Lost? Find…

Inside the small apartment that a certain midget was currently in, Taeyeon was making a fuss about her long black hair. She is thinking of getting a haircut but her budget was fully consumed by their daily expenses like apartment rent and foods. Tiffany, her girlfriend, pays for the electricity and water bill for now. 

They were having a rough month since she was suspended for a whole month without pay for being stupid thinking that it’s okay to raise her voice at her manager slash friend in a friendly way. But the CEO who was at the other side of the office unfortunately heard her. She was about to fire her but her manager friend–Sunny, managed to persuade the CEO to just give her a suspension.

The CEO complied but he puts her under a one long month suspension for behaving like that. In the end, she really reflects through it. 

Her voice barely raises up even with her friends, Tiffany or even their pets. She never shouted since the day of her suspension. With this new attitude from her, her girlfriend was thinking if it’s good that Taeyeon was suspended or not. She likes this new side of Taeyeon but she feels bad for her. She loves going to her work but now, she was stucked inside their apartment. But she can’t really complain on going home with her girlfriend waiting for her with a freshly cooked food on their kitchen. More unexpected hugs. Kisses. Sweet gestures, and more. They also got a lot of time together since Taeyeon’s suspension. Cuddling everywhere. On the bed, kitchen table, living room sofa, on the carpeted floor, and even inside the bathroom that will take them hours to get out.

It was the last day of her suspension when she felt the will to have a haircut. Her hair was very long for her liking but the haircut fee is out of their budget. Another fifteen days is needed before she can get her oh-so-deserving-new-haircut.

She was thinking of the possible ways to make her hair shorter when the front door opens. Her girlfriend walks inside with her usual bubbly face.

Taeyeon gets off from the couch and then walked to where Tiffany was and gave her a small peck on the lips and a tight hug. “Why are you early?” She asked. It was still lunch time and Tiffany is supposed to get back home before dinner. 

“Why? You don’t want me here Ms. Kim?” Tiffany glared at the smaller woman after removing the arms that was circling her waist. “Are you hiding something from me?” The woman roamed around their home to look around.

Taeyeon was lost. She was just asking because her girlfriend usually comes home at evening but the latter took it the wrong way. All she wants now is to have some quality time with Tiffany before she gets busy with work again tomorrow and of course, her so-called haircut. A new hair style. A new life. 

Tiffany finally settles down on their sofa and throws a glare at the poor woman. “Don’t you dare cheat on me Kim,” she stated with her coldest tone possible.

“I’m lost Fany. Of course I won’t do that. You have the most perfect possession that I love,” Taeyeon grins.

“Then why do you seem so shocked when I get home by surprise? And please stop thinking inappropriate things this early.”

Taeyeon walks her way on the couch and sat beside her moody girlfriend before hugging her from the side. “Because you usually gets home by evening. Wait, are you suspended too by any chance?” Taeyeon raises her head from lying on the latter’s shoulder and looked at her directly in the eyes.

Tiffany playfully smacked her forehead. Her moody rage earlier long forgotten. “No, silly. It was your last day of suspension and our shop doesn’t have that much customer. Our head stylist lets us go home early for today. So I was planning to waste my day with you but it looks like that you don’t want me here.”

“You do not know how much I wanted you to be here Fany. Stop sulking now please? For Taetae? Hm?” Taeyeon persuaded. “Oh, and since you told me about your head stylist allowing you guys to go home, is Yuri available? I wanna get a haircut. My hair looks long.”

“Yuri has a date with her girlfriends so I think she’s not available. Yoona is going somewhere with Seobb. Why suddenly want to cut your hair? It looks fine and… hot,” Tiffany bites her lower lip and looks at Taeyeon.

Taeyeon grins, “I want a new start when I get back to work tomorrow. Can you do it then? We have low budget. Can’t afford to pay a hair dresser.”

“Why not wait ’til my salary? It’s in few days. And Tae, I’m a designer, not a hair stylist. I style the whole attire. Not the hair.” Tiffany said.

