six if Sooyoung’s finally here.” Tiffany shuts down her laptop then looked at the small woman again.

“6:45 PM now. I ordered food online. I thought that I should order now so that you’ll just eat when you wake up. I just hope that you have a cash here.”

“Money’s not a problem in this household, so don’t worry. And thanks for ordering.” Tiffany gave a smile to Taeyeon.

The comfortable atmosphere was dramatically changed into a panicked one when the door produces a sound—indication that someone enters, and her lovely sister’s voice echoed inside their home while calling for her.

“Unnie I’m home!”

Tiffany’s face turned white, “The magazine!” She hissed at Taeyeon but it was too late. Her sister probably saw it by now.

Oh my… why…