“I need to have it now so when I go to work tomorrow, I have it done already. You understand me right?”

“Hm, let’s watch a tutorial first then. I may have seen how Yuri and Yoona do it but I’m not sure that I can make wonders like them. You will trust your hair with me? Are you sure?” Tiffany asked just to be sure.

“I trust you with all my heart Fany. And I know that you won’t let me down because you love me too,” Taeyeon smiled.

“Okay then. But first, let’s eat,” the designer stands up and drag her small and cute girlfriend together with her.


After an hour, Taeyeon took a shower so her hair was already soaked and it will just need a little drying then go directly to cutting and styling. Tiffany was with her pink laptop, watching some tecniques on cutting a hair. It looks easy when she watched it. The same feeling when she’s looking at how the twins, Yuri and Yoona, do the job. It looks effortless.

Finally having the guts to get the job done, she closed her laptop and walks out from their room with a wide smile on her face. It will be easy like cutting cloths right? 

Scissors check. Hair dryer check. Brush check. Silk coat check. Powder check. Clamps check. Confidence check check check. Tiffany is ready.

Taeyeon enetered the living room where the mission will take place. Her onyx eyes saw Tiffany covered in her pinkish apron-like silk cloth around her front with her hands holding the bluish cloth ready to cover Taeyeon’s body, from neck until her legs. A small chair at her front, ready to take the smaller woman’s weight.

“Are you sure about this Tae?” the taller one asked.

“One-hundred percent. I trust you,” Taeyeon said as she sat on the chair.

“Okay,” Tiffany stated as she covered Taeyeon’s small frame and clipped it on. She reached for her hair dryer and brush to make her lover’s hair dry.

The sound of the dryer echoes inside their small apartment. It took some minutes before her hair finally got dried from roots ’til the end. 

The hair cut styling begins.

“Fany why is there no mirror here?” Taeyeon asked.

“We don’t have a huge mirror that can be moved. It’s inside our room,” she answered.

“Okay,” Taeyeon shrugged and do her swag pose then chuckled afterwards.

Due to Taeyeon’s sudden move, Tiffany cuts a huge chunk of the latter’s hair accidentally. She was frozen in her spot while looking at the back of Taeyeon’s head. The part where the hair was cut off became super short that she’s sure, the latter will throw a fit. What the fuck did I just do? Tiffany… you had one job… and you suck as fuck. 

“Fany why did you stop?” Taeyeon asked then looked down.

Tiffany saw the huge chunk of hair and immediately kicked it out of Taeyeon’s sight. That was close… 

“N-nothing? I was just thinking of the coolest cut that I can give you boo,” Tiffany said and just decided to continue. Thinking that she can’t possibly glue the hair back. During the cutting process, she was actually thinking for a style that will suit the length of the shortest hair.

“Really? You are the best, the coolest, and the sexiest woman boo,” Taeyeon grins and decided to play with her phone while Tiffany is designing her silky smooth hair.

I just hope it will stay like that after you see your hair. 

“Taeyeon, I love you. You know that right?”

“Yep.Why suddenly asked? I love you too and you should always remember that okay?”


Her hands and scissor danced around Taeyeon’s swag-to-be hair. Her mind can’t think of anything yet. She was brainstorming when the smaller woman raised her phone to her eye-level.

“I’m lost and the instruction was in english, mind to help me gorgeous lady?” Taeyeon asked with her puppy eyes.

Tiffany looked at the screen and indeed, it was in english. The screen said, I’m the map, I’m the map, you are going the wrong way. 

She told Taeyeon what was on the screen then when the latter understands it, she proceeds to cut the hair, an idea finally struck her mind for a possible style. She always says she was lost. And the map was there. Oh my God Tiffany you are so brilliant!

Tiffany cuts the hair with a smile on her face. She was so passionate about it and she hopes her boo will like it too.

It passed an hour when Tiffany removed the silk around Taeyeon’s neck and put some powder on. She looks at her boo and admired her work. She looks so cute! Her smile was so wide until it strucked her hard. Taeyeon doesn’t like to be cute. She liked to be swag and cool. Holy crap! 

Taeyeon was asleep on the chair so Tiffany lifted her up with all her might and bring her to their bedroom. 

What to do? What to do? Oh gosh why am I so stupid!

When an idea gets into her mind, she immediately removed all their mirrors with the help of some construction tools that they have. She safely place them under their bed so the sleeping woman won’t see them.

Her hand reaches for her luggage and put her clothes in it. Good for a month vacation. After all is settled, she pulls out a piece of paper from the table and write something before leaving it where it is easily seen.

When she comes out of their unit, she stopped the first taxi that she saw and urges the driver to drive as fast as he could to go away from the place. The driver looked at her weirdly but she doesn’t care. She needs to hide for the possible World War III. 

When they reached their destination, she pulls out some bills on her wallet and drags her luggage with her. Her feet reached the door mat and rings the doorbell.

Just a few rings and the door opened, a tall and slim woman comes out. “Oh hey Fany what brings you her-” the tall woman was cut when the newly arrived woman pushed her to side and walks inside without waiting for her invitation.

“Oh God Syoung-ah. Pray for my soul for I have sinned. I am so gonna be dead. Please. Please hide me here,” Tiffany pleaded. 

Sooyoung didn’t asked her friend that moment and just let her stay inside her place. She doesn’t need her friend collapsing in front of her. “Okay? I’ll ask you later about it. But for now, go to the guest room okay? Rest a bit. You look so stressed,” the taller friend dragged her luggage inside with her walking next to them.

“Thanks Syoung-ah, you are an angel.”

“Non-sense. I’m sure you’ll help me when I needed you too,” Sooyoung lets Tiffany lie on her guest room’s bed and pulls the luggage inside. “Tell me if you needed anything, I’m just outside this room.” She closed the main light and then closed the door. 

Oh God have mercy on me… Tffany thought before her stress consumed her and she fall asleep.

A groan. A stretch. Taeyeon finally wakes up. She scanned the area and found out that she’s inside their shared room. It was so quiet. Strange. 

She decided to get off from the bed and she can sense that something was odd. It looks like something was removed but she can’t point it out yet due to her groggy state. “Fany? Are you there?” She asked loud enough for the latter to hear and then walked her way out of their bedroom.

No one answered.

“Fany?” She walks to the kitchen but she only found Prince eating near the fridge.

She almost forgot that she had a haircut, courtesy of her lovely girlfriend, if she didn’t squat down to clean the mess that Prince did and saw some hair strands. No, cut that. There was a lot.

Oh? Did Fany forget to throw my hair in the bin? Strange…

Her hand reached for the broom and dust pan and used it to get the remaining hair under their fridge. The amount of hair strands shocked her. It was a lot! She lets the broom and the dust pan to fall on the floor that shocked the poor white maltese and reached for her hair. Her mind almost regret doing so as the horrifying truth shocked her.

Oh God… Tell me I’m dreaming… Please…

She looks for any mirror but she found none. And it strucks her mind, the mirror are the missing ones inside their apartment that’s why it was strange.

Taeyeon runs as fast as she could and run inside their bedroom. Indeed, their huge mirror attached on the wall was missing. That pinky bish! Taeyeon looked around to find any mirror that she can get but there’s nothing. She tried to calm her mind and finally she remembers that her phone have a front camera. Upon reaching the small piece of technology, she found a paper near it, Tiffany’s handwriting.

Dear Baby Boo whom I love the most in the whole universe living at Seoul, South Korea as of the moment, East Asia, Asia continent, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe,





Taeyeon stared at the small piece of paper for minutes, reading it again and again. And Dora’s name was the most attractive word on her mind. She immediately fishes her phone from the table and open the front camera. What she saw make her reach the state of nirvana. She doesn’t move, doesn’t speak. Basically does not do anything like a statue. She may look calm outside, but inside, she is not. Far from calm. I can’t believe she made me look like that No Permanent Address bitch that doesn’t change clothes… Calm down Taeng, you need not to shout… It’s new life. And Dora is fi-